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Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Windows)

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Title Screen

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher: NIS America
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: April 16, 2018

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: mp_9999 text.
To do:
  • Debug menu located in \script\test.bin.
  • Document map tes1201d.

Unused Maps

Much like Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel 2, a lot of test maps remain in this game as well. You can find all of the game's NPCs, enemies, and objects in these maps. There are also a handful of maps used to test various scripts.


To access these unused maps, you will need Cheat Engine and a hex editor to figure out what map you currently are in. To figure out what map you are in, follow the steps listed below.

  • 1. Save in any map. Make sure you backup your save before editing.
  • 2. Find your save data folder. This should be in Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of DANA\savedata\save.
  • 3. Open the save in your hex editor. At the very top of the save file will be similar text to the following: map/mp0018/mp0018.arg.
  • 4. Copy the part of the text string after the map/ text. We'll be using this for Cheat Engine.

After you have found your map name in your save file, open Cheat Engine and follow the steps listed below.

  • 1. Attach the ys8.exe process to Cheat Engine while Ys 8 is running.
  • 2. In the main window of Cheat Engine, change the Value Type to String.
  • 3. Paste your map name that you retrieved from your save file in the Value box and hit New Scan then First Scan.
  • 4. There should only be one result. Right click it then then click the first option in the list.
  • 4.1 If there is several results for your search, find the one where it says the map text name below the internal map name in the memory editor window.
  • 5. Finally, edit the text by double clicking the Value box below with anything from the sections below.
  • 6. Save your game with the edits you made.
  • 7. Load the edited save.

Sometimes when editing map text strings, you may need to make sure there is no leftover text strings when saving. To do that, in the memory editor window, replace the trailing text strings with the value 00 in hexadecimal.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Test Maps

mp_9999 (Scenario & Level Select)

YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-1.png
This map originated from Ys: Memories of Celceta, and was given minor updates and a new debug menu in Ys VIII.

Upon entering this map, you will be placed on a large map of Celceta with a debug menu on-screen. From here, you can select bosses, story events, quest events, and various others to instantaneously warp to. You would be able to warp to some test maps in this map as well, however they are no longer present in the game.

YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-3.png

Text Notes
Balance Test Warps you to various parts in the story.
It also levels your party according to where you will be placed in the story.
Boss Test Warps you to a selected boss of your choice.
Event Jump Warps you to a selected cutscene.
General Related Warps you to certain sections in the story.
Sub Event Related This presumably sets various system flags.
Test Toggles various testing scripts.
Suppression Battle Test Sends you into a part in the story where a suppression battle will take place.
Useful Functions/Previous Test Version This mostly allows you to obtain all items and reach max level.
Balance Test Menu
YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-4.png
Event Jump Menu
YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-5.png
General Related Menu
YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-9.png
Text Translation
プロローグ Prologue
第一部 Chapter 1
第二部 Chapter 2
第三部 Chapter 3
第四部 Chapter 4
第五部 Chapter 5
第六部 Chapter 6
エピローグ Epilogue
Sub Event Related Menu
YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-18.png
Test Menu
YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-6.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-7.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-8.png
Useful Functions/Previous Test Version Menu
YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-10.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-11.png

Selecting Previous Test Version Entrance will yield the following options:

YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-12.png

Both of these options will put you after the shipwreck occurs. It is unclear if there is anything different when using these options.

YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-13.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-14.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-15.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-16.pngYS8 Unusedmap-mp 9999-17.png


To do:
Cover more options.

YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-3.png

This map contains various shop menu options and debug options such as shop menus, flag editors, story progress management, and test messages.

The setting NPC will yield these options:

YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-4.png

Selecting Item Test will present you with these options:

YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-5.png

Text Translation Notes
Everything except weapons +1 - Adds all items to your inventory, except weapons and increases them by 1.
Everything except weapons +10 - Adds all items to your inventory, except weapons and increases them by 10.
Everything except weapons +100 - Adds all items to your inventory, except weapons and increases them by 100.
武器以外を-1 Except weapons -1 Subtract all items, except weapons by 1.
武器以外を-10 Except weapons -10 Subtract all items, except weapons by 10.
武器を+1 Weapons +1 Adds all weapons to your inventory and increases them by 1.
冒険具を取得 Obtain adventure gear Unlocks all adventuring gear.

Selecting Add Character will present you with these options:

YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-6.png

Text Translation Notes
全キャラ追加 Add all characters Adds all characters to your party.
ラクシャ&サハド追加 Add Laxia & Sahad Adds Laxia and Sahad to the party.
ヒュンメル追加 Add Hummel Adds Hummel to the party.
リコッタ追加 Add Riccota Adds Riccota to the party.
ダーナ追加 Add Dana Adds Dana to the party.

Selecting Status Effect Test will present you with a list of status aliments to add to your party member.

YS8 Unusedmap-tes UI-7.png


YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-5.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-6.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-7.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap-8.png

A very large test map. This contains various platforming objects, unused teddy bear balls, and various types of slopes to traverse.


YS8 Unusedmap-testmap2-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-testmap2-2.png

This map is mostly the same as the above map, except it has the teddy bears removed in place of some objects. It also contains a few textures previously not seen in testmap. To enter this map, you need to use the text string testmap/testmap2.arg.

tes0001 (Object Map 1)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-5.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-6.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-7.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-8.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0001-9.png

This map contains a wide variety of Castaway Village objects, breakable objects, treasure chests, and save points.

tes0002 (NPC Map 1)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-4.png

This map contains Castaway Village and fairy NPCs. Talking to anyone here will begin various facial animation scripts. Talking to Io will allow you to see various animations that are exclusive to her.

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-5.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-6.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-7.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-8.pngYS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-9.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0002-10.png

tes0003 (NPC Map 2)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0003-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0003-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0003-3.png

This map contains Eternian NPCs.

tes0004 (NPC Map 3)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0004.png

This map contains Castaway Village and Eternian NPCs.

tes0008 (NPC Map 4)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0008-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0008-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0008-3.png

This map mostly contains animal type NPCs.

tes0009 (NPC Map 5)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0009-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0009-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0009-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0009-4.png

This map contains all of the Castaway Village NPCs.

tes0101 (NPC Map 6)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0101-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0101-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0101-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0101-4.pngYS8 Unusedmap-tes0101-5.png

This map mostly contains Eternian NPCs.

tes0102 (Enemy Map 1)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0102-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0102-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0102-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0102-4.pngYS8 Unusedmap-tes0102-5.png

This map mostly contains low level enemies.

tes0103 (Enemy Map 2)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0103-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0103-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0103-3.png

This map mostly contains tropical type enemies.

tes0104 (Enemy Map 3)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0104-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0104-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0104-3.png

This map contains an assortment of enemies.

tes0105 (Enemy Map 4)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0105-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0105-2.png

This map contains another batch of assorted enemies.

tes0106 (Enemy Map 5)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0106-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0106-2.png

This map contains Sky Path enemies.

tes0107 (Enemy Map 6)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0107-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0107-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0107-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0107-4.png

This map contains Northern Region and Great Plains enemies.

tes0108 (Enemy Map 7)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0108-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0108-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0108-3.png

This map contains various Ancient Species enemies.

tes0109 (Enemy Map 8)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0109-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0109-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0109-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0109-4.png

This map contains various high level enemies.

tes0110 (Enemy Map 9)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0110-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0110-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0110-3.png

This map mostly contains Kingdom of Eternia enemies.

tes0111 (Enemy Map 10)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0111-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0111-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0111-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0111-4.png

This map contains mostly Sanctuary Crypt enemies.

tes0118 (Enemy Map 11)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0118-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0118-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0118-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0118-4.png

This map contains various low level to mid level enemies. None of which will attack you.

tes0119 (Enemy Map 12)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0119.png

Another map which contains various enemies.

tes0120 (Enemy Map 13)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0120-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0120-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0120-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0120-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0120-5.png

This map contains most of the major bosses in the game.

tes0200 (Enemy Map 14)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0200.png

This map contains a single enemy.

tes0201 (Enemy Map 15)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0201-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0201-2.png

This map contains a few enemies from Dana's side of the story.

tes0202 (Enemy Map 16)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0202-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0202-2.png

This map contains a couple of enemies and breakable objects. One enemy here is unused.

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0202-3.png

Text Translation
(無属性)ダメージ計算用球 (No attribute) ball used for damage calculation.

tes0203 (NPC Map 7)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0203-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0203-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0203-3.png

This map mostly contains Eternian related NPCs.

tes0204 (Enemy Map 17)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0204-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0204-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0204-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0204-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0204-5.png

This map contains various boss enemies.

tes0205 (Enemy Map 18)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0205.png

This map contains Dana story related bosses.

tes0206 (Object Map 2)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0206-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0206-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0206-3.png

This map contains various objects, such as Castaway Village objects and swords. It also contains two boss enemies.

tes0207 (NPC Map 8)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0207-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0207-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0207-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0207-4.png

Talking to anyone here will begin a scripted facial expression test. It will cycle through various animated expressions as well as display their internal NPC name.

tes0208 (Object Map 3)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0208.png

This map only contains a few breakable objects.


YS8 Unusedmap-tes0209-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0209-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0209-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0209-4.png

This map appears to be for testing various water depth levels and terrain types.

  • Talking to Naked Lady will yield invisible menu options. Selecting anything here will make the game attack you with various status aliments.
  • Talking to Lady will also yield invisible menu options. These options relate to various talking icons.


YS8 Unusedmap-tes0210-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0210-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0210-3.png

This map contains the main cast. You can set various facial expressions by talking to anyone here.


YS8 Unusedmap-tes0211-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0211-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0211-3.png

This is a test version of the true ending map, however it is missing several small details, such as the flowers around the tree in the center. It also has odd shadowing.

tes0301 (Object Map 4)

YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-5.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-6.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes0301-7.png

This map contains an assortment of objects, treasure chests, trees, items, and various door types.

tes1201b (Script Test Map)

To do:
Grab more screenshots of the conversations.

YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-2.png

This map appears to be the testing grounds for various scripts. This is rather evident when talking to anyone here.


YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-5.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-6.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-7.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-8.png


YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-9.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-10.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-11.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-12.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-13.png


YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-14.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-15.png


YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-16.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-17.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-18.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-19.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-20.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-21.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-22.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-23.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-24.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-25.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201b-26.png


YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201e-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201e-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201e-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1201e-4.png

This map contains all possible Castaway Village NPC variations. The layout is a bit different in this map. It also contains differently arranged map objects.


YS8 Unusedmap-tes1213-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1213-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1213-3.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1213-4.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1213-5.png YS8 Unusedmap-tes1213-6.png

This map contains various camp related tasks, such as enhancing your base, and setting the base NPCs to maximum level.

Miscellaneous Maps


YS8 Unusedmap-mp0015-1.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp0015-2.png YS8 Unusedmap-mp0015-3.png

The honored guest room of the Lombardia. You can't ever enter this place normally. It has some odd glitched white texture embedded in the door.