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Ys III: Wanderers from Ys (PC-98)

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Title Screen

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher: Nihon Falcom
Platform: PC-98
Released in JP: 1989

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Music Menu

Insert User Disk into Drive 1 and Data Disk into Drive 2. Hold down Copy while the computer boots up and that should take you to the Ys III MUSIC menu.

Navigate the menu by using the arrow keys and press Space or Enter to select an option.

Menu Options

マニェアル プレイ (Manual Play - Press Space to cycle through the tracks.)
オ一ト プレイ (Auto Play - Tracks will cycle on their own, but you can press space to skip through them.)
シァッフル プレイ (Shuffle Play - Plays tracks in random order.)

Music Tracks

Be careful
Wanderers from Ys
Dancing on the road
予感 =スティクス= (Premonition =Styx=)
静かな刻 (A Quiet Moment)
冒険への序曲 (Prelude to Adventure)
漆黒の魔獣 (Beasts as Black as Night)
死神の電撃 (Death Blitz)
貿易の街 レドモント (Trading Town of Redmont)
翼を持った少年 (The Boy Who Had Wings)
イルバーンズの遺跡 (Illburns Ruins)
灼熱の死闘 (A Searing Struggle)
暗黒の罠 (Snare of Darkness)
厳格なる闘志 (Steeling the Will to Fight)
バレスタイン城 (Valestein Castle)
慈愛の祈り (Prayer for Love)
光りの鍵 (Shining Key)
時の封印 (Seal of Time)
哀愁のトワイライト (Tearful Twilight)
破滅への鼓動 (Beat of Destruction)
運命の塔 (Tower of Destiny)
これを見よ!! (Behold!!)
旅立ちの朝 (Departure at Sunrise)

(Source: The Falcom Museum)