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Our World Is Ended

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Our World Is Ended

Also known as: Oretachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru. (Vita), Judgement 7: Oretachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru. (PS4/JP Switch)
Developer: Wizardsoft[1]
Publishers: Red Entertainment[2] (Vita), 5pb. Games[2] (PS4/JP Switch), pQube[2] (US/EU Switch/Windows)
Platforms: PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Released internationally: May 29, 2019[2] (Windows)
Released in JP: November 9, 2017[2] (Vita), February 28, 2019[2] (PS4)
Released in US: April 18, 2019[2] (Switch)
Released in EU: April 18, 2019[2] (Switch)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Our World Is Ended is a visual novel that was released to some controversy due to certain characters, but ultimately seems to have been mostly forgotten to time.

To do:
  • Look through Judgement 7 leftovers.
  • In Tatiana_SP.book, there seems to be text belonging to an alternate version of Tatiana's ending that pushes the lolicon aspect a bit much. Research if this is actually used somewhere or maybe was only in the Japanese release.

Developer Comments

Hidden in the game's scripts are a few developer comments.


The file tatiana_SP.book begins with various text strings from different points in the game. They are all lines spoken by Tatiana Sharapova where she mentions the word "poop".

At the end of this are two lines of developer comments:

- Looks like, in the main story, Tatiana mentioned "poop" a total of 18 times. Wow. (Tateeana included).
- I know she's supposed to be childish, but that's still too much!

Judgement 7 Assets

During the development of the international release, an updated version titled "Judgement 7 - Our World is Ended" was being developed as well. Due to the simultaneous development, the English version was unable to include the additional content made for the new version. However, there are a few files in the international version that are clearly from that new version.

Kurage NO.3

Sprites for Kurage NO.3, a character who only appears in the Judgement 7 version of the game.

Kurage b Atlas0.png Kurage n l Atlas0.png Kurage n m Atlas0.png

Mamori Mimori

Sprites for Mamori Mimori, who only appears in the Judgement 7 version of the game

Mamori b Atlas0.png Mamori n r Atlas0.png

Menu Sprites

Various help screens that show characters or menus only seen in the Judgement 7 version.

Sactx-2048x2048-DXT1-Help-aa7a9ee5 (2).png Sactx-2048x2048-DXT1-Help-aa7a9ee5 (3).png Sactx-2048x2048-DXT1-Help-aa7a9ee5 (4).png Sactx-2048x2048-DXT1-Help-aa7a9ee5 (5).png Sactx-2048x2048-DXT1-Help-aa7a9ee5.png


Kurage NO.3 seen in icon 72.


Character profiles featuring Kurage NO.3 and Mamori Mimori.



Sprites used for the Judgement 7 version's menu UI.

TitleBgPlus.png TitleButtonPlus.png