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Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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Title Screen

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Developer: Young Horses
Publisher: Young Horses
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, iOS, Android, NVIDIA Shield, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: January 30, 2014 (Windows/Mac/Linux), August 26, 2015 (XB1), October 29, 2015 (iOS), November 4, 2015 (Android)
Released in JP: August 28, 2015 (PS4), September 22, 2015 (Vita)
Released in US: April 22, 2014 (PS4), May 26, 2015 (Vita), October 29, 2015 (Wii U), November 9, 2017 (Switch)
Released in EU: April 23, 2014 (PS4), May 28, 2015 (Vita), October 30, 2015 (Wii U), November 9, 2017 (Switch)
Released in AU: January 15, 2016 (Wii U)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a game where you play as a loving husband and father who is also an octopus. Everything checks out here.

To do:
Some things:
  • The entirety of Multi-Dad is in the game files.
  • Assets from the original teaser trailer are still left over in the game, including a broken picture frame named pictureFrameBroken.dds.
  • An unused milk bottle model and texture.
  • There's an early version of the Shark Naked level in the files.
  • Early versions of the coffee pot and coffee maker textures in the level titled "Home Sweet Home" are still in the files. The same goes for the shopping cart texture in the level "Gervason's Grocery".
  • More unused models.
  • Early/Unused textures (Wine Covered Octodad, Milk, Coffee Maker, Etc.)


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Prototype Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Models


OctodadDadliestCatch ChefFujimotoOld.png

The model of Chef Fujimoto from the orignal Octodad can be found in the files of this game. Most likely a leftover.

Wedding Bells

OctodadDadliestCatch Pick.png

The pick on the table of junk appears in the teaser trailer, but it remains absent in the game afterwards. However, the model and the collision file for it still appears in the files.

OctodadDadliestCatch Flower001.png OctodadDadliestCatch Flower002.png

Both of these flowers aren't used anywhere in the level.

OctodadDadliestCatch Lever.png OctodadDadliestCatch LeverHolder.png OctodadDadliestCatch LeverPlate.png

In the PAX Prime 2012 extended gameplay preview video, you are supposed to turn the lever to open the gate in this level, but in the final game, the lever is absent and therefore replaced with a handle on the gate that you grab on it to open up. The parts for the lever plus its collision files (except for its plate) can still be found in the files.

OctodadDadliestCatch Pacifier.png

According to its texture name "RingsFakes.dds", this pacifier would've appeared in the ring box in the chapel room of the level. This model has its own collision file seperately.

Aquatic Fun Center

OctodadDadliestCatch LargeQuarter.png

A quarter model located in the "Aquarium" folder, meaning that it was intended to be in the level. This model has its own collision file.

World of Kelp

OctodadDadliestCatch KelpToken.png

A kelp token model that is not used anywhere in the World of Kelp level. Just like the large quarter model, it has its own collision file.

This model was used in a prototype version of "World of Kelp", being used as the coins on the globe.

OctodadDadliestCatch ScienceDoor.png

This door model has the text "World of Kelp" in it, which refers to the level name. It most likely was intended to be either in said level or it could've been an early version of the door that leads to the level.

OctodadDadliestCatch CraneGame Exterior.png OctodadDadliestCatch CraneGame Claw.png

The crane game for the level was most likely intended to be in the game, but at one time, it went cut in the final version. However, parts for this along with the collision file for the body can still be located in the files.

OctodadDadliestCatch BigElevatorFloor.png

A big elevator was most likely intended to be in the level.

Blockouts and Size References

Entire Yard Blockout


Amazon Arcade Blockout

ODC-AmazonArcadeBlockout1.png ODC-AmazonArcadeBlockout2.png

Birdhouse Size Reference


Unused Textures

OctodadDadliestCatch FloridaAquariumMap.png

Present in the files for the Aquarium levels is a placeholder graphic of the Florida Aquarium, which the developers used as a placeholder until their Texture had been finished.

OctodadDadliestCatch Sweepstakes Sign.png

The sweepstake sign from the grocery level is never used anywhere in the level.

Demo Mode

The Entirety of Demo Mode is left over in the final game, this can be activated by setting the Demo Modes variable from False, to True, in the games .INI file.


Thanks for Playing Screen

OctodadDadliestCatch ThanksForPlaying.png

Unused Modes


  • According to the Devs, Sandbox would have just been the normal game, but without any way to get caught, This is completely unused in the final game, the only thing that still exists, is two icons showcasing the gamemodes.