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PlayStation Vita

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Title Screen

PlayStation Vita

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Released in JP: December 17, 2011
Released in US: February 15, 2012
Released in EU: February 22, 2012

DevMessageIcon.png This console has a hidden developer message.
TextIcon.png This console has unused text.
Carts.png This console has revisional differences.

The PlayStation Vita was Sony's second handheld console, and the successor to the immensely-successful PlayStation Portable.

While it enjoyed success in Japan, it was overall a commercial failure, with one contributing factor being the high price of its proprietary detachable storage (for instance, a 32GB Memory Card cost $120, half the price of the system itself).

Hidden Developer Message

Present at 0x00007630 in secure_kernel.enc/secure_kernel.enp:

Congratulations! At lash you get the plaintext of the Ps Vita Secure Kernel!
I'm confident that you never see this message though, ha-ha.

This message was added somewhere between firmware versions 0.995.070 and 0.996.070. The last sentence was removed somewhere between firmware versions 0.996.090 and 1.000.071.

Unused Text

Present in second_loader.bin at 0x00016A0.


This was added in firmware version 0.996.070, and removed in 1.000.071.