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PlayStation 3

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Title Screen

PlayStation 3

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Released in JP: November 11, 2006
Released in US: November 17, 2006
Released in EU: March 23, 2007
Released in AU: March 23, 2007

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PlayStation 3 is Sony's third home console that was once thought to be unhackable...

Hidden Firmware Info

PlayStation 3-hidden-firmware-info.png

Go to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information, hold L1 + R1 + Left + Square, then release them and immediately press and hold Start.

Revisional Differences

In firmware versions before v3.00, the startup screen uses an orchestral tuning sound with the words "Sony Computer Entertainment" on it. This was replaced with a different tune along with a new startup, featuring the "PS" logo and the new "PlayStation 3" logo in firmware v3.00 and above. Also during game boot, in firmware versions before v3.00, you are greeted with a "PlayStation 3" splash screen, featuring the Sam Raimi Spider-Man style font. This was removed in firmware versions after v3.00 and instead boots directly into the game.

Pre-v3.00 v3.00 and Above


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Early PlayStation 3 consoles had the option to install other operating systems, such as Linux or FreeBSD. This feature was removed in later models and older models running firmware v3.21.

(Source: PlayStation.Blog)