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Proto:Game Boy Camera

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Game Boy Camera.

Hello Kitty Version

To do:
Test, compare, photos.

A Japanese "Hello Kitty" version of the Game Boy Camera was canned before release, and rediscovered in September 2020. Unlike the Zelda edition, which is a simple retheming of the regular model, the Hello Kitty edition nearly completely reworked the menu system (doing away with the "hiding" of large amount of features under Start or Select menus) and features different minigames. Few similarities remain, but those that do are fairly recognizable, such as the on-screen keyboard, the "Blue Danube" slideshow music, and the Pocket Camera branding.

After choosing Shoot, the topmost option in the main menu, the live view starts immediately. The D-Pad selects frames and special effects, but if holding Start adjusts the exposure instead. After taking a photo, the player can not only save or discard it, but also immediately print it.

The View option starts immediately on a single photo thumbnail plus comment view, with a toolbar on the side providing intuitive access to full screen viewing, stamps, printing, commenting, deleting, and copying.

The Play option features scratch cards (costing 10 of the in-game currency Kitt), 15-tile sliding puzzles (25 Kitt), a slideshow with adjustable speed, and unlockable animations from which frames can be saved.

The Options option provides access to the profile input feature (enhanced with a blood type option and three photos), seven card templates for printing out the profile, the Records feature which pays out Kitt, and the Link feature.

At least two tracks from this game are reused in the Mobile Trainer.