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This page details one or more prototype versions of Xbox.

To do:
  • Properly document dashboards since they are availible online for download. They only work on alpha/beta development kits and no emulator can emulate them yet.
  • Note down a detailed list of changes.
  • Take comparison screenshots when possible.
  • Create subpages for each prototype.
  • Write a proper page description: where do these dashboards come from, who preserved them, what was their use, etc.

These dashboards were used internally by Microsoft for creating and testing the Xbox Dashboard. The prototypes currently online resemble nothing what the final dashboard has to offer and only run on alpha hardware.

3332.1 (March 2001)

This is the same dashboard that was in the concept, it also has the "internal test purposes only" text.

3424.1 (April 2001)

What stands out from this build is the text in the background, the lack of Xbox Live and with an unused "Games" tab being present.

Present for a split second at 4:16 is the early Xbox logo, seen to the right.

Something rather interesting, seen at 5:45, the games tab has the description "Go buy some games!". This could imply that you were originally going to be able to buy and download games from Xbox Live — Xbox 360 added said feature.

Xbox alpha logo.png

3521.1 (April 2001)

"Games" tab removed, so is the background text in the previous build. Some zoom in- and out animations were also added, similar to the final dashboard.

This version uses the early boot sequence.