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Sega Titan Video

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Title Screen

Sega Titan Video

Also known as: ST-V
Based on: Sega Saturn
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Released internationally: 1995

TextIcon.png This console has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This console has debugging material.

Based on the Sega Saturn console, the Sega Titan Video, for every game but Sport Fishing 2, uses ROM carts instead of CD-ROMs.

Developing Mode

Sega Titan Video-Developing Mode.pngSega Titan Video-Developing Mode-System Config.png

By holding down the Service Mode switch and powering on the cabinet, the BIOS enters an "in Factory" ST-V test menu. While much like the normal test menu, here there are additional options for receiving data via SIMM and SCSI ports as well as setting the machine to be in "CART-DEV" "DEVELOP-MODE".

Sega Titan Video-CART-DEV.png

In this mode, after restarting the machine, it waits for receiving data via these ports as well as showing a scrolling message along the bottom:

"The future of ST-V rests upon our work and your work."

Shang Shang Typhoon

Within every ST-V game at 0x6ED, and in the BIOS at 0x77ED is the string "SHANG SHANG TYPHOON", in reference to the band of the same name. It is currently unknown if this is used as copy-protection.

Sega Saturn Remnants

Leftovers from the Saturn BIOS can be found at 0x7F316 and 0x74534.

SUN0424 cyl 1151 alt 2 hd 9 sec 80
SEGA    SATURN          0964
%s:comp time out
%s: too busy
%s: too un busy
spc_init() start
spc_init() end
spc_wres() start
spc_wres() end