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WonderSwan Color BIOS

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Title Screen

WonderSwan Color BIOS

Developers: Koto Laboratory, Bandai
Publisher: Bandai
Released in JP: December 2000

CopyrightIcon.png This console has hidden developer credits.

The WonderSwan Color (WSC) was an enhanced model of Koto/Bandai's WonderSwan game console, providing a color display, an additional 48KB of RAM for a total of 64KB, and numerous hardware improvements.

The BIOS of this console provides the boot animation, as well as a simple settings screen allowing the console name, birthday, blood type, etc. to be configured.

Developer Credits

Present at the end of the BIOS (offset 0x1F10).

Boot Rom Staff  
 Kousei Kazeto  
Sound Composer  
 Takashi Isoyama
Graphic Designer
 Yukari Honda   
Special Thanks  
 Masa Torii     
 Satoru Imai