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Konami System 573

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Konami System 573

Based on: PlayStation
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Released internationally: 1997

CopyrightIcon.png This console has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This console has hidden development-related text.

An arcade system based on the PlayStation, mostly known for being used by almost all of Konami's rhythm games prior to 2005. At least three different variants of the BIOS are known to exist, along with four board variations (Plain, Analog, Digital, and Satellite Terminal).

The name "System 573" comes from goroawase, a form of Japanese wordplay in which numbers are used to stand in for their phonetic reading. "573" can be read "ko - na - mi".

Developer Credit

Present at offset 0x12C of the BIOS files.

Konami OS by T.H.

Build Dates

Scattered throughout the BIOS files are build dates, along with a different developer credit. They seem to differ slightly between the BIOS used.

700a01.22g (Standard BIOS) $Id: intr.c,v 1.76 1997/02/12 12:45:05 makoto Exp $
$Id: sys.c,v 1.135 1997/09/02 13:37:26 noda Exp $
700a01.22g (Gachaga Champ BIOS) $Id: intr.c,v 1.76 1997/02/12 12:45:05 makoto Exp $
700b01.22g (Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2 BIOS) $Id: intr.c,v 1.75 1997/02/07 09:00:36 makoto Exp $
$Id: sys.c,v 1.140 1998/01/12 07:52:27 noda Exp yos $