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Title Screen


Also known as: GamePark 32
Developer: GamePark
Publisher: GamePark
Released in KR: November 23, 2001

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The GP32 was to be the first in a line of consoles from GamePark, before they went bankrupt again.

Test Mode

Pressing L, R, R, L, R, R, L, L at the menu screen brings up the "GP32 Test Mode". The initial screen shows the product ID and the firmware version.

Korean English
GP32-test mode-k-1.png GP32-test mode-e-1.png
GP32-test mode-k-2.png GP32-test mode-e-2.png
GP32-test mode-k-3.png GP32-test mode-e-3.png
GP32-test mode-k-4.png GP32-test mode-e-4.png
GP32-test mode-k-5.png GP32-test mode-e-5.png
GP32-test mode-k-6.png GP32-test mode-e-6.png
GP32-test mode-k-7.png GP32-test mode-e-7.png
No USB test. GP32-test mode-e-8.png
GP32-test mode-k-9.png GP32-test mode-e-9.png

Revisional Differences

Due to each version having a different firmware number, the test mode screen was changed accordingly. Starting from 1.5.7, the language was changed to English.

1.0.0 1.5.6
GP32-test-1.0.0.png GP32-test-1.5.6.png
1.5.7 1.6.6
GP32-test-1.5.7.png GP32-test-1.6.6.png

The title screen and menu were changed in version 1.6.6 as well.

Earlier versions 1.6.6
GP32-title.png GP32-title-1.6.6.png
GP32-menu.png GP32-menu-1.6.6.png