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GB Hunter

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Title Screen

GB Hunter

Also known as: Game Booster (EU)
Developer: Datel
Publishers: E.M.S. Indtrial (US), Datel (EU)
Platform: Unlicensed Nintendo 64
Released in US: 1998
Released in EU: 1998

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The GB Hunter is an unofficial accessory that allowed you to play Game Boy games on a Nintendo 64. However, instead of being able to listen to the game's audio, you're instead treated to an obnoxious song that loops endlessly.

It could also function as a GameShark/Action Replay for Nintendo 64 games.

Unused Text

To do:
See if there's any way to display these in-game.

Present at 0x80015020 in memory is some build info.

PAL Build 22.4.98 (SOUND FIX)

Present at 0x8001505C in memory is some text for a test mode.

N64 cart check
Flash program
Flash verify
GB cart check
(Source: Ferrox)

Regional Differences

North America Europe
320px‎ GameBooster-title.png

In Europe, the GB Hunter is known as the Game Booster.

The Game Booster contains a built-in Game Boy game, Rebound Mission, that can be played by starting it up without a Game Boy cartridge plugged in. This game is not present in the GB Hunter.