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Title Screen


Developer: LeapFrog Enterprises
Publisher: LeapFrog Enterprises
Released in US: October 2003
Released in EU: 2004

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The Leapster was an educational games console meant exclusively for young kids, powered by the magic of Macromedia Adobe Flash. It appears to have done decently well for its purpose, having a couple of upgrades along the way.

Diagnostics Menu


A simple diagnostics screen can be accessed by holding down all of the console's buttons and powering it on. Here, the user can calibrate the touch controls and get information about the cartridge inserted.

LCD Test Mode

To do:
Verify if this is how you access it. Once this is confirmed to be accessible, get a video capture.
Leapster-LCDColor.png Leapster-GroupPhoto1.png Leapster-Thanks1.png

When the user has entered Diagnostics mode, hold the Hint, A and Down buttons at the same time to go here instead of the above menu. To progress through the screens, hold the aforementioned buttons down and press the B button. This will show various staff member photos, including a crowd shot with all of the developers.

(Source: TeamEurope (No Intro))
(Access: Divingkataetheweirdo)

Dev Texts

Right at 0x100 in the BIOS is a small message.

Copyright LeapFrog

A significantly larger message can also be seen at 0x420, noting the content approval screen:

Lil ducked.  The jet zipped past her head.  Dust flew, Lil sneezed, and Leap turned red.  
Then Lil got up, about to yell.  Leap gasped, "Look, Lil!  Your tooth!  It fell!".
'Approved Content' is content that either is created by LeapFrog or has received final 
approval under contract with LeapFrog.  LeapFrog grants you permission to copy these 
five sentences only if this cartridge contains 'Approved Content'.  If you copy these 
five sentences into your cartridge, a statement will appear on the screen stating that 
the content has been approved by LeapFrog.  If you do not copy these five sentences into 
your cartridge, a statement will appear on the screen stating that the content has not 
been approved by LeapFrog.  Nothing in these five sentences implies permission to copy them.

Leapster BaseROM Universal v1.5

Leap likes his ABCs more than his 1,2,3s.
Lily likes her math better, much more than any letter

ToolPad V2.2.28
Leapster FullBase V1.0.18
Sep 04 2003 10:46:47