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Proto:Game Boy Advance BIOS

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Game Boy Advance BIOS.

This prototype BIOS was found on a prototype Game Boy Advance unit which was used for demoing games. There don't seem to be any major under-the-hood differences, however.

Main Differences

  • The intro jingle is different: the first part sounds more lower-pitched, while the second part resembles the jingle of the original Game Boy.
  • Holding Start and Select at the same time does not hide the Nintendo logo.
  • No sound effect plays when data is being sent through the Game Boy Advance's Link Cables.
  • On the final BIOS, if no cartridge is inserted, the Nintendo logo will simply not be present. When using this BIOS, glitchy graphics will be displayed instead (In the final BIOS, this only happens when a dirty or broken game is inserted).
Proto Final
GBA bios no cart debug.png GBA bios no cart.png