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Action Replay DSi

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Action Replay DSi

Developer: Datel
Publisher: Datel
Platform: Unlicensed Nintendo DSi
Released in US: October 2009
Released in EU: October 2009

Action Replay DSi was an upgraded version of the Action Replay DS including (obviously) DSi support and DSi-enhanced game support, such as Pokémon Black and White. It's also the last traditional Action Replay edition to ever be made; the Nintendo 3DS only received a PowerSaves revision, and the Wii got a license key for a web application that immediately became obsolete when (free) homebrew received AR code loading before it even released.

It was discontinued fast, to say the least.

Game & Watch Collection

At extremely rare occasions, the Action Replay will load Game & Watch Collection instead of the Action Replay menu, meaning the rom is in the files. This might be because they needed to use a game header that was marked as valid in the Nintendo DSi system's whitelist, so they picked it as part of a reverse-engineering stunt, then hijacked off its loading code to load the code for the Action Replay. On a DSi it uses Game & Watch Collection's banner, but when used on a standard Nintendo DS or Lite, it'll just show itself as an Action Replay DSi for the banner.