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This page details one or more prototype versions of Wii.

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A pre-release US version of the Wii Menu exists in the leaked Nintendo internal data posted on 17th October 2020. This version of the Wii menu was built on Sep 24, 2006; about two weeks before the final version. Due to it being only two weeks older than the final build, it is considered a Release Candidate (RC) build.

To do:

Upload more images and do more research. The MarioCube wiki is the only site that has information about this.

  • Upload sounds and compare between final.
  • Upload GIF images of the animation oddities
  • Upload images of other differences.
  • The menu will boot to a black screen unless Z is held on a GameCube controller in port 4 when starting the console.
  • Minor graphical and sound differences.

General Differences

Health and Safety Screen

Prototype Final
WiiSysMenu 1.0RC1 Boot.png Wii-USHealthSafety.png

In the 1.0 Release Candidate, there is a timestamp present on the health and safety screen. The timestamp is read from a text file in a debug folder not present in the final. The text file reads:

Sun Sep 24 21:03:15     2006

Wii Menu

The default selection sound of the release candidate is quite different compared to the final version.

Prototype Final
  • Empty channel slots can be highlighted.
  • The 'Start' Button on the Disc Channel isn't greyed out when no disc is inserted. Pressing it plays an error sound instead.

System Settings

The settings menu is mostly localized, but translated version is not loaded, defaulting to Japanese.

A few settings such as the connection test display a debug output not seen in the final.

Prototype Final
WiiSysMenu 1.0RC1 NetworkTest.png WiiSysMenu 1.0Final NetworkTest.png

A few bugs also exist, such as a crash when entering the Wii Save Data menu in Data Management.