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Proto:Nintendo Switch

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Nintendo Switch.

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Firmware version 0.8.5 can be found in Version 20161020 of "NintendoSDK SystemUpdater for NX" and "NintendoSDK SystemSoftwareKit for NX", which were given to some third-party developers before the Switch's launch.

Nintendo Switchboard

The News applet on the Home Menu is called "Nintendo Switchboard".

Nintendo Switch Switchboard-1.jpg Nintendo Switch Switchboard-3.jpg Nintendo Switch Switchboard-2.jpg

(Source: Techinicabor, GRAnimated, ZachyCatGames, and RedBees)

HOME Menu Theme Mentions

There are references to various different colors for the HOME Menu, suggesting that the ability to customize the console's interface with more themes outside of the Basic White and Basic Black themes in the final OS was planned at one point, similar to the Nintendo 3DS, but was scrapped for one reason or another before the console made it to market (leaving the themes menu oddly barren with only two options). Everything from blue, to yellow, to pink and (oddly) three variations of green are mentioned in the code, but they cannot be selected in any pre-release or post-release firmware version.

(Source: GRAnimated, @raregamingdump on Twitter)