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Little Town Hero

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Title Screen

Little Town Hero

Developer: Game Freak
Publishers: Game Freak (Digital), Rainy Frog (JP), NIS America (US/EU)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
Released internationally: October 16, 2019 (Switch), July 2, 2020 (XB1/Windows), July 9, 2020 (Steam)
Released in JP: April 23, 2020 (PS4)
Released in US: June 23, 2020 (PS4)
Released in EU: June 26, 2020 (PS4)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Little Town Hero is a little game about a little boy living in a little town, occasionally saving his little townsfolk from not-so-little monsters. It was developed by a little company named Game Freak, better known for their involvement in the Pokémon video game franchise. It also features Toby Fox (with the help of Game Freak's own composer Hitomi Sato) as main composer for the original soundtrack.

It was released only one month before the highly-anticipated Pokémon Sword and Shield, getting very little fanfare and very little praise from critics.

To do:
  • Any more unused graphics?
  • Prerelease page.
  • There are loads of unused animations in the game.

Unused Graphics

Early Character Icons

Icon Filename Notes
Littletownhero-face01.png face01 Early design for the protagonist, shown in concept art by art director Haruka Tochigi.
Littletownhero-face04 sori.png face04_sori Horse-Off-Course/Solitiba-kun, the mascot of Game Freak's Pocket Card Jockey.
Littletownhero-face06 oldman.png face06_oldman
Littletownhero-face07 girl.png face07_girl
Littletownhero-face08 oldwoman.png face08_oldwoman
Littletownhero-face09 ojisan.png face09_ojisan Translation: Uncle
Littletownhero-face10 onanoko.png face10_onanoko.png Translation: Girl
Littletownhero-face10 onanoko2.png face10_onanoko2
Littletownhero-face11 archer.png face11_archer
Littletownhero-face12 nekko.png face12_nekko Translation: Cat
Littletownhero-face13 innu.png face13_innu Translation: Dog
Littletownhero-face14 hatsumei.png face14_hatsumei Translation: Inventor
Littletownhero-face15 heroine.png face15_heroine Early design for Pasmina.
Littletownhero-face16 uma.png face16_uma Translation: Horse
Littletownhero-face16 uma2.png face16_uma2 Also duplicated under the filename "all".
Littletownhero-face17 obachan.png face17_obachan Translation: Aunt

Unused Special Effects

Icon Filename Notes
Littletownhero-battle fix01 118.png battle_fix01_118 A pair of glaring eyes.
Littletownhero-battle fix01 119.png battle_fix01_119 A tongue licking its lips.
Littletownhero-battle fix01 120.png battle_fix01_120 A lightbulb representing an idea.

Early Dazzit Icons

Various assets, including various menu elements and the support characters' abilities. In the final game, the only support character' assistance to manifest in the form of a Dazzit is Margo.

Icon Final
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 0.png (There are no green Dazzits in the final game.)
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 1.png
Littletownhero-pickel idea01 29.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 2.png
Littletownhero-pickel idea01 27.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 9.png
Littletownhero-pickel idea01 14.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 10.png
Littletownhero-pickel idea01 16.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 12.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 13.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 14.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 15.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 23.png
Littletownhero-skillTreeIcon01 0.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 24.png
Littletownhero-skillTreeIcon01 12.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 25.png
Littletownhero-skillTreeIcon01 14.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 26.png
Littletownhero-skillTreeIcon01 16.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 27.png
Littletownhero-skillTreeIcon01 19.png
Littletownhero-meinmenu01 0.png
Littletownhero-meinmenu01 1.png
Littletownhero-meinmenu01 2.png
Littletownhero-battle idea picture01 4.png
Littletownhero-meinmenu01 3.png
Littletownhero-meinmenu01 10.png

Battle Result

Littletownhero-battle result01.png

A sheet of sprites presumably for a transition at the end of each battle. It features a snake motif (as many elements of the town itself).

Unused Scrapbook Mugshots

picbook_chr_20 picbook_chr_21 picbook_chr_22 picbook_chr_23 picbook_chr_24 picbook_chr_25 picbook_chr_26 picbook_chr_27 picbook_chr_28
Littletownhero-picbook chr 20.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 21.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 22.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 23.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 24.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 25.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 26.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 27.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 28.png
picbook_chr_47 - 53 picbook_chr_54 picbook_chr_55 picbook_chr_56
Littletownhero-picbook chr 54.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 55.png
Littletownhero-picbook chr 56.png

Unused mugshots for the non-unique non-playable characters and the stage support objects. Additionally, 7 consecutive blank mugshot sprites exist suggesting the possibility of scrapped planned characters/bosses.

Full Scrapbook (Final)
Little Town Hero Scrapbook.png

Early Battle HUD

Town (Working Title) - Reveal trailer
Littletownhero-town 2018 battle.jpg


Littletownhero-eftx backlinetrace.png

Queue bar for the enemy's Dazzits.

eftx_upsuji and etfx_ideasix

Littletownhero-eftx upsuji.png Littletownhero-eftx ideasix.png

Placeholders for how player's Dazzits would be displayed in battle. Both of them use the unused green Dazzit. The second image exemplifies how stat buffs and debuffs would have been shown.

battle fix01

Littletownhero-battle fix01.png

Some leftovers from the original battle HUD (namely the word "Voltage") exist within many other elements of the final HUD, though they have been obscured by red crosses.




Colored crystals with sequenced numbers inside them. Possibly a counter of some sort.


Littletownhero-Skill tree icons.png

Unused Models


Yarn (Present, Used) Yarn (Past, Unused) Purl (Used)
Littletownhero-13 soba.png Littletownhero-18 sobaY.png Littletownhero-18 fram.png

At one point, the protagonist Axe travels into the past, where he encounters younger versions of some of the other characters. One of the characters he finds are his friend Pasmina's grandmother Yarne (Soba in Japanese) and Pasmina's long-deceased mother Purl (Fram in Japanese). Apparently Yarne was intended to look younger, however her "young" model is just a duplicate of Purl's model; additionally, Purl doesn't have textures of her own and directly uses young Yarne's textures instead.


Littletownhero-19 siro.png

A very small kind of sheep-like creature. Rendered in completely different much cartoonish style from the other sheep in the game. Concept art for it appears in the Life in the Village art book.


Unused model Town (Working Title) - Reveal trailer
Littletownhero-23 pickel child.png Littletownhero-prereleasecutscene.jpg

An alternate model for Axe, seen during a cutscene in the game's 2018 reveal trailer. Neither the model nor the cutscene are used in the final game.

Unused Music

Some early versions of existing tracks are present in the files. The differences between them and the final mix are rather minimal ranging from different pitch range and/or instrumentation. The early mixes are louder as well.

Main Theme

maintheme_concept_field (Early) bgm_cb_prologue (Final)

Field (Coal Mines)

field_idea_COAL_1 (Early) bgm_cb_field_coal (Final)

Field (Main Street)

field_idea_COMMERCIAL_1 (Early) bgm_cb_field_commercial (Final)

Field (Farm)

field_idea_FARM_1 (Early) bgm_cb_field_farm (Final)

Pasmina's Theme

girl_theme (Early) bgm_cb_ev_girl (Final)

Want To Talk About Sheep?

girl_theme_lively (Early) bgm_cb_ev_girl_02 (Final)

Win By A Hair

sat_batle_idea_fun (Early) bgm_cb_bt_fun (Final)

Unused Sounds

The track "Last Episode!" from Undertale is present as 355709288.wem. Strings in the Main.txt file suggest the track was lifted directly from UNDERTALE Soundtrack as implied by its internal filename "66 Last Episode!". According to an interview, Game Freak used some of the music from Undertale as placeholders without Toby's permission, so this may have been a leftover from that time.

Revisional Differences

To do:
Conflicting or unknown dates between updates.

Version 1.1.0

Released on October 16, 2019.

  • Added English language support.

Version 1.2.0

Released in April 2020 for the Switch eShop version. The physical release of the game and every other platform have this version included by default.

  • Updated copyright on the title screen:
v1.1.0 v1.2.0
Little Town Hero Title 110.png Little Town Hero Title.png
  • Added Chinese language (simple and traditional) support.
  • Various optimization improvements.
  • Easy Mode option.

Version 1.2.1

Released on April 21, 2020.

  • Minor bug fixes.