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Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Title Screen

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Also known as: Pocket Monsters Sword and Shield (JP/KR)
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: November 15, 2019

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield are the first entry in the Pokémon series' Eighth Generation, those games taking place in the UK-inspired region of Galar. One major change setting these games apart from the others is the complete absence of data for any Pokémon not in the Galar Dex (with some exceptions), with Game Freak citing balancing issues as the reason why it would have happened sooner or later.


Unused Pokémon Data
We're sorry, fellow shiny hunters.
PkmnSwSh Item 0466.png
Unused Items
Arceus really wants to have its plates back!
PkmnSwSh Item 0769.png
Unused Abilities
Is Mega Evolutions balanced?
PkmnSwSh Item 0332.png
Unused Move Data
These moves is not allowed in the Galar's border.
Pokemon RGB-Falling Star.png
Unused Trainer Data
Let's assert some dominance!

Unused Audio

A short jingle which never gets used anywhere in the final game. Where this jingle was originally intended to be used is unknown, though its existence is interesting given its similarity to the kind used in the 3DS menus.

A short arrangement of the Gym Leader theme can be found in the game's files. It is likely that this was supposed to play in a cutscene as the song does not loop.

A completely unused arrangement of Eternatus's theme can be found in the game's files. Where this theme was originally intended to be used is unknown.

Unused Graphics

Early Screenshot

Pokémon Sword and Shield Early screenshot.png

Present in the game's files is an early screenshot of Pokémon X and Y depicting a Pikachu fighting a Chandelure. Unlike the final game, there are no outlines on either model, and the UI has been lifted straight from Pokémon Black and White, although the Pokémon's names are using a different font and there is oddly no notation of genders next to the Pokémon's levels.

Placeholder Graphics

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder kawa.png

An handwritten image of the kanji character 川, titled "col_kawa".

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder type.png

A nondescript circle placed with the Pokémon type icons.

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder tmtype.png

A placeholder TM type label, with Hiragana translating to "dummy".

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder lang1.png
Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder lang2.png

Two images found with the graphics that denote the language of a Pokémon's origin game (again with Hiragana translating to "Dummy").

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder status.png

With the status affliction graphics is a label reading ダミー_状態異常 ("dummy_abnormal condition").

Unused Models

Unseen Applin Body

Pokémon Sword and Shield Naked Applin.png

Despite never going out of its apple, Applin has a fully modeled and textured body underneath it.

(Source: Aquatic Rampage)

Unseen Allister Face

Pokémon Sword and Shield Allister without mask.png

Despite never taking off his mask, Allister has a fully modeled and textured face underneath it. His face can be seen in game via a rare version of his League Card, though.

(Source: Scar7752)

Unused Shirt

PkmnSwSh UnusedShirt.png

inn0009_00_tshirt is an unused shirt featuring a crudely drawn Pikachu. Presumably a placeholder of some sort.