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Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Title Screen

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Also known as: Pocket Monsters Sword and Shield (JP/KR)
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: November 15, 2019

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Spend $40, get newer experience!
This game is receiving new content, by way of Expansion Packs and/or Downloadable Content.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used in the future. If this does happen, please specify as such!

Pokémon Sword and Shield are the first entry in the long-running series' eighth Generation, those games taking place in the UK-inspired region of Galar. One major change setting these games apart from the others is the complete absence of data for any Pokémon not in the Galar Dex (with some exceptions), with Game Freak citing balancing issues as the reason why it would have happened sooner or later.

Unobtainable Shiny Pokémon

To do:
Sprite rips

For the sake of consistency, every Pokémon in every Pokémon game is given a Shiny variant. Most Shiny Pokémon have been obtainable through random chance encounters or event distributions, including most Legendary Pokémon. However, a few Pokémon cannot be obtained in this form without hacking, and as a consequence, normal players would never be able to see their Shiny coloration.

  • For the first time in series history since the creation of Shiny variants (excluding Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, for obvious reasons), the starter Pokémon you receive at the beginning of the game are completely Shiny-locked. However, those of their species hatched from eggs will still have a chance to be Shiny, as usual.

PokemonSwordShieldShinyZacianHoMB.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyZacianCS.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyZamazentaHoMB.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyZamazentaCS.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyEternatus.png

  • Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus - these Legendary Pokémon are battled and caught during the story. However, they are Shiny-locked, and thus their Shiny variants go unused for now.
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Examine the animation for the move Eternabeam.

PokemonSwShShinyKubfu.png PokemonSwShShinyUrshifuSingleStrike.png PokemonSwShShinyUrshifuRapidStrike.png PokemonSwShShinyGMAXUrshifuSingleStrike.png PokemonSwShShinyGMAXUrshifuRapidStrike.png

  • Kubfu, Urshifu - The Kubfu received from Mustard in the Isle of Armor DLC expansion is Shiny-locked, leaving its Shiny variant unobtainable. Naturally, its evolved form Urshifu cannot be Shiny either, and consequently the Shiny variants of its Gigantimax forms go unseen as well.


  • Zarude - This Mythical Pokémon is only available through event distributions, and therefore cannot be Shiny.

(Source: Serebii, Matt)

Unused Forms

Zarude "Dada" Form

PokemonSwShDadaZarude.png PokemonSwShShinyDadaZarude.png

An unused form for Zarude can be found within the data of the game. Named “Dada” internally, it is based on Zarude’s appearance in Pokémon the Movie: Coco.

(Source: Matt)

World Cap Pikachu


A new Cap Pikachu form was added to the game via the version 1.2.0 update. This Pikachu sports Ash's cap from his outfit in the Pokémon Journeys series of the anime.

(Source: Matt)

Unreleased Pokémon

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: What does HAKUBA and KOKUBA mean in Japanese?

The two Pokémon listed here numbered as 896 and 897 are currently unannounced and unreleased and no data for them are found except their internal names.

(Source: SciresM)

Crown Tundra content

Various files from the Crown Tundra expansion are found within version 1.2.0.

Mission Titles

To do:
Sprite rips

Four mission names have images within every language.

(Source: SciresM)

Unused Audio

Eternatus Theme

A completely unused arrangement of Eternatus's theme can be found in the game's files. Where this theme was originally intended to be used is currently unknown.

Unused Items

To do:
  • Document which items have their icons and which ones use the "?" placeholder. (Icon list here)
  • Also document the unused item descriptions.
  • Do any of these items have functionality when hacked into the game?

The game contains a lot of unused items, the majority being leftovers from previous entries (such as the TMs and HMs, which are all from Generation VI, as well as Mega Stones and Z-Crystals), some still reusing their intended icons but others instead using a question mark graphic.

Hex Item Name
0000 None
0010 Cherish Ball
002C Sacred Ash
0040 Fluffy Tail
0041 Blue Flute
0042 Yellow Flute
0043 Red Flute
0044 Black Flute
0045 White Flute
0046 Shoal Salt
0047 Shoal Shell
0048 Red Shard
0049 Blue Shard
004A Yellow Shard
004B Green Shard
005F Growth Mulch
0060 Damp Mulch
0061 Stable Mulch
0062 Gooey Mulch
0063 Root Fossil
0064 Claw Fossil
0065 Helix Fossil
0066 Dome Fossil
0067 Old Amber
0068 Armor Fossil
0069 Skull Fossil
006E Oval Stone
006F Odd Keystone
0070 Griseous Orb
0071 Tea
0072 ???
0073 Autograph
0074 Douse Drive
0075 Shock Drive
0076 Burn Drive
0077 Chill Drive
0078 ???
0x0079 Pokémon Box Link
0x007A Medicine Pocket
0x007B TM Case
0x007C Candy Jar
0x007D Power-Up Pocket
0x007E Clothing Trunk
0x007F Catching Pocket
0x0080 Battle Pocket
0081 ???
0082 ???
0083 ???
0084 ???
0085 ???
0087 Adamant Orb
0088 Lustrous Orb
0089 Greet Mail
008A Favored Mail
008B RSVP Mail
008C Thanks Mail
008D Inquiry Mail
008E Like Mail
008F Reply Mail
0090 Bridge Mail S
0091 Bridge Mail D
0092 Bridge Mail T
0093 Bridge Mail V
0094 Bridge Mail M
00A4 Razz Berry
00A5 Bluk Berry
00A6 Nanab Berry
00A7 Wepear Berry
00A8 Pinap Berry
00AF Cornn Berry
00B0 Magost Berry
00B1 Rabuta Berry
00B2 Nomel Berry
00B3 Spelon Berry
00B4 Pamtre Berry
00B5 Watmel Berry
00B6 Durin Berry
00B7 Belue Berry
00D0 Enigma Berry
00D1 Micle Berry
00D2 Custap Berry
00D3 Jaboca Berry
00D4 Rowap Berry
00D8 Exp. Share
00E1 Soul Dew
00E2 Deep Sea Tooth
00E3 Deep Sea Scale
0104 Red Scarf
0105 Blue Scarf
0106 Pink Scarf
0107 Green Scarf
0108 Yellow Scarf
012A Flame Plate
012B Splash Plate
012C Zap Plate
012D Meadow Plate
012E Icicle Plate
012F Fist Plate
0130 Toxic Plate
0131 Earth Plate
0132 Sky Plate
0133 Mind Plate
0134 Insect Plate
0135 Stone Plate
0136 Spooky Plate
0137 Draco Plate
0138 Dread Plate
0139 Iron Plate
0142 Electirizer
0143 Magmarizer
0147 Razor Fang
01A4 HM01
01A5 HM02
01A6 HM03
01A7 HM04
01A8 HM05
01A9 HM06
01AA ???
01AB ???
01AC Explorer Kit
01AD Loot Sack
01AE Rule Book
01AF Poké Radar
01B0 Point Card
01B1 Journal
01B2 Seal Case
01B3 Fashion Case
01B4 Seal Bag
01B5 Pal Pad
01B6 Works Key
01B7 Old Charm
01B8 Galactic Key
01B9 Red Chain
01BB Vs. Seeker
01BC Coin Case
01BD Old Rod
01BE Good Rod
01BF Super Rod
01C0 Sprayduck
01C1 Poffin Case
01C2 Bike
01C3 Suite Key
01C4 Oak's Letter
01C5 Lunar Wing
01C6 Member Card
01C7 Azure Flute
01C8 S.S. Ticket
01C9 Contest Pass
01CA Magma Stone
01CB Parcel
01CC Coupon 1
01CD Coupon 2
01CE Coupon 3
01CF Storage Key
01D0 Secret Potion
01D1 Vs. Recorder
01D2 Gracidea
01D3 Secret Key
01D4 Apricorn Box
01D5 Unown Report
01D6 Berry Pots
01D7 Dowsing Machine
01D8 Blue Card
01D9 Slowpoke Tail
01DA Clear Bell
01DC Basement Key
01DD Squirt Bottle
01DE Red Scale
01DF Lost Item
01E0 Pass
01E1 Machine Part
01E2 Silver Wing
01E3 Rainbow Wing
01E4 Mystery Egg
01F4 Park Ball
01F5 Photo Album
01F6 GB Sounds
01F7 Tidal Bell
01F9 Data Card 01
01FA Data Card 02
01FB Data Card 03
01FC Data Card 04
01FD Data Card 05
01FE Data Card 06
01FF Data Card 07
0200 Data Card 08
0201 Data Card 09
0202 Data Card 10
0203 Data Card 11
0204 Data Card 12
0205 Data Card 13
0206 Data Card 14
0207 Data Card 15
0208 Data Card 16
0209 Data Card 17
020A Data Card 18
020B Data Card 19
020C Data Card 20
020D Data Card 21
020E Data Card 22
020F Data Card 23
0210 Data Card 24
0211 Data Card 25
0212 Data Card 26
0213 Data Card 27
0214 Jade Orb
0215 Lock Capsule
0216 Red Orb
0217 Blue Orb
0218 Enigma Stone
0224 Fire Gem
0225 Water Gem
0226 Electric Gem
0227 Grass Gem
0228 Ice Gem
0229 Fighting Gem
022A Poison Gem
022B Ground Gem
022C Flying Gem
022D Psychic Gem
022E Bug Gem
022F Rock Gem
0230 Ghost Gem
0231 Dragon Gem
0232 Dark Gem
0233 Steel Gem
023C Cover Fossil
023D Plume Fossil
023E Liberty Pass
023F Pass Orb
0241 Poké Toy
0242 Prop Case
0243 Dragon Skull
0248 Relic Copper
0249 Relic Silver
024A Relic Gold
024B Relic Vase
024C Relic Band
024D Relic Statue
024E Relic Crown
0250 Dire Hit 2
0251 X Speed 2
0252 X Sp. Atk 2
0253 X Sp. Def 2
0254 X Defense 2
0255 X Attack 2
0256 X Accuracy 2
0257 X Speed 3
0258 X Sp. Atk 3
0259 X Sp. Def 3
025A X Defense 3
025B X Attack 3
025C X Accuracy 3
025D X Speed 6
025E X Sp. Atk 6
025F X Sp. Def 6
0260 X Defense 6
0261 X Attack 6
0262 X Accuracy 6
0263 Ability Urge
0264 Item Drop
0265 Item Urge
0266 Reset Urge
0267 Dire Hit 3
0268 Light Stone
0269 Dark Stone
026D Xtransceiver
026E ???
026F Gram 1
0270 Gram 2
0271 Gram 3
0272 Xtransceiver
0273 Medal Box
0276 Permit
0279 Plasma Card
027A Grubby Hanky
027B Colress Machine
027C Dropped Item
027D Dropped Item
027E Reveal Glass
281 Holo Caster
0282 Prof's Letter
0283 Roller Skates
028B Poké Flute
028C Rich Mulch
028D Surprise Mulch
028E Boost Mulch
028F Amaze Mulch
0290 Gengarite
0291 Gardevoirite
0292 Ampharosite
0293 Venusaurite
0294 Charizardite X
0295 Blastoisinite
0296 Mewtwonite X
0297 Mewtwonite Y
0298 Blazikenite
0299 Medichamite
029A Houndoominite
029B Aggronite
029C Banettite
029D Tyranitarite
029E Scizorite
029F Pinsirite
02A0 Aerodactylite
02A1 Lucarionite
02A2 Abomasite
02A3 Kangaskhanite
02A4 Gyaradosite
02A5 Absolite
02A6 Charizardite Y
02A7 Alakazite
02A8 Heracronite
02A9 Mawilite
02AA Manectite
02AB Garchompite
02AC Latiasite
02AD Latiosite
02B1 Sprinklotad
02B6 TM100
02B7 Power Plant Pass
02B8 Mega Ring
02B9 Intriguing Stone
02BA Common Stone
02BB Discount Coupon
02BC Elevator Key
02BD TMV Pass
02BE Honor of Kalos
02BF Adventure Rules
02C0 Strange Souvenir
02C1 Lens Case
02C2 Makeup Bag
02C3 Travel Trunk
02C6 Jaw Fossil
02C7 Sail Fossil
02C8 Looker Ticket
02C9 Bike
02CA Holo Caster
02CB Fairy Gem
02CC Mega Charm
02CD Mega Glove
02CE Mach Bike
02CF Acro Bike
02D0 Wailmer Pail
02D1 Devon Parts
02D2 Soot Sack
02D3 Basement Key
02D4 Pokéblock Kit
02D5 Letter
02D6 Eon Ticket
02D7 Scanner
02D8 Go-Goggles
02D9 Meteorite
02DA Key to Room 1
02DB Key to Room 2
02DC Key to Room 4
02DD Key to Room 6
02DE Storage Key
02DF Devon Scope
02E0 S.S. Ticket
02E1 HM07
02E2 Devon Scuba Gear
02E3 Contest Costume
02E4 Contest Costume
02E5 Magma Suit
02E6 Aqua Suit
02E7 Pair of Tickets
02E8 Mega Bracelet
02E9 Mega Pendant
02EA Mega Glasses
02EB Mega Anchor
02EC Mega Stickpin
02ED Mega Tiara
02EE Mega Anklet
02EF Meteorite
02F0 Swampertite
02F1 Sceptilite
02F2 Sablenite
02F3 Altarianite
02F4 Galladite
02F5 Audinite
02F6 Metagrossite
02F7 Sharpedonite
02F9 Steelixite
02FA Pidgeotite
02FB Glalitite
02FC Diancite
02FD Prison Bottle
02FE Mega Cuff
02FF Cameruptite
0300 Lopunnite
0301 Salamencite
0302 Beedrillite
0303 Meteorite
0304 Meteorite
0305 Key Stone
0306 Meteorite Shard
0307 Eon Flute
0308 Normalium Z
0309 Firium Z
030A Waterium Z
030B Electrium Z
030C Grassium Z
030D Icium Z
030E Fightinium Z
030F Poisonium Z
0310 Groundium Z
0311 Flyinium Z
0312 Psychium Z
0313 Buginium Z
0314 Rockium Z
0315 Ghostium Z
0316 Dragonium Z
0317 Darkinium Z
0318 Steelium Z
0319 Fairium Z
031A Pikanium Z
031D Z-Ring
031E Decidium Z
031F Incinium Z
0320 Primarium Z
0321 Tapunium Z
0322 Marshadium Z
0323 Aloraichium Z
0324 Snorlium Z
0325 Eevium Z
0326 Mewnium Z
0327 Normalium Z
0328 Firium Z
0329 Waterium Z
032A Electrium Z
032B Grassium Z
032C Icium Z
032D Fightinium Z
032E Poisonium Z
032F Groundium Z
0330 Flyinium Z
0331 Psychium Z
0332 Buginium Z
0333 Rockium Z
0334 Ghostium Z
0335 Dragonium Z
0336 Darkinium Z
0337 Steelium Z
0338 Fairium Z
0339 Pikanium Z
033A Decidium Z
033B Incinium Z
033C Primarium Z
033D Tapunium Z
033E Marshadium Z
033F Aloraichium Z
0340 Snorlium Z
0341 Eevium Z
0342 Mewnium Z
0343 Pikashunium Z
0344 Pikashunium Z
0345 ???
0346 ???
0347 ???
0348 ???
0349 Forage Bag
034A Fishing Rod
034B Professor's Mask
034C Festival Ticket
034D Sparkling Stone
034F Zygarde Cube
0350 ???
0352 Ride Pager
0355 Red Nectar
0356 Yellow Nectar
0357 Pink Nectar
0358 Purple Nectar
0359 Sun Flute
035A Moon Flute
035B ???
035C Enigmatic Card
035D Silver Razz Berry
035E Golden Razz Berry
035F Silver Nanab Berry
0360 Golden Nanab Berry
0361 Silver Pinap Berry
0362 Golden Pinap Berry
0363 ???
0364 ???
0365 ???
0366 ???
0367 ???
0368 Secret Key
0369 S.S. Ticket
036A Silph Scope
036B Parcel
036C Card Key
036D Gold Teeth
036E Lift Key
0375 Stretchy Spring
0376 Chalky Stone
0377 Marble
0378 Lone Earring
0379 Beach Glass
037A Gold Leaf
037B Silver Leaf
037C Polished Mud Ball
037D Tropical Shell
037E Leaf Letter
037F Leaf Letter
0380 Small Bouquet
0381 ???
0382 ???
0383 ???
0384 Lure
0385 Super Lure
0386 Max Lure
0399 Solganium Z
039A Lunalium Z
039B Ultranecrozium Z
039C Mimikium Z
039D Lycanium Z
039E Kommonium Z
039F Solganium Z
03A0 Lunalium Z
03A1 Ultranecrozium Z
03A2 Mimikium Z
03A3 Lycanium Z
03A4 Kommonium Z
03A5 Z-Power Ring
03A6 Pink Petal
03A7 Orange Petal
03A8 Blue Petal
03A9 Red Petal
03AA Green Petal
03AB Yellow Petal
03AC Purple Petal
03AD Rainbow Flower
03AE Surge Badge
03B3 Ilima Normalium Z
03B4 Left Poké Ball
03B5 Roto Hatch
03B6 Roto Bargain
03B7 Roto Prize Money
03B8 Roto Exp. Points
03B9 Roto Friendship
03BA Roto Encounter
03BB Roto Stealth
03BC Roto HP Restore
03BD Roto PP Restore
03BF Roto Catch
03C0 Health Candy
03C1 Mighty Candy
03C2 Tough Candy
03C3 Smart Candy
03C4 Courage Candy
03C5 Quick Candy
03C6 Health Candy L
03C7 Mighty Candy L
03C8 Tough Candy L
03C9 Smart Candy L
03CA Courage Candy L
03CB Quick Candy L
03CC Health Candy XL
03CD Mighty Candy XL
03CE Tough Candy XL
03CF Smart Candy XL
03D0 Courage Candy XL
03D1 Quick Candy XL
03D2 Bulbasaur Candy
03D3 Charmander Candy
03D4 Squirtle Candy
03D5 Caterpie Candy
03D6 Weedle Candy
03D7 Pidgey Candy
03D8 Rattata Candy
03D9 Spearow Candy
03DA Ekans Candy
03DB Pikachu Candy
03DC Sandshrew Candy
03DD Nidoran♀ Candy
03DE Nidoran♂ Candy
03DF Clefairy Candy
03E0 Vulpix Candy
03E1 Jigglypuff Candy
03E2 Zubat Candy
03E3 Oddish Candy
03E4 Paras Candy
03E5 Venonat Candy
03E6 Diglett Candy
03E7 Meowth Candy
03E8 Psyduck Candy
03E9 Mankey Candy
03EA Growlithe Candy
03EB Poliwag Candy
03EC Abra Candy
03ED Machop Candy
03EE Bellsprout Candy
03EF Tentacool Candy
03F0 Geodude Candy
03F1 Ponyta Candy
03F2 Slowpoke Candy
03F3 Magnemite Candy
03F4 Farfetch'd Candy
03F5 Doduo Candy
03F6 Seel Candy
03F7 Grimer Candy
03F8 Shellder Candy
03F9 Gastly Candy
03FA Onix Candy
03FB Drowzee Candy
03FC Krabby Candy
03FD Voltorb Candy
03FE Exeggcute Candy
03FF Cubone Candy
0400 Hitmonlee Candy
0401 Hitmonchan Candy
0402 Lickitung Candy
0403 Koffing Candy
0404 Rhyhorn Candy
0405 Chansey Candy
0406 Tangela Candy
0407 Kangaskhan Candy
0408 Horsea Candy
0409 Goldeen Candy
040A Staryu Candy
040B Mr. Mime Candy
040C Scyther Candy
040D Jynx Candy
040E Electabuzz Candy
040F Pinsir Candy
0410 Tauros Candy
0411 Magikarp Candy
0412 Lapras Candy
0413 Ditto Candy
0414 Eevee Candy
0415 Porygon Candy
0416 Omanyte Candy
0417 Kabuto Candy
0418 Aerodactyl Candy
419 Snorlax Candy
041A Articuno Candy
041B Zapdos Candy
041C Moltres Candy
041D Dratini Candy
041E Mewtwo Candy
041F Mew Candy
0420 Meltan Candy
0421 Magmar Candy
0422 ???
0423 ???
0424 ???
0425 ???
0426 ???
0427 ???
0428 ???
0429 ???
042A ???
042B ???
042C ???
042D ???
042E ???
042F ???
0430 ???
0431 ???
0436 ???
0437 ???
043A ???
043B ???
044D ???
044E ???
04F4 ???
04F8 ???
04F9 ???
04FA ???
04FB ???
04FC ???
04FD ???
(Source: Bulbapedia)

Unused Trainer Class

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Apparently there's more of those, document them.

There exists an unused Trainer Class which uses the model for Chairman Rose in his shorts which lacks any animations, resulting in the model T-posing whenever it's hacked into the game. Models for an unused Preschooler class have also been discovered.

(Source: Matt)

Unused Max Raid Statistics

To do:
List them off. As a start, I know Jirachi and Celebi have unique statistics if encountered this way.

For the sake of consistency, every Pokemon in the game that can Dynamax have stats and rewards for being encountered in a Max Raid Battle. While some yield blank results, which indicates they probably weren't meant for Max Raids, quite a handful have statistics that are currently unseen without hacking. It's possible that these Pokemon are likely to get released in special promotional raids in the future.

Unused Gigantamax Form

An unused Gigantamax form is present in the game's files, but remains unused for the time being, possibly being intended to be released officially in the future.


Standing at 82'00" (25m) is this Gigantamax form for Melmetal, which has the special move "G-Max Meltdown" associated to it and can use all of regular Melmetal's Max Moves aside from Max Steelspike.

It has corresponding Pokédex descriptions, "In a distant land, there are legends about a cyclopean giant. In fact, the giant was a Melmetal that was flooded with Gigantamax energy." for Sword, and "It can send electric beams streaking out from the hole in its belly. The beams' tremendous energy can vaporize an opponent in one shot." for Shield.

(Source: DistantKingdom)
(Source: Serebii)

Unused Abilities

Most of the removed Pokémon had special abilities in previous games that are actually coded into the games despite never being used. These unused Abilities are as follows:

ID Name Description
0x0010 Color Change The Pokémon’s type becomes the type of the move used on it.
0x0028 Magma Armor The Pokémon is covered with hot magma, which prevents the Pokémon from becoming frozen. The number of cycles needed to hatch an egg are halved if a Pokémon with this ability is in the first slot of the party.
0x003B Forecast The Pokémon transforms with the weather to change its type to Water, Fire, or Ice.
0x004A Pure Power Using its pure power, the Pokémon doubles its Attack stat.
0x004C Air Lock Eliminates the effects of weather.
0x005A Poison Heal Restores HP if the Pokémon is poisoned instead of losing HP.
0x0060 Normalize All the Pokémon’s moves become Normal type. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x0070 Slow Start For five turns, the Pokémon’s Attack and Speed stats are halved.
0x0079 Multitype Changes the Pokémon’s type to match the Plate or Z-Crystal it holds.
0x007B Bad Dreams Reduces the HP of sleeping opposing Pokémon.
0x0081 Defeatist Halves the Pokémon’s Attack and Sp. Atk stats when its HP becomes half or less.
0x0088 Multiscale Reduces the amount of damage the Pokémon takes while its HP is full.
0x0089 Toxic Boost Powers up physical attacks when the Pokémon is poisoned.
0x00A2 Victory Star Boosts the accuracy of its allies and itself.
0x00A8 Protean Changes the Pokémon’s type to the type of the move it’s about to use.
0x00AE Refrigerate Normal-type moves become Ice-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x00B3 Grass Pelt Boosts the Pokémon’s Defense stat on Grassy Terrain.
0x00B8 Aerilate Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x00B9 Parental Bond Parent and child each attacks.
0x00BA Dark Aura Powers up each Pokémon’s Dark-type moves.
0x00BB Fairy Aura Powers up each Pokémon’s Fairy-type moves.
0x00BC Aura Break The effects of “Aura” Abilities are reversed to lower the power of affected moves.
0x00BD Primordial Sea The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Fire-type attacks.
0x00BE Desolate Land The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Water-type attacks.
0x00BF Delta Stream The Pokémon changes the weather to eliminate all of the Flying type’s weaknesses.
0x00C5 Shields Down When its HP becomes half or less, the Pokémon’s shell breaks and it becomes aggressive.
0x00CE Galvanize Normal-type moves become Electric-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x00D2 Battle Bond Defeating an opposing Pokémon strengthens the Pokémon’s bond with its Trainer, and it becomes Ash-Greninja. Water Shuriken gets more powerful.
0x00D3 Power Construct Other Cells gather to aid when its HP becomes half or less. Then the Pokémon changes its form to Complete Forme.
0x00D5 Comatose It’s always drowsing and will never wake up. It can attack without waking up.
0x00D8 Dancer When another Pokémon uses a dance move, it can use a dance move following it regardless of its Speed.
0x00DB Dazzling Surprises the opposing Pokémon, making it unable to attack using priority moves.
0x00DF Power of Alchemy The Pokémon copies the Ability of a defeated ally.
0x00E0 Beast Boost The Pokémon boosts its most proficient stat each time it knocks out a Pokémon.
0x00E9 Neuroforce Powers up moves that are super effective.

Unobtainable Hidden Abilities

In the Generation VIII games, it is possible to find Pokémon with special "hidden Abilities". However, some Pokémon couldn't be obtained with hidden Abilities through any legitimate means, rendering the hidden Abilities inaccessible in normal gameplay.

Pokémon Regular Ability 1 Regular Ability 2 Hidden Ability
Skwovet Cheek Pouch None Gluttony
Greedent Cheek Pouch None Gluttony
Dracozolt Volt Absorb Hustle Sand Rush
Arctozolt Volt Absorb Static Slush Rush
Dracovish Water Absorb Strong Jaw Sand Rush
Arctovish Water Absorb Ice Body Slush Rush

Unused Moves

Moves that cannot legitimately be learned by any Pokémon in the Galar dex are coded in but grayed out, meaning they can't be used in battle. They also get a dummy description "This move can't be used. It's recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can't be remembered."

The special starter moves Eevee can learn in Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! got significant stat changes for this game; but these moves are unobtainable so this is never seen in gameplay.

Melmetal's Evolution Move

Melmetal is set to learn Thunder Punch upon evolution. However, Meltan cannot evolve in this game, only being able to do so in Pokémon GO, so this goes unseen.

Unused G-Max move

The unused Gigantamax form also has its own unique G-Max move:

Name Type Category Max Attack Accuracy PP Description
G-Max Meltdown Steel Physical / Special 130 (Physical) / 140 (Special) 101 10 Gigantamax Melmetal's unique G-Max move. This move makes opponents incapable of using the same move twice in a row.

Fire/Water Pledge Silvally

The bug in which Silvally cannot be tutored either Fire Pledge or Water Pledge, despite being able to learn Grass Pledge, is carried over from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Unused Graphics

Unused Item Icons

Pokémon Sword and Shield Unused Item icons.png

Unsurprisingly, these games seem to continue Game Freak's trend of bringing over basically every item ever made only to ever use a selected few.

(Source: The Spriters Resource)

Unused Gigantamax Pokémon Icon

As Melmetal's Gigantamax form is the only unused Pokémon in the game's code so far, its icon is the only unused one.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Unused Pokémon icons.png

(Source: The Spriters Resource)

Unused Applin Textures

Despite never going out of its apple, Applin has a fully modeled and textured body underneath it.

(Source: Aquatic Rampage)

Early Screenshot

Pokémon Sword and Shield Early screenshot.png

Present in the game's files is an early screenshot of Pokémon X and Y depicting a Pikachu fighting a Chandelure. Unlike the final game, there are no outlines on either model, and the UI has been lifted straight from Pokémon Black and White, although the Pokémon's names are using a different font and there is oddly no notation of genders next to the Pokémon's levels.

Placeholder Graphics

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder kawa.png

An handwritten image of the kanji character 川, titled "col_kawa".

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder type.png

A nondescript circle placed with the Pokémon type icons.

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder tmtype.png

A placeholder TM type label, with hiragana translating to "dummy".

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder lang1.png
Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder lang2.png

Two images found with the graphics that denote the language of a Pokémon's origin game.

Pokémon Sword and Shield placeholder status.png

With the status affliction graphics is a label reading ダミー_状態異常 ("dummy_abnormal condition").