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Pokémon Ranger

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Title Screen

Pokémon Ranger

Developers: Creatures, HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: March 23, 2006
Released in US: October 30, 2006
Released in EU: April 13, 2007
Released in AU: December 7, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Apparently, each Pokémon(!) has an unused shiny palette. Investigate this!

In Pokémon Ranger, your character takes the role of a Pokémon Ranger, who has the ability to capture Pokemon with their Styler (with the usage of the Touch Screen) in order to solve various problems that may or may not be related to a major conflict. Capture on!

Removed Pokémon

These Pokémon do not appear in any Ranger games to date, but several leftovers suggest that the developers planned to include them.

Onix (iwark)

The unused reference pokemon/iwark.dat in yakumono/ (used for targets) suggests the existence of Onix. It was most likely a boss.

Unown (unknown)

PR1-unknown ex.png

The Symbol Pokémon that comes in the shape of 26 Latin alphabet characters, exclamation mark and question mark. Only the textures for the exclamation mark shape can be found in the game's files. However, the file menu/pokemon_filename.dat (used to assign the Pokédex sprites) references all the other shapes as well. A list of the unused references can be found on the notes page.

Wailord (whaloh)

Unlike the other removed Pokémon, Wailord has basic data that occupies slot 0xC7. The file it tries to load (pokemon/whaloh.dat) does not exist anymore. Wailord cannot be caught due to unfinished coding.

Castform (powarun)

Hoenn's Weather Pokémon changes its form depending on the current weather. Four references for each of its form can be found in the file menu/pokemon_filename.dat.

Removed Maps

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: More maps?

Kalakka Desert (0xA9)

The temperature here swings far between
day and night, and an arid wind blows.

Some dummied-out data exists for a location called Kalakka Desert that was ultimately scrapped. All that is left is an unused entry in the map header table; the map file has been removed. The unused music track SEQ_FIELD01 is set to play on this map.

Unused Rewards

Pokémon not available during capture challenges are coded to reward zero points when captured. However, the developers included some unseen rewards for Pokémon that are not used in either of the two trials in the game.

Pokémon Points
Pikachu 150
Gloom 650
Vileplume 1200
Bellsprout 250
Victreebel 550
Scyther 700
Scizor 1600

Unused Field Moves

There are some unused field moves, but it's not known if they are functional.

ID Icon
0x08 PR1-field 8.png
0x09 PR1-field 9.png
0x0B PR1-field b.png
0x0C PR1-field c.png
0x0D PR1-field d.png
0x0E PR1-field e.png
0x0F PR1-field f.png
0x10 PR1-field 10.png
0x12 PR1-field 12.png

Unused Sprites

Compared to other games in the Pokémon franchise this game contains a lot of unused characters and sprites. These include famous Pokémon trainers and characters from other games.

Unused NPCs

outlow (0x8)


yuuki_rs (0x24) (Brendan, Ruby/Sapphire version)

File:PR1-yuuki rs.png

haruka_rs (0x25) (May, Ruby/Sapphire version)

File:PR1-haruka rs.png

yuuki_eme (0x26) (Brendan, Emerald version)

File:PR1-yuuki eme.png

haruka_eme (0x27) (May, Emerald version)

PR1-haruka eme.png

fire (0x28) (Red)


leaf (0x29)


poke_mania (0x2A)

PR1-poke mania.png

novelist (0x2B)


novelist_bag (0x3B)

PR1-novelist bag.png

ohkido (0x43) (Professor Oak)


odamaki (0x44) (Professor Birch)


wataru (0x45) (Lance)


daigo (0x46) (Steven Stone)


kasumi (0x47) (Misty)


takeshi (0x48) (Brock)


tohru (0x4D) (Todd Snap)


astrologer (0x55)


enemy_leader2 (0x56)

PR1-enemy leader2.png

Unused Frames


PR1-watakku man1.png PR1-watakku man2.png

This sheet is used by the Drowzee guy, but its name and several unused frames suggest the developers originally had different plans for this character. Watakku is the Japanese name for Johto Pokémon Jumpluff which does not exist in this game. The first set shows the character gliding with a seed. The second sheet has three frames showing the Pokémon from the front.

Unused Palettes


Unused Used
PR1-littleboy1-unused.png PR1-littleboy1-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-middlem1-unused.png PR1-middlem1-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-youngw1-unused.png PR1-youngw1-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-mechanic-unused.png PR1-mechanic-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-littleboy2-unused.png PR1-littleboy2-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-boy1-unused.png PR1-boy1-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-boy2-unused.png PR1-boy2-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-oldwoman2-unused.png PR1-oldwoman2-used.png


Unused Used
PR1-oldman2-unused.png PR1-oldman2-used.png

Unused Music


This piece of music is related to the scrapped Kalakka Desert location. It does not really fit the style of the other tracks in the game.


The original background music for Summerland or an entirely different location. Some bits of the Olive Jungle theme can be heard.


A short tune that would play after the capture stylus breaks. It is used in the sequel.