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Pokémon Rumble Blast

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Title Screen

Pokémon Rumble Blast

Also known as: Super Pokémon Rumble (EU)
Developer: Ambrella
Publishers: The Pokémon Company (JP), Nintendo (INT)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: August 11, 2011[1]
Released in US: October 24, 2011[2]
Released in EU: December 2, 2011[3]
Released in AU: December 8, 2011
Released in KR: December 13, 2012[4]

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

Pokémon Rumble Blast is the sequel to Pokémon Rumble, boasting new features and a proper story mode, as well as taking the incomplete toy Pokédex of the first game to a full five generations... at the cost of also raising the low asking price of the original up to full.

Unused Models

Test Models

To do:
defoliation_particle.bcres.cx, eff.bcres.cx, gateTest.bcres.cx and gateToppa.bcres.cx all need to be accessed.

Inside the testModel folder there are various leftover models from testing.

Test Cubes

PkmnRumbleBlast TestCube.png
Various cubes labelled "cube_0" to "cube_7" exist within the game's files.


PkmnRumbleBlast ExclamationMark.pngPkmnRumbleBlast QuestionMark.png
Exclamation and question mark symbols exist within the test models.



PkmnRumbleBlast StopSign.png
A stop sign.


PkmnRumbleBlast SmellBall.png
A gold sphere.

Duplicate Pokémon Models

PkmnRumbleBlast TestAron.pngPkmnRumbleBlast TestKakuna.pngPkmnRumbleBlast TestShieldon.png
There are three duplicates of Pokémon featured in the final game. KOKODORA_fourleg.bcres.cx is a duplicate of Aron, KOKUUN_bound.bcres.cx is a duplicate of Kakuna and the less descriptively named model.bcres.cx is a duplicate of Shieldon.


PkmnRumbleBlast z0plane.png
A triangular piece of geometry with a blue and yellow checkerboard pattern.

Test Camera

To do:
Showcase in-game.

In a folder named testCamera, leftover camera data from development can be found.