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Pokémon Platinum

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Title Screen

Pokémon Platinum Version

Also known as: Pocket Monsters Platinum (JP), Pocket Monsters Pt: Giratina (KR)
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: September 13, 2008
Released in US: March 22, 2009
Released in EU: May 22, 2009
Released in AU: May 14, 2009
Released in KR: July 2, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of May 20, 2014) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.
To do:
Stuff from the 9/9/2020 Pokémon Platinum source code leak.

Pokémon Platinum is the third version to the 4th generation. It shares a lot of unused content with Diamond and Pearl.


PKMN DPPT C03R0203.png
Unused Maps
There was a gym in Jubilife City?
PKMN DPPT m dun0713 00 00c.png
Unused Map Models
Solaceon Ruins had more rooms?
Regional Differences
Collecting Game Corner coins without the joy of winning them.
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo.svg.png
Inaccessible Content
All the content that died along with Nintendo WFC. Rest in peace.

Unused Graphics

Animation Frames




Alternate unused animation frames for Giratina's Altered and Origin forms, respectively. The game uses different sprites for the different animation frames. The unused sprite for its Origin form was actually shown in a pre-release screenshot.



An alternate unused animation frame for Shaymin in its Land Form; however, different sprites are used for the first and second animation frames.

NPCs and Objects


PKMNDP OWKetsuban.png

The sprite is a placeholder that occupies twelve slots. The red text reads "ketsuban", which translates to "missing number".



A different version of the large NPC's sprite. The unused version looks more stretched-out, making the sprite seem fat.



This sprite set is in the style of FireRed and LeafGreen. The developers actually went for a similar design in early versions of Diamond and Pearl.



Same as above, but this time it depicts a green-haired male NPC.


Unused Used
Pokemon-Platinum-Rotom-Unused.png Pokemon-Platinum-Rotom-Used.png

Early gray versions of the Rotom items can be found in the files for overworld sprites. Their filenames are firebox, skybox, icebox, waterbox and grassbox. It is worth noting that these are actually found after the used sprites.

Debug UI


Pokemon-Platinum-Debug-UI-2.png Pokemon-Platinum-Debug-UI-3.png

Pokemon-Platinum-Debug-UI-4.png Pokemon-Platinum-Debug-UI-5.png Pokemon-Platinum-Debug-UI-6.png

Debug UI graphics stored in \debug\cb_edit\d_test.narc.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Roaming Darkrai

In the game's files, there is data for an unused encounter with a roaming Darkrai at Lvl. 40. It is released on the map if one executes script command 0x21C with its parameter set to 0x2. The existence of this battle suggests that Darkrai was originally planned to be caught in the same fashion as its counterpart Cresselia. This data also exists in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

Unused Music

The entire soundbank from Diamond & Pearl is carried over. As such, every sequence unused in Diamond & Pearl naturally goes unused here too, with a few that were previously used now no longer being so as well. The file "sound_data.sdat" is the same from Diamond & Pearl, and is completely unused.


The opening theme from Diamond & Pearl. The opening ambience is altered mildly in Platinum, though the track is otherwise identical.



Two ominous themes used upon starting a new file in Diamond & Pearl, where a report about a red Gyarados plays on the protagonist's TV. This scenario was changed to a report about Professor Rowan returning from the Kanto region in Platinum, with calmer music playing instead.

Unused Moves

Unused Move Effects

ID Effect
0C Raises user's Speed by 1 stage.
0E Raises user's Special Defense by 1 stage.
0F Raises user's Accuracy by 1 stage.
15 Lowers enemy's Special Attack by 1 stage.
16 Lowers enemy's Special Defense by 1 stage.
37 Raises user's Accuracy by 2 stages.
38 Raises user's Evasion by 2 stages.
3D Lowers opponent's Special Attack by 2 stages.
3F Lowers opponent's Accuracy by 2 stages.
40 Lowers opponent's Evasion by 2 stages.
4A Hits opponent and lowers opponent's Evasion by 1 stages.
60 Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
6E Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
83 Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
85 Hits opponent. Was used for Synthesis in Gen 3.
86 Hits opponent. Was used for Moonlight in Gen 3.
8D Hits opponent. Unused since Gen 2.
9D Hits opponent. Was used for Softboiled in Gen 3.
A3 Hits opponent. Also unused in Gen 3.
108 Similar to Splash; displays the text "But nothing happened!"

Unused Contest Effect

Earn +2 for each
time the same Judge
is chosen.
Each doubled
Judge: +2

Effect 0x03 is a unique unused contest effect that is intended to increase appeal by two extra points every time the same judge is chosen. However, this function is incomplete and doesn't seem to work. It also comes with proper text and in-game descriptions.

Unused Wild Held Item Data

Some Pokémon, when found in the wild, have a chance of holding an item. This held item data also exists for some Pokémon which cannot be caught in the wild in the final game, however, rendering these assignments unused.

# Pokémon Held Items Note
012 Butterfree (5%) Silver Powder
015 Beedrill (5%) Poison Barb
026 Raichu (5%) Oran Berry
036 Clefable (5%) Moon Stone (50%) Leppa Berry
038 Ninetales (50%) Rawst Berry
047 Parasect (5%) Big Mushroom (50%) Tiny Mushroom
053 Persian (5%) Quick Claw
059 Arcanine (100%) Rawst Berry
062 Poliwrath (5%) King's Rock
065 Alakazam (5%) TwistedSpoon
075 Golem (5%) Everstone Stone
078 Rapidash (5%) Shuca Berry
085 Dodrio (5%) Sharp Beak
089 Muk (5%) Nugget
091 Cloyster (5%) Big Pearl (50%) Pearl
105 Marowak (5%) Thick Club
110 Koffing (5%) Smoke Ball
121 Starmie (5%) Star Piece (50%) Stardust
124 Jynx (100%) Aspear Berry
125 Electabuzz (50%) Electirizer Diamond & Platinum 50%, Pearl 5%
126 Magmar (50%) Magmarizer Diamond 5%, Pearl & Platinum 50%
143 Snorlax (100%) Leftovers
149 Dragonite (5%) Dragon Scale
151 Mew (100%) Lum Berry
162 Furret (5%) Sitrus Berry (50%) Oran Berry
186 Politoed (5%) King's Rock
199 Slowking (5%) King's Rock
230 Kingdra (5%) Dragon Scale
232 Donphan (5%) Passho Berry
242 Blissey (5%) Lucky Egg (50%) Oval Stone
250 Ho-oh (100%) Sacred Ash
251 Celebi (100%) Lum Berry
276 Taillow (5%) Charti Berry
284 Masquerain (5%) Silver Powder
286 Breloom (5%) Kebia Berry
293 Whismer (5%) Chesto Berry
295 Exploud (5%) Chesto Berry
295 Hariyama (5%) King's Rock
301 Delcatty (5%) Leppa Berry
305 Lairon (5%) Hard Rock
306 Aggron (5%) Hard Rock
317 Swalot (5%) Big Pearl
326 Grumpig (5%) Tenga Berry
328 Trapinch (5%) Soft Sand
345 Lileep (5%) Big Root
346 Cradily (5%) Big Root
353 Shuppet (5%) Spell Tag
362 Glalie (5%) Babari Berry
366 Clamperl (5%) Big Pearl Available in Diamond & Pearl
367 Huntail (5%) DeepSeaTooth
368 Gorebyss (5%) DeepSeaScale
372 Shelgon (5%) Dragon Fang
373 Salamence (5%) Dragon Fang
374 Beldum (5%) Metal Coat
375 Metang (5%) Metal Coat
376 Metagross (5%) Metal Coat
385 Jirachi (100%) Star Piece
398 Staraptor (5%) Yache Berry
407 Roserade (5%) Poison Barb
413 Wormadam (5%) Silver Powder
414 Mothim (5%) Silver Powder
416 Vespiquen (5%) Poison Barb
421 Cherrim (5%) Miracle Seed
428 Lopunny (5%) Chople Berry
431 Glameow (5%) Cheri Berry Available in Pearl
432 Purugly (5%) Cheri Berry Available in Pearl
433 Stunky (5%) Pecha Berry Available in Diamond
434 Skuntank (5%) Pecha Berry Available in Diamond
445 Garchomp (5%) Haban Berry
461 Weavile (5%) Quick Claw (50%) Grip Claw
462 Magnezone (5%) Metal Coat
463 Lickilicky (5%) Lagging Tail
466 Electivire (50%) Electirizer Diamond & Platinum 50%, Pearl 5%
467 Magmortar (50%) Magmarizer Diamond 5%, Pearl & Platinum 50%
469 Yanmega (5%) Wide Lens
476 Probopass (5%) Hard Stone
477 Dusknoir (5%) Kasib Berry
478 Froslass (5%) Babiri Berry

Unused Pokétch Apps

The "Stopwatch" and "Alarm Clock" apps for the Pokétch are unused, which was also the case in Diamond and Pearl. They are assumed to have been planned for event distribution, but they were never distributed in any event.

(Source: Bulbapedia)



"The Stopwatch is used for measuring time precisely. How quickly can you zip through the Cycling Road?"

Alarm Clock


"The Alarm Clock can be set to sound every 24 hours. Set the alarm time with the lower button. The top button turns it on."

App 00


Probably a placeholder. The text reads アプリ00 (App 00).

App 12


Probably a placeholder. The text reads アプリ12 (App 12).

App 26


Probably a placeholder. The text reads アプリ26 (App 26).



Appears to be an early version of a bottom-screen menu. The buttons do nothing when pressed.



Toggles the bottom screen's backlight.

Unused Goods

ID Sprite Name Description
0x58 PKMN-DPPT-GreatTrophy.png Great Trophy An impressive trophy awarded only to seemingly indefatigable Pokémon.
0x59 PKMN-DPPT-BallOrnament.png Ball Ornament A commemorative object modeled after a Poké Ball.
0x5A PKMN-DPPT-RoundOrnament.png Round Ornament A very valuable round object that glows in seven colors.
0x5B PKMN-DPPT-ClearOrnament.png Clear Ornament A very valuable object that is crystal clear.
0x7A PKMN-DPPT-ManaphyDoll.png MANAPHY Doll A rare Manaphy Doll.
0x7D PKMN-DPPT-MagnezoneDoll.png MAGNEZONE Doll A big Magnezone Doll.

Six unused decorative goods that have not been distributed can be found in the game's files. The Clear and Round ornaments may have been intended to be version exclusives for Diamond and Pearl.

Lost Debug Mode

To do:
Upload and add images.

More than 500 text strings can be found, talking about changing values for unknown debugging features. However, the debug menu code is probably lost.
Some example strings of interest (there are many more):

<file id="337">
<text id="29">
	Boot on scripts
<text id="30">
	Field BGM Tempo
<text id="31">
	Test Script
<text id="32">
<text id="33">
	Debug Scrpt
<text id="34">
	Shaymin \and Marley
<text id="35">
	3 Lakes
<file id="339">
<text id="34">
	Underground debug
<text id="35">
	communication traffic
<text id="36">
	\v0134ぁ\x0000\x0000 bytes are being sent every time.
<file id="340">
<text id="0">
	Advance: months
<text id="1">
	Turn back: months
<text id="2">
	Advance: days
<text id="3">
	Turn back: days
<text id="4">
	Advance: hours
<text id="5">
	Turn back: hours
<text id="6">
	Advance: minutes
<text id="7">
	Turn back: Minutes
<file id="341" change="false">
<text id="0">
	Set Camera
<text id="1">
	Swaying grass
<text id="2">
	Height Check B
<text id="3">
	Height Check G
<text id="4">
<text id="5">
	Change player’s height
<text id="6">
	Camera Info
<text id="7">
	Camera List
<text id="8">
	Zone Camera List
<text id="9">
<text id="10">
<text id="11">
	Travelling Pokémon
<text id="12">
	Pokémon mass outbreak
<text id="13">
<text id="14">
<text id="15">
<text id="16">
<text id="17">
<text id="18">
<text id="19">

Archive Files

Two text files left over by the developers. In the filenames, "tw" refers to "tornworld" (the Distortion World), and "uground" refers to the Underground.

	Archive file index definition.
	File: tw_arc_etc.naix

	This file was created by NINTENDO NITRO-System Archiver.



enum {
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_worldbg_NCGR = 0,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_worldbg_NCLR = 1,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yaby_worldbg0_NSCR = 2,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_01_NCER = 3,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_01_NCGR = 4,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_01_NANR = 5,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_02_NCER = 6,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_02_NCGR = 7,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_02_NANR = 8,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_03_NCER = 9,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_03_NCGR = 10,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_03_NANR = 11,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_04_NCER = 12,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_04_NCGR = 13,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_04_NANR = 14,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_05_NCER = 15,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_05_NCGR = 16,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_05_NANR = 17,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_06_NCER = 18,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_06_NCGR = 19,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_06_NANR = 20,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_07_NCER = 21,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_07_NCGR = 22,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_yabu_cloud_07_NANR = 23,
	NARC_tw_arc_etc_cloud_all_NCLR = 24

	Archive file index definition.
	File: ugroundeffect.naix

	This file was created by NINTENDO NITRO-System Archiver.



enum {
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_cell_resdat = 0,
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_cellanm_resdat = 1,
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_char_resdat = 2,
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_char2_resdat = 3,
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_clact_cldat = 4,
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_pltt_resdat = 5,
	NARC_ugroundeffect_uground_pltt2_resdat = 6

(Source: Original TCRF research)


This wasn't the religious experience I was expecting, honestly.
The unused ???-type Arceus.

The Hall of Origin event from Diamond and Pearl still exists in Platinum. Arceus also still has its ??? form from Diamond and Pearl. Since the only difference visually is a palette swap, nothing needed to be updated for it to work with the new animations.


Arceus also has a Shiny palette for each of its 18 forms. Because the only way to obtain it legitimately was through distributions, the Shiny version of Arceus was left unobtainable through normal means. However, with the unused Hall of Origins event, the player is theoretically able to catch Shiny Arceus. Shiny Arceus was later made available as a distribution via serial code in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with the purchase of tickets to the 18th Pokémon movie, and was finally made available worldwide in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl after update 1.3.0.


The overworld sprites for the so-called "Stat Trainers" are listed as seven1 to seven5. This indicates that two more characters were planned to be added, further supported by the fact that the sprites are followed by two placeholders (ketsuban).