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Pokémon Learning League

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Title Screen

Pokémon Learning League

Developers: 360KID, Entropy Multimedia
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: 2006

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down (as of August 1, 2008). As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.
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Pokémon Learning League was a Flash-animated educational series featuring characters from the Pokémon anime trying to solve their problems with the help of Mission Guides. It taught subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science, and Life Skills, with each lesson divided into three parts: Watch, Try, and Apply.

The site switched to being a paid subscription service on January 1, 2007 and was shut down on August 1, 2008. The Internet Archive has a collection of the animations and lessons.


Off-screen graphics
Lots of offscreen graphics everywhere, and even some that are cut off due to the Flash canvas.

Unused Graphics

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Specifically: There's more unused shapes that are found in Try and Apply lessons.


There are multiple unused shapes featuring a crudely-drawn version of Pocoyo.