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Pokémon Sword and Shield/Unused Pokémon Data

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This is a sub-page of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Unobtainable Shiny Pokémon

To do:
Eternamax Eternatus. Does it have a proper Shiny variant in SwSh? HOME contains a sprite for that. Furthermore, Eternabeam's animation is unique, so theoretically the appendage will change color if Eternatus is Shiny.

For the sake of consistency, every Pokémon in every Pokémon game is given a Shiny variant. Most Shiny Pokémon have been obtainable through random chance encounters or event distributions, including most Legendary Pokémon. However, a few Pokémon cannot be obtained in this form without hacking, and as a consequence, normal players would never be able to see their Shiny coloration.

  • For the first time in series history since the creation of Shiny variants (excluding Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! for obvious reasons), the starter Pokémon you receive at the beginning of the game are completely Shiny-locked. However, those of their species hatched from eggs will still have a chance to be Shiny, as usual.

PokemonSwShShinyGalarArticuno.png PokemonSwShShinyGalarZapdos.png PokemonSwShShinyGalarMoltres.png

  • The Galarian forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres that the player encounters from the Dyna Tree Hill in the Crown Tundra DLC expansion are all Shiny-locked.

PokemonSwordShieldShinyZacianHoMB.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyZacianCS.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyZamazentaHoMB.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyZamazentaCS.png PokemonSwordShieldShinyEternatus.png

  • Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus, which are battled and caught during the story, are all Shiny-locked.

PokemonSwShShinyKubfu.png PokemonSwShShinyUrshifuSingleStrike.png PokemonSwShShinyUrshifuRapidStrike.png PokemonSwShShinyGMAXUrshifuSingleStrike.png PokemonSwShShinyGMAXUrshifuRapidStrike.png

  • The Kubfu received from Mustard in the Isle of Armor DLC expansion is Shiny-locked, leaving its Shiny variant unobtainable. Naturally, its evolved form Urshifu cannot be Shiny either, and consequently the Shiny variants of its Gigantamax forms go unseen as well.

PokemonSwShShinyGlastrier.png PokemonSwShShinySpectrier.png PokemonSwShShinyCalyrex.png PokemonSwShShinyCalyrexIceRider.png PokemonSwShShinyCalyrexShadowRider.png

  • Glastrier, Spectrier, and Calyrex and its Ice Rider and Shadow Rider forms in the Crown Tundra DLC expansion are all Shiny-locked.

PokemonSwShShinyZarude.png PokemonSwShShinyDadaZarude.png

  • Zarude and its Dada form are only available through event distributions, and therefore cannot be Shiny.
(Source: Serebii, Matt)

Unused Dex Entries

Any Pokémon not featured in the game features unique Pokédex descriptions for each version. These cannot be seen in-game as none of these Pokémon are featured in any of the three dexes, but they can be found in Pokémon HOME. Any legendaries, mythicals, or the Hoenn starters introduced in the DLCs do not have proper descriptions.

Pokémon Sword Shield
Mewtwo Created from the DNA of Mew, this Pokémon is a dangerous combination of overwhelming power and a savage heart. The research efforts of a certain scientist ultimately resulted in this Pokémon. Its powers are dedicated to battling.
Mew It’s very intelligent and can use an incredible variety of moves. Many believe that all other Pokémon are descendants of this one. This mythical Pokémon is said to be extinct, but sightings of it are still being reported to this day.
Celebi This Pokémon has the ability to move through time. Records describing it as a forest deity can be found from many different eras. This Pokémon traveled through time to come from the future. It bolsters grass and trees with its own strength, and it can heal wounds, too.
Jirachi Once every 1,000 years, the singing of a pure voice will rouse this Pokémon from its near- perpetual slumber. It wakes for only seven days. It’s believed that when this Pokémon wakes from its 1,000-year slumber, it will grant any wishes written on the notes attached to its head.
Reshiram Flames spew from its tail as it flies through the sky like a jet airplane. It’s said that this Pokémon will scorch the world. According to myth, if people ignore truth and let themselves become consumed by greed, Reshiram will arrive to burn their kingdoms down.
Zekrom When the interior part of its tail spins like a motor, Zekrom can generate many bolts of lightning to blast its surroundings. Mythology tells us that if people lose the righteousness in their hearts, their kingdoms will be razed by Zekrom’s lightning.
Kyurem Dwelling within it is a power even greater than that of Reshiram or Zekrom, but the extreme cold keeps that power bound. It appears that this Pokémon uses its powers over ice to freeze its own body in order to stabilize its cellular structure.
White Kyurem The sameness of Reshiram’s and Kyurem’s genes allowed Kyurem to absorb Reshiram. Kyurem can now use the power of both fire and ice. It has foreseen that a world of truth will arrive for people and Pokémon. It strives to protect that future.
Black Kyurem It’s said that this Pokémon battles in order to protect the ideal world that will exist in the future for people and Pokémon. The sameness of Zekrom’s and Kyurem’s genes allowed Kyurem to absorb Zekrom. Kyurem can now use the power of both electricity and ice.
Keldeo Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion taught this Pokémon how to fight. It dashes across the world, seeking more opportunities to further its training. They say that Keldeo must survive harsh battles and fully develop the horn on its forehead before this Pokémon’s true power will awaken.
Resolute Keldeo Keldeo has strengthened its resolve for battle, filling its body with power and changing its form. The power that lay hidden in its body now covers its horn, turning it into a sword that can slice through anything.
Rowlet At a distance, it launches its sharp feathers while flying about. If the enemy gets too close, Rowlet switches tactics and delivers vicious kicks. During the day, it builds up energy via photosynthesis. At night, it flies silently through the sky, on the prowl for prey.
Dartrix It throws one knifelike feather after another at its enemies, and each one precisely strikes a weak point. These feathers are known as blade quills. It never slacks when it comes to the task of cleaning its feathers. Thorough preening keeps it looking spiffy and its blade quills nice and sharp.
Decidueye As if wielding a bow, it launches the arrow quills hidden among the feathers of its wings. Decidueye’s shots never miss. In a tenth of a second, it can nock and fire an arrow quill, piercing an opponent’s weak point before they notice what’s happening.
Litten It spends even the smallest amount of downtime grooming its fur with its tongue. Loose fur gathers in its stomach and serves as fuel for fiery moves. Trying to pet Litten before it trusts you will result in a nasty scratch from its sharp claws. Be careful.
Torracat In the midst of battle, the fire pouch on Torracat’s neck rings like a bell and produces stronger flames than usual. When facing a powerful enemy, Torracat’s fighting spirit gets pumped up, and its fire bell blazes hotter.
Incineroar It excels at violent, no-holds-barred battles. The temperature of the flames that issue from its navel exceeds 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Incineroar’s rough and aggressive behavior is its most notable trait, but the way it helps out small Pokémon shows that it has a kind side as well.
Popplio It creates special bouncy balloons to send at its opponents. When the balloons pop, the sheer force of their bursting is what deals damage. If Popplio want to create big, powerful balloons, they must be persistent. It takes daily practice for these Pokémon to develop their skills.
Brionne As if dancing, it artfully dodges the attacks of its enemies. All the while, it’s busy forming a bunch of balloons to overwhelm its foes. On nights when the sea is calm, Brionne dance with one another to the singing of the Primarina that’s leading them.
Primarina With its mouth, it makes sonic waves that sound like beautiful singing. It uses the sonic waves to control its water balloons. For Primarina, every battle’s a stage. Its singing and the dancing of its balloons will mesmerize the audience.
Cosmog This Pokémon came from another universe. Its gaseous body is so light that even a gentle breeze can blow it away. Cosmog is very curious but not very cautious, often placing itself in danger. If things start to look dicey, it teleports away.
Cosmoem The absorption of starlight fuels this Pokémon’s growth. The shell that encases it is harder than any known material. It sucks in dust from the air at an astounding rate, frantically building up energy within its core as preparation for evolution.
Solgaleo When light radiates from its body, this Pokémon could almost appear to be the sun. It will dispel any darkness and light up the world. Solgaleo was once known as the Beast That Devours the Sun. Energy in the form of light radiates boundlessly from it.
Lunala Known as the Beast That Calls the Moon, this Pokémon lives by taking in any and all light and converting it into its own energy. It steals the light from its surroundings and then becomes the full moon, showering its own light across the night sky.
Necrozma It survives by absorbing light. After a long time spent slumbering underground, impurities accumulated within it, causing its body to darken. It needs light to survive, and it goes on a rampage seeking it out. Its laser beams will cut anything to pieces.
Dusk Mane Necrozma When it dominates Solgaleo, it takes on this form. It’s a vicious Pokémon, mangling prey with its many claws—including those on its back. Necrozma has attached itself to Solgaleo. It siphons away its host’s limitless energy, exploiting that energy to fuel a rampage.
Dawn Wings Necrozma Necrozma has subjugated Lunala entirely, forcing the unfortunate Pokémon to emit its light energy for Necrozma to consume. When Necrozma latches on to Lunala, it becomes vicious, seeing enemies everywhere it looks. It will burn the world with lasers.
Marshadow By slipping into the shadow of a martial arts master and copying their movements, this Pokémon learned the ultimate techniques. This Pokémon can conceal itself in any shadow, so it went undiscovered for a long time.
Zeraora It runs as fast as lightning strikes, shredding its opponents with its high-voltage claws. Electricity sparks from the pads on its limbs. Wherever Zeraora runs, lightning flashes and thunder echoes.
Meltan It dissolves and eats metal. Circulating liquid metal within its body is how it generates energy. They live as a group, but when the time comes, one strong Meltan will absorb all the others and evolve.
Melmetal At the end of its life-span, Melmetal will rust and fall apart. The small shards left behind will eventually be reborn as Meltan. Centrifugal force is behind the punches of Melmetal’s heavy hex-nut arms. Melmetal is said to deliver the strongest punches of all Pokémon.
Gigantamax Melmetal In a distant land, there are legends about a cyclopean giant. In fact, the giant was a Melmetal that was flooded with Gigantamax energy. It can send electric beams streaking out from the hole in its belly. The beams' tremendous energy can vaporize an opponent in one shot.

Unused Max Raid Statistics

To do:
Document the statistics. As a start, Jirachi and Celebi have unique stats if encountered this way.

For the sake of consistency, every Pokémon in the game that can Dynamax has stats and rewards for being encountered in a Max Raid Battle. While some yield blank results, which indicates they probably weren't meant for Max Raids, quite a handful have statistics that are currently unseen without hacking. It's possible that these Pokémon might be released in special promotional raids in the future.