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Burnout Paradise: Remastered

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Title Screen

Burnout Paradise: Remastered

Developers: Criterion Games, d3t Ltd., Stellar Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: March 18, 2018 (PS4, Xbox One), August 21, 2018 (Windows), June 19, 2020 (Nintendo Switch)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

To do:
  • Text strings leftover from previous versions would be nice...
  • Executable text can be found, just like in the non-Remastered version.
  • The Switch version is also worth documenting.

Burnout Paradise: Remastered takes you down to the Paradise City once again 10 years after the original release. Now with every single DLC included (alongside the ones the original Windows version lacked), PC players could finally experience a complete version of the game they got on consoles all those years ago.

It's also notable for being the only game in the 8th generation to use the RenderWare engine in the many years it was discarded for other - more powerful engines.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Text Display Test

There's quite a bit of unused text in the release build, presumably from the devs trying out their text display system, starting at 0xA0645D. If some of it sounds familiar, it's probably because a number of these lines were in the original game as well. Lines appear to be separated by a null value; line breaks have been added for readability:

Director people
Fiona and alex
A load of badgers
badger.badger.badger badger badger.badger.badger.badger.badger
Word wrap test
word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing
Coolest person
Steve but not as much as Chris
Tall people
Scott and Andy
Some other people
A load of badgers
badger.badger.badger badger badger.badger.badger.badger.badger
Short person

These messages are repeated four times in the executable.

Unused/Leftover Audio

There are a fair number of unused audio that were also in the original game, but they're still here.


A blank SNS file with complete silence.

Race Start Music

Early version of the track that plays before a race starts.

Burning Home Run


Lifetime - Haircuts and T-Shirts is once again present in the sound files as LIFETIME.SNS.

The tracks Finger on the Trigger - Never Heard Of It and Everyone Has Their Secrets - Showing Off to Thieves were removed from the soundtrack, though the credits and their files (NEVER_HEARD_OF_IT.SNS and SHOWING_OFF_TO_THEIVES.SNS) can still be found.



In the original versions of Burnout Paradise, the unlockable Nakamura FV1100-T1 and Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition motorcycles arrived wrecked like normal cars. Since Auto Repairs don't work for motorcycles, this had the side effect of making their paint jobs and finishes (and for the former, the rider's gender) uncustomizable, but the game was later patched to put them in a repaired state, which enabled the customization function for them. However, in Remastered, the bikes arrive wrecked again, and this time that oversight wasn't fixed on consoles, though it was properly addressed on the PC release.

According to the VEHICLELIST.BUNDLE, a massive bunch of cars have Carson as their manufacturer. This is true for the traffic cars and vehicles which were released after the Burnout Bikes' addition, and has remained as such in Remastered.

Work-in-Progress Vehicles


The VEHICLELIST.BUNDLE also lists two unused finishes for both the Hunter Annihilator Street Rod (which is internally called the Extreme Annihilator) and Montgomery Hawker Mech (named as belonging to Hunter instead of Montgomery), plus an Aston Martin... oddly. These items are flagged as being work-in-progress, and their default colors indicate them as being pearlescent black, pearlescent black, and gloss red respectively. The Aston Martin car lacks files for it however, and is set not to appear in any of the vehicle categories.

The Montgomery Hawker Mech has two fully functional finishes that can't be chosen in the junkyard.

Leftover Sponsor Vehicles

To do:
This video suggests some of these cars are still usable.

Despite these cars not having any files leftover in this remaster (as the sponsorship agreements had expired long ago), their icons (excluding the Chrome Car which lacks one entirely) can still be found in the resources.

Name Junkyard Icon & Notes
PlayStation Hawker BPR PlayStation Hawker Junkyardicon.png

This sponsor variant, which never got released, could be found in the PlayStation 3 release of the original game. It would most likely have been exclusive to that platform, had it been released.

Circuit City Hot Rod BPR Circuit City Hot Rod Junkyardicon.png
GameStop Sport BPR GameStop Sport Junkyardicon.png
MicroMania Custom BPR MicroMania Custom Junkyardicon.png
Ikusa GT B'z BPR Ikusa GT B'z Junkyardicon.png

Its speed is somewhat superior to the original Ikusa GT's.

BestBuy Oval Champ BPR BestBuy Oval Champ Junkyardicon.png
Target Überschall 8 BPR Target Ubershall Junkyardicon.png

Like the PlayStation Hawker, this sponsor car was never released nor could it be obtained normally as the retailing company Target only started selling Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games around mid-2010, two years after the original game was published.

Tilly's Reliable BPR Tilly's Reliable Junkyardicon.png

Much like the Target Überschall, the clothing company Tilly's did not sell copies of Burnout Paradise in their stores. Why exactly it was cut is unknown.

"Steel Wheels" GT BPR Steel Wheels GT Junkyardicon.png

Unlike the other GT Concept variants, this car has aggression boost and doesn't steer nor accelerate as well as them.

Walmart WTR BPR Walmart WTR Junkyardicon.png
Yodobashi Custom BPR Yodobashi Custom Junkyardicon.png

Again, the reasons to Yodobashi being dropped as a sponsor are unknown. Of note is that the music group B'z already sponsored the Japanese version, even though Yodobashi also sells video games and could have promoted Burnout Paradise.