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Cave Story

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Title Screen

Cave Story

Also known as: Doukutsu Monogatari (JP)
Developer: Studio Pixel
Publishers: Studio Pixel (Windows), Nicalis (WiiWare, Cave Story+)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, WiiWare, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: November 22, 2011 (Windows, Mac OS X), December 13, 2011 (Linux)
Released in JP: December 20, 2004 (Windows)
Released in US: March 22, 2010 (WiiWare)
Released in EU: December 10, 2010 (WiiWare)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Cactus Story
This page focuses primarily on the original Windows release, not the Nicalis-produced versions.
You can find info on the Wii and Nintendo Switch ports in the Subpages.
Additionally, this page focuses on the (half-official) English translation of the game.

Cave Story is an indie game released for free from Japan, with program, art, music, character design, and everything all coming from a single man in his spare time. It was later picked up by publisher Nicalis which made several ports of the game for WiiWare, Mac App Store, DSiWare, Steam and 3DS (one retail version and one eShop version based on the DSiWare port).

The Nicalis ports were criticized by fans of the original freeware release for being extremely rushed, if not butchered in some aspects, and not adding a whole lot to the game. The few noteworthy things that Nicalis did to their ports was update the game with new graphics, music (only for CS+, 3DS and WiiWare version, the other ports kept the original Org music), and a brand new translation and mods that were taken from the Cave Story Tribute Forums (although the controversy has been since then cleared up).

This page primarily covers the original Windows release.

To do:


Windows vs. Wii
Despite not being much more than a copy-pasted port, there are some differences.
Wii versions
The initial Wii release was so rushed, they made a second version to fix some of the problems of the original. They later updated the North American version with these changes.
Nintendo Switch version
Even though it has some little tweaks, this version is the most superior.

Unused Enemies

0A Balrog (Shooting)

Balrog, a recurring miniboss throughout the game, has several objects for when he's doing different things, including one for dropping in from the ceiling, one for bursting in through the wall, one for standard cutscene animations, one for every boss battle, and even a major boss for when he transforms into a giant frog.

This object in particular is one of the miniboss battle versions of him which was never used. It consists of a very simple pattern of shooting three of his energy bubble projectiles, jumping to the opposite side of the room in one giant leap, shooting three more, jumping all the way back, and repeating.

Various forms of Balrog can be seen in the prototype art and screenshots, so this AI is left over from a much earlier version of him as seen here.

BD CaveStory-homingflame.gif Homing Flame

A few seconds after entering a room with this object, it slowly moves toward and swerves around the player, occasionally hitting them. Sprites for this are found in both NpcSym.pbm and NpcAlmond.pbm, suggesting it was originally going to be used in the Core fight.

Objects re-purposed from the beta

Pixel re-purposed a fair bit of objects from the beta of Cave Story (pre-restart). Here's a list of them in order (hypothetical, but these seem to match up with what we know about the beta):

  • 009, 010, 011, 012, 019, 036, 068, 169 - All of these are objects for Balrog, who was re-purposed from the beta, being a common character.
  • 026 - Black bat that goes in circles
  • 033 - Balrog projectile
  • 051 - Crow holding a Skull Head
  • 065 - Blue bat
  • 084 - Basu's projectiles
  • 108 - Balfrog projectile (this was likely re-purposed from a beta enemy, as far as I know, Balfrog wasn't in the beta)
  • 148 - Critter projectile
  • 156 - Gaudi projectile
  • 174 - Armoured Gaudi projectile
  • 178 - Core projectile (spinning) (The core was re-purposed from the beta)
  • 179 - Core projectile (wisp)
  • 187 - Fuzz core
  • 188 - Fuzz baby
  • 202 - Zombie Dragon projectile (Likely re-purposed from an old enemy)
  • 206 - Counter Bomb from Egg Corridor(?)
  • 209 - Basu's projectiles from Egg Corridor(?) (Deal more damage)
  • 232 - Orangebell
  • 233 - Orangebell's smaller bats
  • 242 - Red bat
  • 248 - Misery vanishing in her boss (Misery is based off of another beta character, although the actual boss was changed, this seemed to stay the same..)

Hidden Objects

These are difficult to find even with a map editor because Pixel's work style is to make an object for every single event, including ones that don't need a new object to function.

There are many many objects scattered throughout all of the maps, and you can't even depend on the object type to determine if it is used or not because an event might change them into something else to make them "appear".

Pixel also probably couldn't fully delete objects from his maps as he was making them, so instead he simply reused them as something else, set them to have an event and type value of 0, or pushed them into a wall where they would not be noticed.

This section is for looking at the latter of those. The objects which are set to all 0 are not worth listing.

First Cave

Unused wall spikes revealed.

This screen contains some spikes surrounding the lion head doorway near the bottom. When pushed out of the wall in the direction they're set to face, you see them on either side above the lion's head, providing some interesting atmosphere and a slight jumping challenge to cross the gap there.

It also seems that, since the map "Pole" (the Hermit Gunsmith's abode, where you get the polar star) is so late in the map list, and there is a deleted NPC above the doorway, originally there was simply a chest there which contained your first weapon, probably the Snake. As the Snake cannot break the tiles blocking the exit, there is also another deleted NPC on top of the uppermost of the three blocks, which was probably used as either a vertical script trigger or something similar to the laser system seen in egg corridor, which would block you from exiting without a weapon despite the breakable blocks not being there. The Snake was probably replaced by the Polar Star there later, but the Pole map still was not necessary until the Spur came into existence, so this chest probably lasted a long while.

A nearby mostly-deleted and probably related NPC pushed into the wall on top of the spikes carries the unused event number 220. This was likely a talking NPC of some kind (and less likely a second chest) which would have been situated on the far ledge, as 1xx events are used for doors, 3xx events are used for items like the beast fang, 4xx events are used for life capsules, events 200 and 201 actually already exist in the script for the original chest (containing only <END), and the 2xx range of events seems to be used for those general purposes.

Unused Items

05 CaveStory 05.png Beast Fang

A sharp fang found at the
Yamashita Farm. Is its owner still
Location of the Beast Fang in Yamashita Farm.

Found in the Yamashita Farm, as the description states. It is one tile below the ground where the Life Capsule now rests, suggesting that is where it was originally placed. The text that should appear when you collect it is:

You see something gleaming...
Got the =Beast Fang=.

Pixel has confirmed that the fang is from the Red Ogre in the Last Cave,
Oh.. I forgot.. but it's right..
— Pixel's BBS

and from what this shoddily Google Translated webpage says, it was supposed to act as foreshadowing. Another idea tossed around was for it to be used in Jenka's soup.

06 CaveStory 06.png Life Capsule

A life capsule.

This is used for the small image in the dialogue box when you collect one, but never available in the inventory.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Take a closer look at the images. There seem to be a few duplicate NPC sprites, for instance.




Various statues (or maybe gravestones) that could've been used in the Graveyard. This was revamped for the rereleases.

NpcEggs1 (Egg Corridor)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
It's bad luck.
Some kind of owl. The eyes are mistakenly transparent in-game, as they have the color #000000. No
A white puff. Bears resemblance to the Counter/Time Bomb in the destroyed Egg Corridor. Yes
Let the hate flow through you.
An "enrage" mechanic for the beetles, like what exists for the Behemoth. Yes


It's not as bad as blood.

Red looking water in front of an X pattern. Marked as a regular water tile in the tileset attributes.

This was revamped for the rereleases.

NpcWeed (Grasstown/Bushlands)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
Cat & Frog Inc.'s dojo department?
A frog wielding a sword, similar to a used enemy that appears in the Mimiga Graveyard. Appears in the art for OrgView, versions 9 and 12 (OrgV09/OrgV12.exe), two of the music players released by Pixel during Cave Story's development. No
Considerably less dangerous than the alternative.
White-colored bullets, as opposed to red, for the Mannans. Yes


This way down

The top tile is marked as solid in the map attributes, while the arrow is a downwards air current.

The arrow was revamped for the rereleases.

NpcSand (Sand Zone)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
I'm in heaven...
It's a puppy... with wings... Yes
Dropped the chainsaw life for a less stressful existance.
A Polish with spikes instead of blades. The Sun Stones use a similar graphic. Yes
it's not the skeleton you're thinking of
A Skullhead or Skullstep with blue, half-open eyes, with no sprites for an open mouth. Yes (poorly)
These birds don't fly horizontally in the final game, which is good, considering how scary they would be if they did. Yes

NpcMaze (Labyrinth)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
How annoying. Good thing they're not made of metal.
Gaudi, the main enemy of the Labyrinth, flying horizontally and crouching. The flying sprites were revamped and used in the Wind Fortress challenge in Cave Story+, and probably would've been used in the original game had the Wind Fortress not been cut. Yes


Don't get lost in the stream.

These arrows are used in the map, but are replaced by the flowing river currents in-game, so they are not seen. These were revamped, oddly enough, in the rereleases.

I am Ironhead. You?

This tile blocks the player in the Ironhead boss fight, but they are offscreen.

PrtOside (Outer Wall/Side)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
This holey block is marked as shootable in the tileset attributes, but shootable blocks are replaced with the star block tile in NpcSym in-game. Notably, the tileset attributes (Oside.pxa) were last modified on December 16, 2001, six months before development reset. Yes
Here lies ???. He/She/They did something.
A statue of a Mimiga. Yes

NpcCent (Plantation)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
Leaps and hops
Someone from the Droll family. He only has sprites for standing still and jumping, so that might have been how he attacked. No
Totem poles, with a destroyed variant. Found in PrtCent. Yes

NpcMiza (Misery and Sue bosses)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
It's all... green...
Curiously among these sprites is a greenish, early Quote. Yes
Even more curious are these early human Sue sprites. Maybe she was to turn back to normal after defeating her? No
Are you ready? Get as many as you can!
A projectile, probably to be used in the boss fight. Yes
Now you're really in for it.
Misery standing up before flying. Only a left facing version of this exists in the file. Yes
You're still in for it, don't worry.
Sucks to be you, because she's really good at replenishing everything you have.
Misery in misery. Right facing version does not exist. Yes
Misery and Sue charging up generic energy attacks (or a Hadoken/Kamehameha). They only look left while doing this (because the right doesn't exist?). Also note that Sue's eyes are orange, instead of red. Yes

PrtHell (Sacred Grounds)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
Do I have to ignore someone again??
Similar to the marked block in the Labyrinth, where Professor Booster falls. Yes
I'm on a highway to hell
It's hard to tell, but it might be spikes or flowers. The remastered graphics show the red bits as tentacles. Yes

NpcSym (symbol characters)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
CaveStory-snakefirerefill.gif ...Powerups, perhaps? Or ammo refills for the Snake and Fireball, for when they still had limited ammo. Yes
A good way to get someone's attention...?
Too much blinking...
Unused sprites for either an animated sign, or two signs. The black on the sign shows as transparent in-game. Yes
It's blue, which means it's twice as dangerous! Identical to the regular fire, except in color. Yes
A big key for a big door.
Looks like Santa's key, but bigger. The warehouse key...? Yes

NpcGuest (Guest appearances from beta version)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
Does this work on Toroko?
Either a Mimiga medic or soldier. Yes
Looking at a rocket?
The plantation workers looking up... but they never do this in the game. Yes
He's seen some things...
A strange alligator sprite from within the game. Some early screenshots show the game with reptile-like enemies. Yes
*munch munch* A Mimiga sitting down, eating, while watching a TV or computer. This sprite was later used on Cave Story 3D's boot screen. Yes
Still as cowardly.
Itoh, wearing what looks like a blue sweater vest. Yes
Let's gather round the campfire and sing our A campfire. Yes
The man listed as BA2 in the credits. The sprite that isn't giving you a thumbs-up/is pointing to you is used. In the revamped version, it's more clear that he's just holding his cigarette instead. Yes


Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
It's Curly Brace, except she's red. Yes


Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
A slightly green King, along with some swords, in Bullet.pbm. A scrapped weapon, perhaps? Yes
hash slinging
Green hashy things. Yes

Caret (Cullet)

Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
Blood drops. Used in the beta for organic enemies' deaths. Yes
Used in the beta as an on-hit effect. Yes
A large dissipation effect. Yes
Where's the 'JUMP' key?!
You're never told at any point during the game to jump. Quick time event or tutorial? No


Image Notes Revamped for rereleases?
dukutsu you too
Appears under the actual title logo in the spritesheet. A tagline, perhaps? Still pretty weird, though... No
The first is 'Doukutsu' in kanji, followed by hiragana of 'Monogatari', and the second is hiragana of 'Doukutsu' followed by kanji of 'Monogatari'. No

Human Sue portrait

Disappointed with these results?

Present among the portrait images (the pictures that show who's talking) is a picture of Sue as a human. This is never used, as the only time Sue is seen as a human is during the credits, in a small animation.

I'd be for sure disappointed with this one.

It was later (sloppily) edited into a portrait of Quote for Curly Mode in the WiiWare port, which is why he looks so off-model and effeminate. This was improved in the European version and later updated in the North American version.

Other Graphics


A cursor that looks like Ikachan, which can be found by editing the main executable with a resource hacker. It has been totally dummied out of the executable, with no reference to its filename present.

Gain points for killing!

This text, found next to the "Lv" graphic, seems to have belonged somewhere on the HUD. It either showed the experience points or some score. This was actually revamped better than the Lv icon for the rereleases!


These represent the shootable block star tiles in-game. In order, they are: PrtCave, PrtWeed, PrtSand, two duplicates in PrtStore (Gaudi shop and Plantation jail), PrtMaze, PrtCent, PrtWhite, and PrtHell. These were not revamped.

According to leftover debug symbols in the Linux port, 'SN' is short for 'Snack'.


Sprites of Quote either with a Booster or backpack on, legs slanted in the air, and him sitting. Two are duplicates. In the rereleases (both the new and original graphics), the bottom two were edited to have the Mimiga mask on.

It's hard to see, but that's actually blue.

Much better.

A circle fade effect. Used in the beta, before it was changed to a diamond shape. It's an inverted version of Ikachan's fade.

Unused Text

The scripts in Cave Story are very easily decoded as plain text, so we can see all of the text that falls outside of specific dialogue box events and such. Things in this section may have been intended as dialog or cutscenes, or may just be leftover comments.


Item names and descriptions.

<PRI<EVE7002<MPJ7002<MSGNo data for this floor.<NOD<CLR<END

Present between the description of Arthur's key and Santa's key. The "<MPJ" command, which doesn't appear in any event except this one, jumps to an event if the map's "map flag" has been set with the similarly unused "<MP+" command. Pixel probably had something like map stations, from Metroid, planned in mind, but decided not to follow through with it. Or, he simply didn't want the player to use the map in some areas.

This event is run when using the Map System in the inventory, and it immediately jumps to event 7002, which just shows the map, leaving the <MPJ command unused, and the "No data for this floor." text to never appear.

<MSG<TURJenka's pet dog.<WAI9999<END

The name and description for Jenka's puppies, however, whenever acquiring a puppy, a flag is set that gives the puppy a unique name and description.


Global events such as health refills, death, and drowning.

XX: head.tsc   4000 - 4099

This appears at the bottom. The only part that's significant to the game is "4000:Almond", where Almond is the name of the Core boss battle room, and 4000 is the flag that's set upon its defeat. This sets up an alternate script jump for drowning, so that when you drown in Almond with flag 4000 set, instead of the usual death script, it runs event 1100 and gives you the air tank. The two kanji mean, appropriately, "drowning".


The Egg Corridor.

<PRI<MSG<FAC0013What...?<NOD<CLRWhere am I...?<NOD
What did I...?<NOD<CLRWho are you?<NOD<END

This event (numbered 505, but rendered inactive; the first character should be "#" instead of "-") occurs between the events for the boss battle with Igor at the end of Egg Corridor. It shows that, originally, Igor survived to say those lines if talked to after the battle, and had a large profile face for the dialog, numbered 13 (which was later replaced by Jenka's face). Oddly, there are no commands in this event which would play a 'getting up' animation (implying that he would simply change back to normal immediately) and the script freezes the entire game state while it's running so nothing can move or animate anyway.

Unfortunately for Igor, he is no longer interactable after combat and instead falls to his knees before flopping to the floor and laying there.


First room of the Labyrinth.

The following text can be found at the bottom of the script file:

37: MazeI      0640 - 0659


0640:First arrival
0641:Gate opening
0642:Life capsule


Yamashita Farm.

<PRI<MSGWant to save?<YNJ0000<SVP<CLRGame saved.<NOD<END
<PRI<LI+1000<SOU0020<AE+<MSGEnergy replenished.<NOD<END

It's a room-specific save and healing prompt, before they were added to Head.tsc. Seems to be a pretty old holdover from the beta.

The save script differs from the one in Head, as it doesn't set the flag that confirms the player has saved at least once. Also, the AGTP translation has this as "Want to save?" while the regular save prompt is "Do you want to save?". However, the Japanese is exactly the same in both cases (セーブしますか?) so, probably just a stylistic choice in translation.


Jenka's house, before being raided by Balrog.

Each puppy says something different after you return him/her, and they're all aligned next to Jenka. The joke was that the first puppy would bark once "Arf!", the second would bark twice "Arf arf!", the third three times "Arf arf arf!", the fourth would perform a combo breaker and say "Booop.", and finally, the fifth would say "Five!".

However, when you enter the door to Jenka's house with the fifth puppy on your head, the game takes you to "Jenka2" to show Balrog stealing the key. From there on, "Jenka2" is the map you're taken to. As such, the fifth puppy never gets in line (said line being in "Jenka1") and the last part of the joke is lost.


The Camp in the Labyrinth where Curly is.

The mysterious robot,
Monster X...
Your chance to attack
is when its hatch opens.

Someone should have told you when to attack the Labyrinth's mid-boss, but this text is never used.


Labyrinth B, the room where Prof. Booster appears.

When Prof. Booster appears, and you talk to him, there's an alternate script where when you try to talk to him with the Tow Rope, he will say "Ooh..." instead of his usual dialogue.


You can only get the Tow Rope in the core room after you defeat the Core, but by then, you can't backtrack farther than the Dark Place, and by the time you're able to get back to Labyrinth B, Prof. Booster has already left, making this event impossible.


The Core's room in the Labyrinth.

Once the core is destroyed, the doors to the main room close and the first terminal reads "ERROR" when you try to inspect it. The underwater terminal is programmed to do the same, but the problem is that when the core is defeated, the elevator that leads to the underwater terminal is blocking you, so you can never read its "ERROR" message.


The Balcony, when it's crumbling.

In the regular Balcony, when it's not crumbling, if the player gets too close to the left edge, the message

Any further and you're
going to fall!

appears. The script for this message is also present when the island is crumbling, but doesn't play since you need to jump off the edge.


The Plantation.

<PRI<FLJ1030:0151<MSGIt's still too early to come

This message appears if you try to enter the door to the Final Cave before the rocket is ready. There is actually a 'cheat' way to get up there without the rocket - you get a few of those dragonflies in the top left corner or down there around the pool at the bottom. They will follow you to the presses. Get yourself damaged by them, then quickly boost through a few presses. You won't take 127 damage due to the invincibility. Keep doing this to get to the top. You can save there, but it will display the message so you can't get through the door.

<PRI<CMU0000<MSGYou're one of those killer robots!<NOD<FAO0004<MYD0002<CLR
Oh, you got me...<NOD<TRA0057:0094:0011:0014

This strange script is used for when you talk to mimigas without the mimiga mask. However, some of this script is unused because an <END command precedes it.

This may have been an alternate script for the guard grabbing you when you try to use the teleporter, and taking you to the cell where Sue was. It mutes the music, shows this text, fades the screen to black, and takes the player to the cell.

The "Oh, you got me..." line is a strange alternate version of "You were caught...".


Momorin Sakamoto's hideout.

<MSG<FAC0022What I need right now
is a Booster.<NOD
Now, who would have one
of those...<NOD<END

Sue's mother needs a booster to complete the rocket, and she says this if you don't have one with you. However, by this point you either have the Booster V0.8 or V2.0 mandatorily.


The King's Table, where you battle against the Doctor.

<MSGOh hey,<NOD you're that...<NOD<END

When you talk to Santa, the Mimiga to the right of the Doctor, the game checks if the battle has ended. If so, it runs event #0222, where he reminds you who he is. If the battle is taking place, it runs event #0221, where he says "Look out! Behind you!". If neither of those is true, it shows that text. One problem though. The battle starts when you get close to the Doctor, and you can't talk to Santa without getting through the Doctor. In other words, you can't talk to Santa before the battle, so this text is never used.


The second Sacred Ground level.

There's a script that hides the HUD and displays the message

There's no going back...

It is currently unknown how this is triggered.

Demo Finishers

During development, Pixel released some prototype versions where the storyline would only go to a certain point, after which a message would be displayed noting that the rest of the story will be added later.


Labyrinth B, the room where Prof. Booster appears.

If the player tried to leave through the door in Labyrinth B, the following message would appear:

Thank you. This is as far as it
goes for now.
  2003/09/27 Studio Pixel

This message doesn't appear because the script that takes the player to the Boulder Chamber runs before the message's script.


Outer Wall.

If the player tried to enter the door that leads to the Storehouse where Itoh is, the message

That's all...
would appear. As with the previous message, the script that transports the player plays before the message's script.
Location of the unused NPC

Also in the Outer Wall, there is an NPC inside the wall, to the left and below the door that leads to the Storehouse, with almost no info, and named "Debug cat". Its sprite is used in the credits, as the first person credited in the special thanks section. This NPC triggers the following message:

Thanks for helping with the
This is as far as the game goes
for now.
I'm thinking I'll make this next
stage the last one.
Wonder how far I can get in
just two months...


Balcony, first arrival.

There is a Cthulhu burrowed underground, a bit to the left of the entrance to the Throne Room. When spoken to, the game hides the HUD and displays the message

Nice job.

It then fades out, displays the message


and rolls the credits.


Balcony, when it's crumbling.

The same Cthulhu as above, when spoken to, hides the HUD, plays the credits song, writes

Thank you for testing!
The next part is still
under construction...

and restores the song that was playing before.

Unused Scripts

To do:
There's more.

Shootable Block Tutorial


This script in the First Cave, when activated, will create two shootable blocks outside of the Hermit Gunsmith's entrance and make you look at them. The blocks block the way out, forcing you to shoot them. Pixel probably decided that this was too handholdy (and random!), especially when you still have to shoot the blocks earlier in the level to get past them (although these may have been added later).

Waterway to Reservoir

Something's coming!!<NOD<MYD0000<TRA0031:0092:0030:0008


The trigger for the Ironhead boss fight, in Waterway. Normally when you go past the trigger, it transports you to the Main Artery. When the script is activated a second time, it jumps to event 0111, which takes you to the top of Reservoir (falling down into the water), suggesting that you would originally be able to go back into the Waterway, for whatever reason.

Main Artery to Core


Takes you to the Core with an upwards fade, and spawns you in midair next to the computer on the left.

A leftover from the beta version?

Unused Map



There is only one unused map in the game, and it has neither an entity or script file to go with it. The date modified on the .pxm (PiXel Map) file is August 7, 2002, a mere two months after the development reset, meaning Pixel scrapped this one pretty early on. Judging from the name, it had something to do with cooking.

Unused Menus

Two menus can be seen with a resource hacker that aren't used. "Debug Save" and "Mute". These can be re-enabled in-game.


Creating a blank file named "mute" (no extension) in the same folder as the executable will re-enable the Mute menu. Selecting it will give you this:

CaveStory Mute menu.png

The tick-boxes will disable certain sound channels, but not those used by drums or sound effects.

Debug Save

Debug Save cannot be enabled with a file, as there's no such check in the game's code. Debug Save can be restored, however, with modifications to the game's executable. Using a hex-editor, change the two bytes at 0x12D4D to EB0F. Doing so will reveal this menu:

CaveStory Debug Save menu.png

After inputting a filename, a file much like Profile.dat will be created.

Debug Functions

Like above, creating a blank file named "fps" (no extension) in the same folder as the executable will enable an fps counter at the top-right of your Cave Story window. The original release ran at 50fps, so the number will average at around this.

Also, a blank "s_reverse" file will cause the weapon-toggle keys to swap.

These functions are not present in Cave Story+.

Main Artery's Secret

To do:
Does it still show up on the 3DS version's Touch Screen map?
Gee, I wonder if Pixel wants us to complete this level without taking damage...

In the Main Artery, where you fight a boss from Ikachan, it looks as though you're traveling through an infinite canal. If you use a map editor, though, you can see that the action only really happens in a small 23×16 rectangle, with a scrolling background. However, Pixel felt like using some more space.

To the left of the main rectangle is a pixel-art Ikachan made of iron blocks, and to the right is some text written in iron blocks as well, that reads "→ No damage." in both the original Japanese version and the English patch. In-game, you can see this using the map. As such, it is most likely intended to be a hint for how to meet Ikachan and receive the Ikachan Badge (defeat the boss without taking damage), given only to players clever enough to attempt to view the map in this particular area.

Now, what probably wasn't meant to happen was for the player to be able to swim out of the map from the border's top-left corner. This was fixed in the Wii versions.

Quick Tidbits

  • There is an unused duplicate of the door to the second jail in the Plantation, under the first block of the tunnel that leads to the hideout.
  • When Sue's mother tells you that the Mimigas on the Plantation can't talk to humans, she asks "Are you with me so far?" After that, the current script ends and another starts that continues the conversation. This split indicates that there might have been a Yes/No prompt.
  • The filename for the music that plays during the fight with the Core is, suggesting the song was originally meant for the Ironhead boss fight, instead. In OrgView versions 2 to 4, the song was indeed a remix of the Ironhead boss theme in Ikachan.
  • There are two duplicate sign sprites in NpcSym.bmp. Changing one of them will cause signs to flicker back and forth between the two sprites wildly in-game.