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Cave Story 3D

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Title Screen

Cave Story 3D

Also known as: Doukutsu Monogatari 3D (JP)
Developer: Nicalis
Publishers: NIS America, Nippon Ichi Software (JP)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: July 26, 2012
Released in US: November 8, 2011
Released in EU: November 11, 2011
Released in AU: November 24, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Cave Story 3D is a stereoscopic as well as polygonal 3D remake of Cave Story. It is not to be confused with the port of Cave Story to the 3DS eShop, which has stereoscopic 3D.

Credits Placeholders

CS3D-splash legal 01.png CS3D-splash pixel 01.png

Present in the data folder are two placeholders meant for the introductory splash screens. splash_legal_01.tga, which would have been used for a legal screen of some sort; and splash_pixel_01.tga, which would have been used for the Studio Pixel logo, which is instead shared with the Nicalis logo.

Unobtainable Life Capsule


It's no secret Cave Story 3D has more life capsules than the original, but whoever's job it was at Nicalis to add them was probably slacking.

Opening data/stage/priso2.pxe in a level editor reveals a life capsule with a Flag ID of 1814 that is supposed to appear in Last Cave (Hidden), however it never does because one of its entity flags makes it so it only appears when its associated flag ID is set to true. Typically, life capsules are set to disappear when the flag ID is true, with the room's script switching the flag to true when the player interacts with the entity.

Text for the capsule is also present in the stage's script file, showing that it was intended to give you 3 HP.

Obtained a Life Capsule.<WAI0160<NOD<RMU<ML+0003
Max life increased by 3.<NOD<END

In addition, another Life Capsule that gives you 5 HP with the same Flag ID appears on Blood Stained Sanctuary - B3 later on with the correct behavior, meaning, had this capsule been functional, the one in that stage would disappear at the same time, unless it was assigned a different Flag ID.

Leftover Life Capsule Script

In data/stage/pixel.sjs, which is the script for the Waterway Cabin room, there's an unused script block for a live capsule intended to give you 3 HP. The very same script also gives you 3 HP for rescuing Curly Brace, so it's likely this is a leftover from before they decided to give you HP for various interactions.

Obtained a Life Capsule.<WAI0160<NOD<RMU<ML+0003
Max life increased by 3.<NOD<END

Regional Differences

USA/Europe Japan
Looks up
to her brother
Looks up
to her brother
Sue Sakamoto

In the credits for the characters, Sue's first name is omitted in the USA and European releases. This was fixed in the Japanese release.

USA/Europe Japan
Cave Story 3D-title.png CS3D-JapanLogoChars.png

The logo for the Japanese version was understandably revised to include the Japanese name, changes to the fonts used by the game were made and lastly, the Japanese release also includes characters from Ikki, Crazy Climber and Dragon Slayer as playable characters in Classic Mode.

Additionally, the "Item Quit" glitch is fixed in the Japanese release of the game, and the game seems to have received minor optimizations, most noticeable in Living Waterway.