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Among Us

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Title Screen

Among Us

Developer: Innersloth
Publisher: Innersloth
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: June 15, 2018 (iOS/Android), August 17, 2018 (Windows), December 15, 2020 (Nintendo Switch)

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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This game is still under active development.
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There is unused content Among Us

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Unused Graphics

Voting Screen

In the voting screen graphics, there are early countdown numbers, early vote selection graphics, and a star (which may have been an early I voted! graphic). The countdown starts at 15 and goes down to blank.


Several graphics for hats can be found in the files of the game. They can be worn in the game via hacking, but cannot be obtained normally. The hats in question include a traffic cone, a pot, and a drinking cap.

The pot and traffic cone hats also have graphics for climbing the ladders in the Airship map.


AmongUs Crewmate Color Fortegreen.png

Fortegreen (actually Eucalyptus Green) is a subtly different shade of dark green from the one in-game. The "forte" part of the name likely refers to one of Innersloth's programmers, Forest W. (also known as Fortebass). It's not entirely unused, as it's effectively the game's "default" color for a player, which can be seen when a new player joins a lobby (their name will also be ??? until they've fully joined). The color can be made fully playable by editing the PlayerPrefs file or using an editor.

Unused Sounds


Originally, too many players disconnecting from a game would result in a stalemate, and this audio cue would play. After an update on March 25th, 2020, disconnected players are simply counted as dead, making stalemates impossible and rendering this cue unused.


Audio originally intended for Impostors jumping in holes on the Polus map, judging by the underlying sound of rustling pebbles. It likely remains unused because of the cartoonish "phoomp" at the beginning.

Unused Text

You're dead. Enjoy the chaos.

This text string was likely originally intended to be displayed above the task list as a ghost player, before being changed to be more descriptive on how the player can still help their role win.

Hidden Crewmate

Behind the stall doors in the restrooms on Polus, there is a crewmate hidden from view. The crewmate is barely visible in game, but can be seen by modifying the game to turn the camera.


Showcased in the Nintendo Switch release's trailer, and in one picture on the eShop, the Cursor in Among Us was never officially implemented into a public release of the game. According to ForteBass, it was an early replacement for touch controls while in handheld mode, but was replaced by touch controls because it was "kinda slow to do most tasks with[.]" It could be controlled at the time by moving the left analog stick or by using gyroscopic controls. It does appear randomly in the Switch version's options menu, likely unintentionally.

Internal Name

The game was originally called Space Mafia (since it was inspired by Mafia) before settling on the less blunt Among Us. The data folder on Android/iOS still references Space Mafia (com.innersloth.spacemafia).