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Infiltrating the Airship

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Title Screen

Infiltrating the Airship

Developer: PuffballsUnited
Publisher: PuffballsUnited
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: May 27, 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Infiltrating the Airship is the fourth game in the Henry Stickmin series and the first with optional morality. The Government and Toppat Clan make their debuts as well.

Unused Graphics

There are quite a bit of rough sketches for various scenes in the game.

Sketches for the intro cutscene where Henry's records are shown.

Placeholder sketches and offscreen graphics for the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending.

Sketches for the cutscene where Henry reaches the back of the airship in the Government route.

Sketches for the Flashbang fail.

Sketches for the ending cutscene of the Government route.

Unused Text

ITA intro subtitles.png

The intro cutscene (ID: 1278) has purple subtitles appearing offscreen:
ID 859:

Looks like you're finally up.

ID 889:

You've been quite elusive.. but your skills
make you worth the catch. You'll be perfect
for the job.

ID 1142:

Attempting robbery..

ID 1143:

I don't need to remind you we've got you on several charges..

ID 1145:

Breaking yourself out of prison...

ID 1147:

and even stealing the Tunisian Diamond..

ID 1170:

We've got quite a lot of counts on you..
Do this job right, and we will drop all the
charges against you.

ID 1275:

Charles: So how do you want me to bring you in?

A scene in the Government route has some offscreen subtitles as well.

ITA meeting text.png

Offscreen Graphics

In the first cutscene of the Ruthless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive route (ID: 1809), the green display is partially offscreen in one shot (ID: 1372) and completely offscreen in another.

ITA 1372.png ITA cockpit.png