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Antonball Deluxe

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Title Screen

Antonball Deluxe

Developer: Summitsphere
Publisher: Proponent Games
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 5, 2021

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Snick is still in the game's data.
  • A few unused objects (such as crabs, ladders, rubies, etc).
  • Lots of unused sprites, including leftovers from SAGE 2020 and earlier prototypes.
  • Few unused rooms. Wait for UTMT to be updated so they can be captured.
  • Some wonky sentences or inaccurate info.
  • Tilesets, which have inaccurate pixels.
  • "Super Gangston!" was originally titled "Septic Slam".

Are you ready to play with your balls? That's the question that Antonball Deluxe dares to ask, featuring three games in one, 69 levels, 21 playable characters, an online mode and heaps of unused content, just left to be found, along with placeholders and early builds to show off the game.

PC-Antonball-sage spr snick win-1.png
SAGE 2020 Leftovers
It seems you forgot to bring the pizza.
The only game on earth with the "Quickest Update In The West."

Unused Sprites

Wew, there's a lot.


An image for helping the developers with the placements of the steaming background pipes in Brick Factory.

PC-Antonball-bg brickfactory guide-1.png


An unused sprite of Anton as... Big Chungus. This was used earlier in development as a placeholder, but its object doesn't exist anymore.

PC-Antonball-punchball spr anton chungus-1.png


Meant for autosaving the game, which happens almost instantly with Game Maker games, making this useless.

PC-Antonball-spr autosave-1.png


A sprite of Big Chungus himself, and also goes unused.

PC-Antonball-punchball spr bigchungus-1.png


A sprite sheet for Antonball's final cutscene. The scene was originally intended to last longer with Anton waving his fist and falling down the pit in anger, as well ending with a similar shot to the opening cutscene.

PC-Antonball-spr cs2 sheet-1.png

PC-Antonball-fistwave spr cs2 sheet-1.gif

Unused Used
PC-Antonball-alt spr cs2 antonfall-1.png PC-Antonball-spr cs2 antonfall-1.png
PC-Antonball-alt spr cs1 underground-1.png PC-Antonball-spr cs1 underground-1.png
PC-Antonball-alt tile cs2 pavement-1.png PC-Antonball-tile cs2 pavement-1.png


Another sprite sheet. A majority of the sprites are used, except for the oil drip.

PC-Antonball-spr cs2 anton675-1.png


Part of an early version of the Vs level select screen. This would've been shown below the Vs stage icons when a stage was selected that has a question mark. All of this was later changed to not only change the icons, but remove these banners.

PC-Antonball-spr level selected-1.png


Icons, also for an early version of the Vs select screen. Only 3 of the 9 levels have an icon, and the rest has a question mark. Notice how the beach icon was originally set at daytime.

PC-Antonball-spr levels-1.png PC-Antonball-spr levels-2.png PC-Antonball-spr levels-3.png PC-Antonball-spr levels-4.png


A banner for "Dot Matrix", also meant for an earlier version of the Vs select screen, though this level was later changed to be a hidden level.

PC-Antonball-spr levelpreview dotmatrix-1.png


An older version of the Lottery Machine with different shading and lighting.

Unused Used
PC-Antonball-spr lotterymachine OLD-1.png PC-Antonball-spr lottery complete-1.png


Used for the big bomb, which has some scrapped functionality as seen in a very late prerelease video. When you would've hit the bomb in a regular stage, all the bricks in that stage would be broken, but the player would lose 10000 points as a penalty.

PC-Antonball-spr n10000-1.png


An alternative (sort of creepy looking) pinhole sprite for Anton with a cutout for eyes and mouth.

Unused Used
PC-Antonball-spr pinhole1-1.png PC-Antonball-spr pinhole-1.png


A spinning red ball with the Summitsphere logo on it. Very fitting.



Considering this comes from the same game that has a sprite of Big Chungus in its files, it's not even surprising to see an unused sprite of former US president Donald Trump riding a koopa shell in Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64.


Unused Music & Sounds


It's almost the same as mus_city, except it's missing the bird sounds.

Unused Used


Would've played when restarting a level, which was removed from the final game. This was used in SAGE 2020.


That's a weird sounding Anton for sure. This would've been played when performing a backflip, and can be heard in some prerelease footage.


A camera zoom sound effect from Super Mario 64, just as a placeholder. Interestingly, the file originated from www.TheMushroomKingdom.net.


A hit sound effect from Wario Land 2, also originated from www.TheMushroomKingdom.net.


A key get sound effect from Super Mario World, and yep, www.TheMushroomKingdom.net.

Unused Objects

To do:
Capture footage of the objects in action.


A brick ball powerup that works the same like the golden ball in bonus levels, except this was meant to be placed in regular levels. It also plays an unused clip called snd_bigbigball.


This is a stage decoration that probably would've appeard somewhere in an early version of Beachbrawl. Standing on the crab squishes it, and it can't hurt you.


The name says it all. It's just a functioning placeholder curve, even though no curves appear in the game at all.


Although the game has ladders in Sewer Slam, those ladders are just for decoration and don't function. This one does, and even shows an unused climbing sprite for Anton and Annie.

obj_ruckusruby (up to obj_ruckusruby6)

Six different colored rubies that act and drop the same way as coins, though they can't be hit by a platform to be collected.


A duplicate of obj_trashcan, but with more code and there is no sound effects.


The name of the object pretty much describes what it is. It's a transparent object that makes the player walk slower. Dashes and backflips can't be performed, and you can only continue to press jump to swim up.

Colored Switch System

There's a switch system similar to Mario vs. Donkey Kong, meant for a gamemode named "Antonland". There are blue switches (obj_blueswitch) and red switches (obj_redswitch) with colored blocks (obj_blueblock and obj_redblock) and ladders (obj_blueladder and obj_redladder). Jumping on either of these switches activates the blocks and ladders of the switch's color, and deactivates the other. Antonland was later separated from Antonball Deluxe, but the objects remain fully intact.

Unused Rooms


An empty room, that once used a now removed sprite of Anton.


As the title suggests, it's a background test for Beachbrawl. It only shows the city background layer though.

PC-Antonball-utmt rm beachbrawl bgtest-1.png


A leftover from SAGE 2020, but the banner had its date crudely changed to 2021.

PC-Antonball-rm demotext-1.png


The SAGE 2020 hub, modified for the Steam Autumn Game Festival demo.

PC-Antonball-rm sage-1.png


Used to create Sewer Slam. The stage also used less bricks and colored bricks for both teams instead of only red and blue bricks.

Template Sewer Slam
PC-Antonball-rm vs template-1.png PC-Antonball-rm sewerslam-1.png


An unknown level that possibly would've gone in between Brick Factory and Boiler City. It does sort of look like a Vs stage.

PC-Antonball-rm l25-1.png


A cut Jam Jungle level, but it's for Phase 25 (26 if you count rm_l25), which is very odd.

PC-Antonball-rm l26-1.png


Another unused level that uses the unused Big Ball power up. Stages with a vertical hole were planned for the game at some point, but scrapped because it was, according to one of the developer's words, "bloody awful".

PC-Antonball-rm l68-1.png

Cutscene Room Oddities

In the game's cutscene room files is an array of the same cutscene name, followed by a number (for example rm_cs2_1, rm_cs2_2, etc). For cs1 is an array for rm_cs1_1 up to rm_cs1_9. However, rm_cs1_4, rm_cs1_5 and rm_cs1_6 are missing, with no data for these scenes being left. What would've made this one cutscene longer is unknown.