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Antonball Deluxe/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Antonball Deluxe.

It's not just audio. There's even some metadata.

Arcade Title Screen (mus_arcadetitle)

The only unused music track in the game. Played during the different arcade title screens in the SAGE 2020 / Steam 2020 demos.

"Good luck!" (snd_anton_goodluck)

Played when restarting a world. This was used in the SAGE 2020 / Steam 2020 demos, but restarting a world was ultimately removed from the final game.


Encoder: Lavc libvorbis

"Yahoo!" (snd_anton_yahoo)

It's a different sounding Anton for sure. This would've been played when performing a backflip, and can be heard in some previews.

Enemy Kick (snd_ballbusterdie)

A sound effect from Mario Bros. when kicking over one of the enemies.


Track Title: Mario Bros.
Album: Mario Bros.
Year: 1983
Encoder: Lavc libvorbis
Copyright: 1983 Nintendo

Damage (snd_hurt)

A player hurt sound effect from Wario Land 2.

Mole Damage (snd_molehit)

An enemy stun sound effect from Wario Land 4.

It's Literally Nothing (snd_nothing)

Woah, it's nothing. It's not even attached to any objects.

Snick's Dialogue (snd_snicktalk)

Snick's talking sound effect from the SAGE 2020 demo. His object still exists, but this sound effect is nowhere mentioned in the object's scripts.

Enemy Stun (snd_stun)

An enemy stun sound effect from Mario Bros..

Level Complete (snd_transition)

A keyhole exit sound effect from Super Mario World.


Comments: TheMushroomKingdom.net

TV Talking (snd_tvnoise1)

A voice clip that would've come out of Annie's TV during the Punchball opening cutscene. These were ultimately replaced with tracks from the Rec Room. Notably, this is a sample that was also used in the intro to Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

TV Gibberish (snd_tvnoise2)

Same as above, this time taken directly from Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

(Source: Original TCRF research)