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Antonball Deluxe/Unused Backgrounds & Tilesets

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This is a sub-page of Antonball Deluxe.


Early Netplay Background (bg_antonline)

An early version of the online background, which is slightly darker than the one that's used. The header is also embedded directly onto the background. Also note the name of the background used here, since Antonline was originally the name for the online mode. It was shortened to Online in the final game due to Antonline already being copyrighted. A Twitch VOD still has a header with that old name.

Unused Used
Windows-AntonballDeluxe-bg antonline-1.png Windows-AntonballDeluxe-bg netplay full-1.png

Early Bonus Background (bg_bonus)

An early version of the bonus level background that was used in the SAGE 2020 and Steam 2020 demos. This background was replaced relatively late in development.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-bg bonus-1.gif

Factory Pipe Placement Guide (bg_brickfactory_guide)

A placeholder background for Brick Factory, meant to help the developers with placing the steam coming from the pipes precisely.

PC-Antonball-bg brickfactory guide-1.png

Unlock Screen (bg_unlockscreen)

An early unlock background that was used in the SAGE 2020 and Steam 2020 demos.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-bg unlockscreen-1.png


Early Punchball Sewer Tiles (spr_tile_test_pb)

An early version of the Punchball Boiler Sewer tiles seen in the SAGE 2020 and Steam 2020 demos. This is the only tileset that's stored as a sprite, for some reason.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-spr tile test pb-1.png

Antonland Beach Tiles (tile_beach)

Daytime beach tiles, a leftover from Antonland. The tileset is unfinished, missing slopes and curves that were meant to appear in that gamemode. Below is a full construction of the beach house.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-tile beach-1.png

Ant On Ball Poster (tile_cs2)

Although this tileset is used, the Ant on Ball poster within the tileset is not. The poster was supposed to appear in cutscene 2 scene 4 (Antonball ending) when Anton walks across the sidewalk.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-tile cs2-1.png

Antonland Polaceholder Tiles (tile_polaceholder)

Someone fat fingered a button while naming this.

A simple tileset for the Donkey Kong-esque stages in Antonland. It has solids, passthroughs, breakables and two different colored ladders. For reference, below is a reconstruction of one of the levels shown off in prerelease footage.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-tile polaceholder-1.png

Early Antonball Sewer Tiles (tile_test)

An early version of the Antonball Boiler Sewer tiles seen in the SAGE 2020 and Steam 2020 demos. Some unused stages still use this tileset, though it's all scrambled.

Windows-AntonballDeluxe-tile test-1.png

(Source: Original TCRF research)