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Antonball Deluxe/Unused Rooms

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Like almost every Game Maker Studio game, there's a couple of unused rooms.


Sewer Slam Template (rm_vs_template)

A room used to create Sewer Slam (and possibly other Vs. stages). The stage also used less bricks and colored bricks for both teams instead of only red and blue bricks. When the bricks from one side have been destroyed, the game never ends and you're stuck forever. The placed tiles are also broken, and the old Boiler Sewer background is missing.

Template Sewer Slam
PC-Antonball-rm vs template-1.png PC-Antonball-rm sewerslam-1.png

Unknown Level #1 (rm_l25)

An unknown level that possibly would've gone in between Fudge Mountain and Brick Factory. Stages with a vertical hole were the ball could pass through the floor was a thing at some point, but scrapped because it was, according to one of the developer's words, "bloody awful". Just like rm_vs_template, all the tiles are misplaced and there is no background.

PC-Antonball-rm l25-1.png

Jungle Jam Level (rm_l26)

A cut Jam Jungle level, but it's for Phase 26, which is very odd. There are no power-ups, and early tiles from Boiler Sewers are used instead of Jam Jungle tiles.

PC-Antonball-rm l26-1.png

Unknown Level #2 (rm_l68)

Another unknown level that has the unused Big Ball power up. And yep, misplaced tiles and no background.

PC-Antonball-rm l68-1.png


Ending (fin)

An empty room, that once used a now removed sprite of Anton.

Beachbrawl Background Test (rm_beachbrawl_bgtest)

As the title suggests, it's a background test for Beachbrawl. It only shows the city background layer and a single row of Boiler Sewer tiles though.

PC-Antonball-utmt rm beachbrawl bgtest-1.png PC-Antonball-rm beachbrawl bgtest-ingame-1.png

Work In Progress Message (rm_demotext)

A leftover from SAGE 2020, but the banner had its date crudely changed to 2021.

PC-Antonball-rm demotext-1.png

Steam Antumn Game Festival Hub (rm_sage)

To do:
Record this room, it needs some proper fixing.

The SAGE 2020 hub, modified for the Steam Autumn Game Festival demo. Entering this room without any patches crashes the game, as obj_snick is missing its sprite. Approaching any of the arcade cabinets also crashes the game, because the rooms that these cabinets would send you to don't exist anymore.

PC-Antonball-rm sage-1.png