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Proto:Antonball Deluxe/Punchball Antonball

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Antonball Deluxe.

Punchball Antonball is the half-sequel to Antonball Classic, released on March 19th 2020. It copies the gameplay from Punch Ball Mario Bros., with 7 of the same levels copied and pasted. While the game itself is poorly made and can cause crashes when taking damage, it has a somewhat functional prototype of Antonball Deluxe within, as both games run under the same engine.


rm_test is still in this build with some changes from the Deluxe Test Build. The camera no longer functions, the moles move and they can kill you.

Windows-Antonball-punchball rm test utmt-1.png Windows-Antonball-punchball rm test-1.png Windows-Antonball-punchball rm test-2.png Windows-Antonball-punchball rm test-3.png

rm_test1 has had some updates, though the room no longer functions the way it was supposed to. A new background and a placeholder border were added. However, spawning in this room results in an automatic win, with a crash following.

Windows-Antonball-punchball rm test1 utmt-1.png PC-Antonball-punchball rm test1-1.png

fin shows a sprite of Anton in full. This room is non-functional and never shows the sprite in-game.

Windows-Antonball-punchball spr winner-1.png

Unused / Revisonal Sprites

Punchball Antonball Final Sprite name Notes
PC-Antonball-punchball sprite21-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr border crop-1.png
spr_sprite21 First revision of the arcade border that can be seen in rm_test. Many of the art on the side was changed, including a different looking mole, Anton's arms and legs are more spread around and Annie is looking in a different direction.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr border-1.png
Same as above. spr_border Second revision of the arcade border, with finalized side art and different positions for the characters.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr border1-1.png
Same as above. spr_border1 Third and final revision of the arcade border. If it's cropped, it's identical to the final game's border, but there are some extra prop sprites that set these apart from the cropped border that were left out.

PC-Antonball-punchball spr button1 p1-1.gif PC-Antonball-punchball spr button2 p1-1.gif PC-Antonball-punchball spr buttons-1.gif PC-Antonball-punchball spr joystick1-1.gif PC-Antonball-punchball spr joystick2-1.gif PC-Antonball-spr logo arcade-1.gif

There's fully animated props for joysticks, buttons and a logo on the top. All of these were never used in the final game.

PC-Antonball-punchball bordercomplete-2.png (All images pasted over each other.)

PC-Antonball-punchball bg sewerold-1.png
PC-Antonball-bg sewer1-1.png
bg_sewerold Early version of the sewer background with a lighter tint and no sewer water. This sewer background was eventually finished, and then replaced.
PC-Antonball-punchball bg sewer-1.gif
Same as above. bg_sewer Cropped sewer background that was probably too small to be used in-game. There are some very minor differences in the water flow. The background was extended in a later build.
PC-Antonball-punchball bg placeholdercity-1.png
No reference. bg_placeholdercity A placeholder city background. This background can be seen in some pre-release Punchball footage.
PC-Antonball-spr mole stunned-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr mole stunned-2.png
PC-Antonball-spr mole stunned-3.png
No reference. spr_mole_stunned Although this sprite is used in Punchball Antonball, only the first sprite of the mole being stunned is shown, and the other two frames are unused.
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr anton-1.png
spr_anton Across all sprites, Anton was later given an eyebrow and his mouth made longer, giving him an angrier appearance.
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton run-1.gif
PC-Antonball-spr anton run-1.gif
spr_anton_run Anton's hair was made in sync with the movement of his head.
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton jump-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr antons jump-2.png
spr_anton_jump The legs are bent and Anton was given a grin.
PC-Antonball-deluxetest spr anton crouch-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr anton crouch-1.png
spr_anton_crouch Just like spr_anton, only the expression changed.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr anton backflip-1.gif
PC-Antonball-spr anton crouch-2.gif
spr_anton_backflip Backflip animation was improved and the last frame was changed so Anton properly falls on the ground with both feet.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr anton die-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr anton die-2.png
spr_anton_die Entire sprite was reworked.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr anton skid-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr anton skid-2.png
spr_anton_skid A skid sprite wasn't even done, so a reference sprite was lifted straight from Donkey Kong '94.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr bigchungus-1.png
No reference. spr_bigchungus This sprite appeared first in this build, and was used for obj_bigchungus. The object in-game just defaults to Anton's sprites, leaving this unused.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr anton chungus-1.png
No reference. spr_anton_chungus Also related to obj_bigchungus and also goes unused.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr annie crouch-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr annie crouch-1.png
spr_annie_crouch Annie's crouch position was changed entirely and she was given a visible eyebrow.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr annie backflip-1.png
PC-Antonball-punchball spr annie backflip-2.png
PC-Antonball-punchball spr annie backflip-3.png
PC-Antonball-spr annie backflip-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr annie backflip-2.png
PC-Antonball-spr annie backflip-3.png
spr_annie_backflip Annie had some of her backflip animation sprites corrected.
PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr anton-1.png
No reference. spr_classicanton All the sprites from Antonball 2 return, and are once again unused.
PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr antonrun-1.gif
No reference. spr_classicanton_run Same as spr_classicanton.
PC-Antonball-antonsballs spr antonjump-1.png
No reference. spr_classicanton_jump Same as spr_classicanton.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr antonlife-1.png
PC-Antonball-spr antonlife-2.png
spr_antonlife Early version of the life icon, and can be seen in some pre-release footage.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr blueswitch-1.png
No reference. spr_blueswitch There are several sprites in the game (such as this one) that would've been used for Punchball, in a similar way like in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. You would've used a ball to press the switches and made blocks solid. Some pre-release footage can be seen with these sprites, but in this build, no object exists, leaving all of these unused.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr blueswitch pressed-1.png
No reference. spr_blueswitch_pressed Related to the scrapped switch system.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr blueblock-1.png
No reference. spr_blueblock Related to the scrapped switch system. These blocks would've become solid when the switch was pressed.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr blueblock unfilled-1.gif
No reference. spr_blueblock_unfilled Related to the scrapped switch system.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr redswitch-1.png
No reference. spr_redswitch Related to the scrapped switch system.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr redswitch pressed-1.png
No reference. spr_redswitch_pressed Related to the scrapped switch system.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr redblock-1.png
No reference. spr_redblock Related to the scrapped switch system.
PC-Antonball-punchball spr redblock unfilled-1.gif
No reference. spr_redblock_unfilled Related to the scrapped switch system.


This build has a few sound placeholders as well.

A short, compressed version of the Big Chungus Theme Song that would've been used if obj_bigchungus was activated.

The Fireman theme from Game & Watch Gallery. This can be heard in some pre-release Punchball and Antonland footage.

Sound of a rock moving. Its purpose is unknown.

Text Strings

There's a text string meant for fin.


The @ is a !! in-game.