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Dragon Marked For Death

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Title Screen

Dragon Marked For Death

Also known as: DMFD or DragonMFD
Developer: Inti Creates
Publishers: Marvelous Inc., Inti Creates
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: April 21, 2020 (Steam), July 22, 2020 (PlayStation 4)
Released in JP: January 31, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
Released in US: January 31, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
Released in KR: March 7, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
Released in CN: March 7, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Replace the Bobscreen image with a version stating “3.1.5”, not “3.0.4”
  • Add unused NPC sprites

Dragon Marked For Death is a multiplayer-focused 2D side-scrolling action game for up to 4 players. It was in development from 2006 to 2019, spanning through four console generations (PSP, XBox 360, 3DS and Nintendo Switch). The game was further heavily updated throughout 2020.


Unused Areas

Lanza Channel Second Boat


00:19 Quest start

00:36 No-clipping start

00:45 Extra space at the mouth of sea monster map

01:00 1st boat map

01:22 2nd boat map

Turn on captions for more information.

Located directly to the right of the main boat, there is a separate map for a second boat that appears to be floating in midair, complete with its own mini-map. However, the mini-map does not match the actual location of the second boat. There is no water, no sails, and the ceiling is very low, so that the player cannot stand on the top masts. The walls and floor have collision detection. There is a wooden door that cannot be opened leading into the hull, but it is impossible to enter the hull, even through no-clipping.

Tarpol Mountains Placeholder Tiles and Odd Map Placement


00:11 Quest start

00:15 No-clipping start

00:25 Placeholder tiles in top-left corner of map

00:41 Strange level placement at the top of map

2:05 Unreachable tree branch and hook stump

2:44 Clipping through the barrier

3:31 Clipping to the inner ice cave map (used in Over the Ice Wall)

Turn on captions for more information.

In the top-left corner of the map, there are white, hollow placeholder tiles as well as what looks to be a remnant or a copy of some level tiles. Some tiles at the top include ice spikes, wooden platforms, broken wooden platforms, and some background elements. This continues until around the middle of the overall mountain map.

There appears to be an unreachable tree branch placed much higher than the other branches. In the quest "Over the Ice Wall," this branch is accompanied by a tree stump that the Empress can hook onto. However, there are no other tree stumps near that area.

In the quest "Over the Ice Wall," there is a switch across the far-right barrier of the mountain. Clipping there reveals that it is attached to the wall you must destroy in the quest "The Frigid Nest."

Labyrinth of Flame Lower Area


00:10 Quest start

00:34 No-clipping start

00:40 Out-of-bounds in beginning area

01:00 Vacant patches

01:08 Closed-off area with enemies

01:19 Accessible teleporter glyph areas

01:35 Beginning area of quest "Resurging Flames," with enemies

02:27 Out-of-bounds in opposite beginning area

02:38 Giant unused area / loading area(?) underneath the entire map

05:02 Testing pillar length, out-of-bounds

Turn on captions for more information.

Located directly underneath the main map, there appears to be an unused or placeholder loading area, with its own mini-map. This area does not appear to be traversable by any normal means. There is a copy of one of the Asura Goblin boss areas in the middle of the map. Most of it is submerged in a void with various background assets floating around. Some areas are covered in the fog filter, while others are not. There is no barrier at the bottom of the map, so it is possible to get lost by falling into the void while the camera does not follow.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Enemies

To do:
  • See if these enemies are still spawnable

Unused Common Enemies

Name Icon Sprite Species Stats Notes
? DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Asura-Bat-Alt-1.png Asura Bat alt; red skin instead of black
Demonpillar DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Demonpillar-Alt-1.png Demonpillar alt; yellow shell
Demonpillar DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Demonpillar-Alt-2.png Demonpillar alt; red shell
Lampic DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Lampic-Alt-1.png Lampic alt; orange core and blue outer shell
Skullbee DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Skullbee-Alt-1.png Skullbee alt; blue-tinted head, yellow-orange body, and pink eyes
Skullbee DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Skullbee-Alt-2.png Skullbee alt; purple-tinted head, pink body, and orange eyes
Tough Chick DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Tough-Chick-Alt-1.png Tough Chick alt; pale yellow body
Tough Chick DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Tough-Chick-Alt-2.png Tough Chick alt; light grey body
Watcher DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Watcher-Alt-1.png Watcher alt; white body, orange sclera, and green iris

Unused Boss Enemies

Name Icon Sprite Species Stats Notes
? DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Jinryu-Alt-1.png Jinryu alt; red skin and yellow accents
? DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Jinryu-Alt-2.png Jinryu alt; pink eyes and accents
? DragonMFD-Unused-Enemy-Lycanthrope-Boss-Alt-1.png Lycanthrope alt; pink skin and white fur

Unused Enemy Icons

To do:
  • Check for more unused enemy icons and make a table if there are more

These "enemies" are in the game, but do not necessarily appear on the HUD as such.


(Source: The ZTO, "Enemy, Equipment, & Elemental Icons" Spritesheet)

Unused Graphics

Graphics in this game are compiled strangely. For example, characters and larger sprites tend to be placed in cut chunks, spread throughout the sheet. For that reason, all images showing ripped graphics on this page have been manually arranged.

Playable Character Mugshots

Original from the sprite sheet Edited for clarity
DragonMFD-Unused-Character-Mugshots-(unedited)-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png DragonMFD-Unused-Character-Mugshots-(edited)-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png

Unused mugshots for the first four playable characters were discovered in the top left of the raw Mugshots sprite sheet. For some reason, these four mugshots are the only ones with a shadow covering.

According to Inti Creates's president Takuya Aizu in a 2018 interview:

"One of the biggest things you wouldn’t know just from the original trailer is that there’s a main story for the game. Also, each of the four characters, Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and the Witch, have their own individual stories. When playing online, players will be able to progress their respective character’s story by playing the same map and advance that character’s story at the player’s own pace. There comes a point in the story where the stories intertwine and you find a common enemy to fight later on in the game."[1]

It is likely that these mugshots are remnants of when each playable character was supposed to have individual narratives.

Similar, albeit scrunched-up, mugshots were used as placeholder character icons in the Party menu during the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on September 27, 2018 (YouTube, Timestamped 40:18).

Status Effects and Icons

To do:
  • Confirm which version of the game had enemies with elemental resistances


Status effects in the first column are completely unused. The first most likely indicates "DEF Up."

Status effects in the second column were used from Version... [wip]

Status effects in the third column are completely unused. It is unknown what their functions were, though they seem to relate to aggro, escorts, sight, smell, and hearing.

The icon in the fourth column, a drop of water or a smooth gemstone, appears to indicate a collection quest that was removed or revamped.

Silver Artifacts


These sprites were likely used for a fetch quest that was scrapped or revamped.

Tarpol Mountains Moon of Mercy Background


This unused background in the stage "Tarpol Mountains" appears to be a recolor and edit of the red sky background seen in the stage "Ensys Castle." Unlike the background in "Ensys Castle," this background contains a white moon and animated shooting stars (not pictured). In the final game, the only background used in the stage is a cloudy, grey background.

This background was used in the stage "Tarpol Mountains" during the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on September 27, 2018 (YouTube, timestamped 56:45).

Quest Tag with Writing Animation


This is a manually arranged mockup animation of an unused quest tag sprite. It shares the spritesheet with the quest roster showing the "CLR" and "NEW" sprites. The style of the tag—a scrap of paper with a yellow loop at the end—has a similar design as the "Depart" tag seen in the Recruit menu. The red text appears to spell out "Investigating." Currently, it is unknown what this tag was for.

Fingerprint Quest Stamp


These two fingerprint sprites share the spritesheet with the quest roster showing the "CLR" and "NEW" sprites. For some reason, there is a large and small variant. Currently, it is unknown what these stamps were for.

Blue and Red Clear Quest Stamps

DragonMFD-Unused-Quest-Stamp-Clear-Blue-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png DragonMFD-Unused-Quest-Stamp-Clear-Red-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png

These four Clear sprites share the spritesheet with the quest roster showing the "CLR" and "NEW" sprites. For some reason, there are large and small variants. Currently, it is unknown what these stamps were for.

Event Splash Arrows


These arrows share the spritesheet with the Event Splashes reading "Quest Start" and "Time Up," for example.

These arrows were used as pointers in various stages during the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on September 27, 2018 (YouTube).

"Danger" and "Go!!" Event Splashes


Currently, it is unknown exactly what these splashes were for.

"Medius City" Location Splashes

Japanese / English Korean Chinese (Traditional)
DragonMFD-Medius-City-Location-Splash-(JP-&-ENG)-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png DragonMFD-Medius-City-Location-Splash-(KR)-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png DragonMFD-Medius-City-Location-Splash-(CN)-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png

Location splashes for an area called "Medius City" are available in the Japanese (English), Korean, and Chinese (Traditional) spritesheets. Location splashes appear only at the beginnings of quests. While Medius City is a location in the game (notably the Upper City), it is not considered a quest as it instead serves as a hub area. The existence of a "Medius City" splash implies that the Upper City was once planned to be a quest location.

Bar Details Menu Background


This sprite was found in the sprite sheet with the Bar's town background. Based on the shape of the sections in this sprite and the stamp, it seems to have been used to list player details. Currently, it is unknown how this details menu was originally supposed to look like.

In the final game, player details are listed simply on a clean, rectangular menu style within the Party menu.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unseen Graphics

Although these graphics are in the game, they are obscured by other elements such as text or extend past the borders of the camera.

Character Healthbars


Underneath the the character icons and other components, the character healthbars have eye sockets and other details.

Uos Tower Third Floor Background


The margins of this background stretching to Hasta (far left), Marlayus (far right), and the bottom of Litus (bottom) cannot be seen in the game.

Cadena Forest Hasta Background


This background is used in the beginning area of the quest "Undying Dragon." It depicts the Hasta Divine Weapon behind the port town. However, nearly the whole top half of this background cannot be seen in the game, even at high altitude.

Muramasa Castle Moon Background


This background in the stage "Muramasa Castle" is obscured by a large moving cloud sprite.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Items

To do:
  • See if these unused items are still spawnable

Food Drops


These raw meat, green apples, and green cacao fruit are in the sprite sheet for Item Drops, but are unused.

The raw meat sprites are recolors of the cooked meat sprites.

The green apple sprites are recolors of the red apple sprites with added leaves at the top.

The green cacao fruit is a recolor of the pink cacao fruit.

Black Market Item Chest


Version 2.0.0n (Nintendo Switch only) introduced the Black Market system, along with the Black Market Item Chest. These small chests had a chance of dropping from certain enemies, with specific crafting materials inside. For example, killing a Battle Crab may drop an item chest with a Crab Claw.

Version 2.2.0n removed the old Black Market Item Chest system and replaced it with the regional coins system. Any crafting materials earned from Black Market Item Chests could be exchanged for Litus coins.

Unused Gemstone Drops


These gemstone drops were intended for the DLC quest "Paying the Miser." Currently, it is unknown how many points these gemstones gave.

Unused Ice Crystal Drop

Unused Used
DragonMFD-Unused-Ice-Crystal-Drop-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png DragonMFD-Used-Ice-Crystal-Drops-PC-Rip-3.0.0.png

This ice crystal drop was intended for the quest "Frozen Fusion." Although it has a noticeably different design from the used ice crystals, the ice crystal on the left has the exact same color palette as the crystals on the right. Currently, it is unknown how many points this ice crystal gave.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Objects

To do:
  • See if these objects are still spawnable



Three pots are unused for unknown reasons.

The first is a striped pot with a woven cover.

The second is a red variant of the blue pot seen in the stage "Muramasa Castle."

The third appears to be an industrial-themed pot related to the Pagnas region ("Tarpol Mountains" and "Labyrinth of Flame").

Cavern of Torment Breakable Block


This unused block with a red eye in the center is from the stage objects spritesheet of the quest "Cavern of Torment." Currently, the behavior of this object is unknown.

Tarpol Mountains Bunny

DragonMFD-Tarpol-Mountains-Bunny-Mockup-PC-Rip-3.0.4.gif DragonMFD-Tarpol-Mountains-Bunny-Mockup-PC-Rip-3.0.4.gif

This is a mockup animation of the snow bunny found in the stage objects spritesheet of the stage "Tarpol Mountains." For some reason, there are stray red pixels in some of the frames. Currently, the behavior of this object is unknown.

Ensys Castle Rusted Bell

Unused Used
DragonMFD-Ensys-Castle-Rusted-Bell-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png DragonMFD-Ensys-Castle-Silver-Bell-PC-Rip-3.0.4.png

According to the priest's intro dialogue in the quest "The Bell Tolls," there was originally going to be a rusted bell that the player would have to clean before ringing. This is reflected in the objects spritesheet of the stage "Ensys Castle." In the final game, instead of a rusted bell, the bell is already clean.

Unused Treasure Chests

DragonMFD-Yellow-Treasure-Chest-Mockup-Gif.gif DragonMFD-Small-Treasure-Chest-Mockup-Gif.gif

In the spritesheet for treasure chests, there are two unused ones: a large yellow treasure chest and a small red treasure chest. Currently, it is unknown what these treasure chests were for.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Abilities

To do:
  • See if it is possible to enable the unused incantations
  • See if it is possible to enable Level 4 and Level 5 incantations

Unused Incantations and Incantation Levels



The second unused incantation sprite is similar to the Regen incantation sprite in the final game. The fourth seems to be an alternate version of the Cure incantation. Currently, it is unknown how these unused incantations functioned.

DragonMFD-Unused-Incantation-Levels-PC-Rip-3.1.5.png DragonMFD-Unused-Incantation-Levels-PC-Rip-3.1.5.png

These unused incantation levels imply that that the Witch and Oracle were originally going to be able to cast BXBXBXBX up to 4 times (Level 5).

These Level 4 and Level 5 incantation sprites were used in place of Level 2 and Level 3 incantations during the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on September 27, 2018 (YouTube, Timestamped 58:54). In that build, the level-ups seemed to tint basic Wind attacks purple, and Homing Wind attacks bright green.

Warrior Guard Point

DragonMFD-Warrior-Guard-Point-Mockup-Gif.gif DragonMFD-Warrior-Guard-Point-Mockup-Gif.gif

This ability was originally used for the Warrior and the Axe weapon type. The Warrior's shield would flash orange before performing an attack similar to the Greatsword Tackle in the final game. The shield could be held onto for longer. If an enemy hit the Warrior while the shield was up, the Warrior would not be knocked over.

This ability was shown in the Hangin' at Inti HQ Livestream on August 23, 2018 (YouTube, Timestamped 32:33).

Bandit Blaster?

To do:
  • Figure out what contract this was for, and color it accordingly

DragonMFD-Unknown-Bandit-Blaster-Mockup-Gif.gif DragonMFD-Unknown-Bandit-Blaster-Mockup-Gif.gif

What even is this

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Unused Text

Failsafe Gate Text in "Invisible Anger"


Blood has yet to be offered to every scroll.

In the quest "Invisible Anger," it is impossible to reach this area by normal means without offering blood to every scroll first, as the left side of the map is blocked off. After offering blood to all 3 scrolls, a teleporation glyph appears, which sends you to this area. However, if you somehow manage to reach this area by breaking the boundaries before this condition is fulfilled, this text appears and prevents you from fighting the boss of the quest.

Developer Text in Maps

To do:
  • Caption and describe the video showing unseen developer text and numbers in the Atruum's Den map (2 different versions: "Cavern of Torment" and "Dragon's Hoard")
  • Put screenshots or a ripped tilemap instead? Not sure if it's possible.

Unused Translations

To do:
  • Planning to dump all compiled sprites of the French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations here
    • Might move those compiled sprites to the "Unused Graphics" sections if actual translated text is discovered
  • Character creation menu sprites
  • Bar menu sprites
  • Appraisal screen sprites
  • Control menu button configuration sprites
  • Character-themed options menu sprites
  • Loading screen sprites

By the latest version of the game, Version 3.1.5 (all systems), only the languages of English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean are used. However, there are several traces of menu sprites showing unused translations in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Currently, it is unknown who worked on these translations.

Status Effects

To do:
  • There may be mistakes in the translation organization (Notably "Nv. Q" and "Niv." sprites); please fix and re-order the sheet if any errors are noticed
    • Unsure if it's possible to access them in the game, including with cheats (by incrementing the value of the language selected, for example)


Only the English sprites show the blue- and yellow-arrow status effects; they are present here along with the unused languages for comparison.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R))

Scrapped Black Market Crafting Materials

To do:
  • Check which items were or were not obtainable before 2.2.0n

Version 2.0.0n introduced the Black Market system, along with the Black Market Item Chest. These small chests had a chance of dropping from certain enemies, with specific crafting materials inside. For example, killing a Battle Crab may drop an item chest with a Crab Claw. These materials were used to create special items.

Version 2.2.0n removed the old Black Market Item Chest system and replaced it with the regional coins system. Any crafting materials earned from Black Market Item Chests could be exchanged for Litus coins.

Although these items are technically unused, they remain in the game's data to compensate for any players who still have them in their inventory post-Version 2.2.0n.

Interestingly, although the game's different console versions do not have cross-play, data for these items still exist in them. Players of the Steam and PS4 versions of the game never got to collect these crafting materials, as those versions of the game were released with 3.0.0.

Item (English) Item (Japanese) Item (Korean) Item (Chinese (Traditional)) Rarity (Stars) Dropped from Enemy Obtainable before removal
Tough Beak クチバシ 부리 1 Tough Chick Yes
Honey 蜂蜜 벌꿀 蜂蜜 1 Skullbee Yes
Fiendish Carapace 甲虫の甲殻 갑충의 갑각 甲蟲的甲殼 1 Demonpillar Yes
Sticky Thread 粘糸 끈끈이 실 粘絲 3 Demonpillar Yes
Golden Scales 金色の鱗 금빛 비늘 金色鱗片 1 Flygolin (Gold) Yes
Blue Scales 水色の鱗 푸른 빛 비늘 水色鱗片 1 Flygolin (Blue) Yes
Bombud Fruit ボムツボミの実 폭탄 봉오리의 열매 炸彈花蕾果實 1 Bombud (Yellow) Yes
Bombud Poison ボムツボミの毒 폭탄 봉오리의 독 炸彈花蕾的毒 1 Bombud (Purple) Yes
Fly Juice 羽虫の体液 날벌레의 체액 昆蟲體液 1 Fruit Fly Yes
Slime Juice スライムの体液 슬라임의 체액 史萊姆體液 1 [not sure] Yes
Ice 얼음 1 [not sure] Yes
Oil 기름 1 [not sure] Yes
Paralyzing Venom 麻連毒 마비 독 麻痺毒 1 [not sure] Yes
Crab Shell カニの甲羅 게의 껍데기 螃蟹殼 1 Battle Crab Yes
Crab Claw カニの爪 게의 발톱 螃蟹爪 3 Battle Crab Yes
Do-dune Skin ドードドーの皮 도도도의 가죽 渡渡渡鳥皮 1 Do-dune Yes
Suspicious Fruit 怪しげな実 수상한 열매 詭異的果實 1 [not sure] Yes
Smoldering Tail 燃え続ける尻尾 불타는 꼬리 持續燃燒的尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Fire) Yes
Smoldering Wing 燃え続ける羽 불타는 날개 持續燃燒的翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Fire) Yes
Frozen Tail 凍った尻尾 얼어 붙은 꼬리 冰凍尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Ice) Yes
Frozen Wing 凍った羽 얼어 붙은 날개 冰凍翅膀持 4 Asura Bat (Ice) Yes
Twitching Tail 動き続ける尻尾 꿈틀 대는 꼬리 續蠕動的尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Wind) Yes
Twitching Wing 動き続ける羽 꿈틀 대는 날개 持續抖動的翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Wind) Yes
Paralyzed Tail 麻揮した尻尾 마비 된 꼬리 麻痺的尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Thunder) Yes
Paralyzed Wing 麻痩した羽 마비 된 날개 麻痺的翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Thunder) Yes
Toxic Tail 劇毒の尻尾 극 독성 꼬리 劇毒尾巴 1 Asura Bat (Poison) Yes
Toxic Wing 劇毒の羽 극 독성 날개 劇毒翅膀 4 Asura Bat (Poison) Yes
Ogre Nails オーガの爪 오우거의 손톱 巨魔指甲 1 Ogre Yes
Shockfish Scales デンキウオの鱗 전기 어의 비늘 電魚鱗片 1 Shockfish Yes
Shockfish Sac デンキウオの毒袋 전기 어의 독주 머니 電魚的毒袋 4 Shockfish Yes
Goblin Bow ゴブリンの弓 고블린의 활 哥布林弓 1 Pale Goblin Yes
Bio-bulb Husk バルブワームの抜け殻 벌브 웜의 허물 流體蟲的空殼 1 Cloudfish Yes
Goblin Torch ゴブリンの松明 고블린의 횃불 哥布林火把 1 Red Goblin Yes
Fire Rat Ear 火ネズミの耳 불쥐의 귀 火鼠的耳朵 1 Deva Rat (Fire) Yes
Water Rat Foot 水ネズミの足 물쥐의 발 水鼠的耳朵 1 Deva Rat (Ice) Yes
Electric Rat Tail 電気ネズミの尻尾 전기 쥐의 꼬리 電鼠的耳朵 1 Deva Rat (Thunder) Yes
Toad Oil ガマの油 두꺼비의 기름 蟾蜍油 1 Thundertoad Yes
Beetle Wing 甲虫の超 갑충의 날개 甲蟲的翅膀 1 Gold Beetle Yes
Rusted Chain 錆びた鎖 녹슨 사슬 生鋪的鎖 1 Lampic Yes
Spider Cocoon クモの繭 거미의 고치 蜘蛛繭 1 Void Spider Yes
Watcher Whiskers モルモルの髭 모르 모르의 수염 觸手眼球的鬚 1 Watcher Yes
Watcher Guts モルモルの腸 모르 모르의 내장 觸手眼球的腸 5 Watcher Yes
Diamond ダイアモンド 다이아몬드 鑽石 8 Unknown / None No
Horse Meat 桜肉 말고기 馬肉 8 [not sure, Equus? Named Monster The Tempest Steed?] ?
Enormous Hoof 巨大な蹄 거대한 발굽 巨蹄 8 [not sure, Equus? Named Monster The Tempest Steed?] ?
Ogre Fang オーガの牙 오우거 송곳니 巨魔牙 8 [not sure, Ogre Prince? Named Monster The Horn Breaker?] ?
Gold Enhance Cube エンハンスキューブ・金 인핸스 큐브 금 增幅魔方・金 1 Unknown / None No

Placeholder Black Market Crafting Materials in Japanese Version

To do:
  • Check if these items were removed or renamed in the game's latest version, 3.1.5.

These placeholder items were discovered in the Black Market shop list in Version 3.0.4s. Only in the Japanese translation do they have placeholder names. In the English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional) translations, these item names are blank. All items listed have a rarity of 1 star and are in Item Trunk order.


(Source: Bowwow)

Scrapped Item Descriptions

To do:
  • Retrieve the descriptions of all missing items; most likely, descriptions go up to Weapons of Level 50 before being blanks / dummy text
    • Please order the equipment in Item Trunk order
    • Please collapse all equipment with the same description into the same block

Item descriptions were unintentionally accessible in Version 1.1.0n (Nintendo Switch) by pressing ZL / ZR in weapons or accessories shops. This was removed in Version 1.1.1n (Nintendo Switch). In Version 3.0.0 until Version 3.0.9 (all systems), item descriptions were also able to be seen on the Appraisal screen by pressing the Single Appraise button at the fastest moment you are able to.[2]

Strangely, although Small-swords, Greatswords, and Foci were added in Version 3.0.0 (all systems), they have item descriptions.

Many item descriptions, at least in the English translation, have typos and grammatical errors. Other descriptions show dummy text in the Japanese translation, or blanks.

Some item descriptions do not seem to fit with the item they are attached to. This is because the list of descriptions was offset at some point in development.[3]

These lists will show the final game's order of the item descriptions.

There are no Korean or Chinese (Traditional) translations for these descriptions.

Small-sword Descriptions

To do:
  • There should be about 9 to 11 unique descriptions

These are confirmed obtainable through the Single Appraise glitch in Version 3.0.4s (Steam).

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Knife +2 A common sword made of bronze. Since it’s a relatively easy sword to make, the sharpness can vary greatly depending on the blacksmith who made it.
Pata +1, Scimitar +2 A sword with a beautiful ornament adorned to it. These types of swords are also very popular interior decorations.
Sabre +2 A sword with a cylindrical blade from a foreign land. It is specifically made for thrusting attacks.
Dagger +2, Stiletto +1 Once sealed away, this blade's desire to bathe in blood helped it break free of its prison. It yearns to drink the blood of its master.
Stiletto +2 A rapier made from a special type of rough stone. The methods by which it is made have been mostly lost to time.
Foil, Pirate Cutlass A famous sword that once had a blade longer than the height of an average adult human. Although the blade is now broken, its jagged edges are razor sharp.
Pirate Cutlass +1, Rapier A blade created during an ancient age of magic. The magical energy once imbued in it has long since faded away.
Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer +1, Dragon Slayer +2 [Blank]

(Source: CptRedder (G.R), DMFD Weapons, Items, Accessories Research List)

Sword Descriptions

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Shortsword 狩りや魔物退治など、幅広く使われている鉄製の剣。
Shortsword +1, Shortsword +2 Those who wield this sword are said to lose their way, and are doomed to travel from one scene of carnage to the next. この剣を使う者は道を踏み外し、修羅に落ちると言われている。
Hunter's Sword +3, Wakizashi +2 This sword bears its name due to the extreme sharpness of its blade that has claimed the lives of countless people. かなりの切れ味に味をしめ、殺しをくりかえす者が多いことからこの名が付いた。
Longsword, Longsword +2 A blade imbued with the power of the Celestial. It is impervious to rust, and is widely used by the Divine Knights. 白神の力が込められた剣。聖騎士が愛用しておりさびることがない
Bastard Sword +1, Spatha +1, Spatha +2 This type of blade was made to cause deep wounds and sever limbs. It is said that wounds caused by this blade take an exceptionally long time to heal. 苦痛を与えることを目的に作られた。傷口は完治に多くの時間を必要とする。
Lucky Sword, Broadsword +1 A sword made from the corpses of people with a profound amount of malice in their hearts. Those who wield this sword will never find happiness. うらみを抱いて死んだ者の骸で作られた剣。使用者は必ず不幸になる。
Katana Wielders of this sword are sent into an unending rage. If used for too long, it is said that the constant rage causes one to lose their sense of self. 尽きることの無い怒りがわく。長時間の使用で自我を失うと言われている。
Anelace, Anelace +1 This rare sword is enchanted with magical powers, although there are some like it that hold no magical properties too. 魔力が宿るめずらしい剣。魔力を失っているものもある。
Dragon Slayer Many clans have been eradicated by this ferocious blade. There are few words to describe its destructive power. この剣によって滅んだ種族は多い。殺傷能力は言うまでもない。
Dragon Slayer +1 This "blade" is a fresh piece of fruit with a handle attached. While not known for its attack power, it does launch seeds when swung. もぎたての果物に、柄を付けた。不良品は攻撃すると種が飛び出る。
Dragon Slayer +3 長剣ダミー2F1
Blood Sword 長剣ダミー2F2
Goujian Sword 長剣ダミー2F3
Tizona 長剣ダミー2F4
Masamune 長剣ダミー2F5
Excalibur 長剣ダミー2F6
Sumeragi Glaive 雷霆の力が宿った剣。

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Weapon Descriptions)

Axe Descriptions

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Light Axe 自分用に調整した愛用の斧。長時間の使用でも疲れない。
Light Axe +1, Felling Axe +2 A large axe built for combat. Its powerful crushing blows can make short work of an opponent's armor. 戦闘用の大型斧。防具もろとも相手を粉砕する。
Battle Axe This axe was crafted with an emphasis on taking down enemies in a single blow. It is extremely heavy. 一撃で相手を仕留めることに重点を置いた斧。非常に重い。
Bardiche The blade of this axe was shaped from a meteorite. It is so incredibly light that even a child could wield it. 隕石で作った斧。弱点である重さを克服し、子供でも持てる。
Broad Axe +1, Battle Hammer +2 An axe that was crafted for a single purpose: to destroy things. Swing it hard enough, and it will break its target's spirit too. ありとあらゆるものを砕く斧。あまりの威力に相手の心も砕く。
Battle Hammer +3 自由への願いを込めて作られた斧。使用者が自由になると砕ける。
Heavy Axe 設計を一から見直し、ムダを省いた結果、命を簡単に奪うことが可能になった。
Great Axe, Great Axe +1 A battle-tested axe that has been passed down from warrior to warrior for over a thousand years. The collective wisdom of warriors past resides within the wielder. 1000年間、様々な戦士が使用した斧。使い手の心で斧は善にも悪にも染まる。
Dragon Breaker A fearsome axe that is said to appear before those with deep hatred in their heart. Should the wielder ever quell that hatred, the axe will vanish. 憎しみで心を満たした者の前へ現れると言われる斧。憎しみがないと、斧は消える。
Dragon Breaker +1 斧ダミー26
Dragon Breaker +2 斧ダミー27
Dragon Breaker +3 斧ダミー28
Mjolnir 斧ダミー2D

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Weapon Descriptions)

Greatsword Descriptions

To do:
  • There should be about 9 to 11 unique descriptions

These are confirmed obtainable through the Single Appraise glitch in Version 3.0.4s (Steam).

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Claymore +1 A large sword that must be held with both hands. It can cleave straight through solid steel.
Giant Sword +2 A blade forged by a notably eccentric blacksmith. Due to its many oddities, it takes a considerable amount of time to master.
Wind Claymore An antique sword that has put a stop to many wars through the ages. Despite this, it is in prestine condition, without so much as a single scratch.
Greatsword +1 A perilous sword erased from from historical records. It is said that the blade is so sharp, its victims don't feel pain before they perish.
Flame Claymore +1 Anyone who wields this fearsome blade will feel an insatiable desire to kill.
Dragon's torment [Blank]
Luxcalibur 雷霆の力が宿った大剣。

(Source: CptRedder (G.R), DMFD Weapons, Items, Accessories Research List)

Kunai Descriptions

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Short Kunai 接近戦で効果を発揮する忍具。非常に軽く、持ちやすい。
Short Kunai +1, Carving Knife These kunai are designed to hack and slash like an axe. With their wider edges and added weight, they can create much deeper wounds. 斧のような性能を持つ苦無。先端の幅を広く、重くすることで深く切り込めるようになった。
Khukuri 使いやすさ、切れ味を追求した苦無。万人の手になじみ、鉄を簡単に切れる。
Jitte サイとしては最高の物だが、持ち主は必ず主君を裏切り、殺すと言われている。
Long Kunai, Daggers +1 These kunai have been infused with the power of pure hatred. As long as hate exists in the wielders's heart, these blades cannot be destroyed. 様々な憎悪を込めて作り出された。憎しみを消さない限りこわれることはない。
Sais このサイによって殺された者は死に際が安らかだと言われる。ただ使用した者に安らぎは訪れない。
Ninja Swords きる、さす以外、相手の武器を破壊する、3つの性能がある。武器破壊は、相当な技量が必要。
Ninja Swords +1 These kunai are built for three purposes: cutting, stabbing, and destroying weapons. However, only true masters of these kunai can destroy weapons. 斬る、刺す、相手の武器をこわすという3つの性能を備える。武器をこわすには、相当な技量が必要。
Triple Blade +1 狭い場所での使用を前提に作られた。剣には魔物の目がうめこまれている。
Dragon Killer この武器を見た者、使用した者は、必ず行方不明になるためこの名が付いた。切れ味は不明。
Dragon Killer +1 苦無ダミー27
Dragon Killer +2 苦無ダミー28
Dragon Killer +3 苦無ダミー29
Kotetsu 苦無ダミー2A
Zantetsuken 苦無ダミー2B
Chantan Nakiri 苦無ダミー2C
Kogarasumaru 苦無ダミー2D
Ame-no-Murakumo 苦無ダミー2E

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Weapon Descriptions)

Shuriken Descriptions

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Dart 雷霆の力が宿った苦無。
Shuriken 忍者が扱う遠距離用の忍具。扱いやすい。
Shuriken +1, Shuriken +3 Shuriken made to primarily cut instead of pierce. The more spin that can be put on a throw, the better they can slice through their target. 斬ることを目的に作られた手裏剣。回転力が強いほど、切れ味が増す。
Hyo Kunai, Hyo Kunai +1 A needle-type shuriken that can be thrown in three directions. However, with the increased usability comes a decrease in attack power. 棒状の手裏剣。3方向に投げることが可能。3方向に投げるため、攻撃力は下がる。
Full Moon Ring, Full Moon Ring +1, Full Moon Ring +2 The first and last masterpiece made by an unknown craftsman. After it was completed, the craftsman's daughter went missing. 売れない職人が作った、最初で最後のけっさく。完成後、むすめが行方不明になっている。
Throwing Knife +1 Shuriken once used by a shinobi who abandoned his village. It is engraved with an incantation that turns feelings of fear into ones of ecstasy. 里を抜けた忍びが使用していた手裏剣。特殊な文字が刻まれており、持ち手の恐怖心を快楽へと変える。
Chakram 代々受けつがれてきた手裏剣。認められた者以外が投げると、自身に当たると言われる。
Shooting Star 特別な布を取り付けることで、殺傷力を上げている。布には死者の血が染み込んでいる。
Fire Shuriken +1 目に見えないほどの細かい穴が無数に空いている。穴があることでぶれずに飛ぶ。
Dragon Bane どんな生物もとりこにする女性が身に付けていた物。とりこになった者が投げられたかんざしをよけることは不可能。
Dragon Bane +1 手裏剣ダミー27
Dragon Bane +2 手裏剣ダミー28
Dragon Bane +3 手裏剣ダミー29
Flame Chakram 手裏剣ダミー2A
Bekko 手裏剣ダミー2B
Iga Shuriken 手裏剣ダミー2C
Koga Shuriken 手裏剣ダミー2D
Fuma Shuriken 手裏剣ダミー2E

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Weapon Descriptions)

Tomes Descriptions

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Magic Tome 魔法に関する基本的なことが書かれている本。
Magic Tome +1, Magic Tome +2, Magic Tome +3, Wind Scroll +2 A magic tome written by a witch that once destroyed half the world. The passages written in here completely defiles the notion of common sense. 世界の半分を滅ぼした魔女が書いた魔法書。常識では考えられないことが書いてある。
Wind Scroll +3, Fire Tome +3 This book details a spell that can turn anyone into your personal servant, but an absolutely essential page has been torn out. 相手をしもべにする方法が書かれているが肝心のページが破れている。
Water Book, Thunder Ledger This tome is packed from front to back with words and ideas that absolutely, positively should never be uttered by anyone under any circumstances. 口にはできないあんなことやこんなこと、そういうことが書いてある本。
Thunder Ledger +1, Thunder Ledger +2 Wind Book +2 A scroll that contains magic from another world that can grant true, absolute power. This power sends those that consume it into a rampage. ここではない世界から魔法の力を集め、絶対なる力を発動できる。力にのまれると暴走する。
Wind Book +3, Fire Scriptures +3 無から有を生み出すことができると記されている。ただ成功した者はいない。
Water Ledger, Thunder Scroll 特別なインクで書いてあり、この世のあらゆることが書かれている。付属品のメガネがないと読めない。
Thunder Scroll +1, Rune Tome +2 自然界にただよう魔力の方向を示す巻物。持ち主の魔力が一定以上でないとウソをつく。
Rune Tome +3, Astral Tome 絶対に中身を見てはいけない。見たくなったら、自殺して好奇心を消して下さいと書かれている。
Astral Tome +1 魔道書ダミー26
Astral Tome +2 魔道書ダミー27
Astral Tome +3 魔道書ダミー28
Genesis 魔導書ダミー29
Encyclopedia 魔導書ダミー2A
Edda 魔導書ダミー2B
Rigveda 魔導書ダミー2C
Holy Scriptures 魔導書ダミー2D
Grimoire 雷霆の力が宿った魔導書。

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Weapon Descriptions)

Foci Descriptions

To do:
  • There should be about 9 to 11 unique descriptions

These are confirmed obtainable through the Single Appraise glitch in Version 3.0.4s (Steam).

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Jack-o'-Lantern +2 A crystal with natural deposits of magical power. Its magical power can only be harnessed by witches.
Playing Card +2 A set of Tarot cards that are made to give people hope. Even just holding the deck, one can feel the magical energy residing within the cards.

(Source: CptRedder (G.R), DMFD Weapons, Items, Accessories Research List)

Accessories Descriptions

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Steel Bangle A bangle made of a very durable metal. It's very well designed, and is a popular item in the fashion scene. 丈夫な金属で作られた腕輪。美しいデザインが人気
Vitality Bracelet This bracelet fill the wearer with a deep passion for life. It is said that those who wear it will live a longer, healthier life. 生きる力がわくあたたかい腕輪。装備している者の寿命が長くなると言われている。
Ogre's Bangle A bangle forged in hellfire by an ogre blacksmith. No matter how much it is used, its durability will never deteriorate. オーガ族の鍛冶屋だけが扱える、業火で作った腕輪。劣化しない。
Purifying Bracelet 美しい色合いの腕輪。心を清める力がある。
Confidence Bracelet This bracelet has the ability to alter one's thought patterns. The wearer always feels like they are the absolute best, strongest version of themselves. 思い込みの心理を利用した腕輪。装備するとあたかも強くなったような気分になる。
Euphoria Bangle 災いを呼ぶと言う悪評を付けられた魔物の腕輪。実際は幸せを運ぶ。
Leather Choker Made to emphasize protection over style, this choker is made from thick animal hide that is both light and durable. 機能を重視し、軽くて守備に優れた動物の皮を使用。
Gemstone Pendant A type of pendant embedded with beautiful gemstones that reflect the personality of its maker. The more serious the maker, the more expensive the gems. 作り手の思いを反映する宝石を材料にしている。真面目な者が作ると最高の宝石になる。
Warrior's Necklace A necklace often worn by warriors the world over. It's extremely tough and durable. 戦士がよく身に付ける首飾り。手入れいらずで長持ちする。
Demon's Pendant This pendant is made from an eye plucked from the socket of a monster that appears once every century. The magical power encapsulated in this necklace is immeasurable. 100年に一度現れる魔物の目を使って作り出された。宿った魔力は計り知れない。
Pendant of Hope A pendant that is often given to those who are going off to war. Wishes for their safe return are engraved into it. 戦争に行く者へ送られる首飾り。無事に帰ってきてほしいと言う願いが込められている。
Necklace of Cleansing A necklace with the power to cleanse the soul of strife. It is made with the heart of a child. もっとも純情で汚れのない心で作られた首飾り。材料は、子供の心臓。
Bone Ring 指輪と同じ形の骨を、やすりでなめらかに仕上げた。1頭の動物から数個しか取れない。
Plant Ring 植物のツルを何重にも巻いて、作った指輪。水分が無くてもしおれない植物を使用している。
Bravery Ring 戦闘を好む民族との戦で、正々堂々と戦った者に送られる。友情の証でもある。
Ring of Life 倒しても倒しても増え続ける魔物の肉体から作った。本体が死なない限り、魔物の成長に合わせて成長する。
Blessed Ring 自然界の香りを閉じ込めている。香りをかぐと冷静になれる。
Star Ring 貴重な金属を絶妙な配分で合成して作り出した。こわれることはない。
Metal Earrings 軽い金属を材料に作られたピアス。
Animal Earrings 動物をかたどったピアス。女性に人気。
Engraved Earrings 死者の血で特殊な文字を刻んだピアス。使う血は死後30日後の血が好ましい。
Bell Earrings These earrings have small bells attached to them. Listening to these bells ring induces great feelings of calm. ベルがついたピアス。ベルの音をきくと、おだやかな気持ちになれる。
Heart Earrings 宝石をハートの形に加工したピアス。女性用と男性用がある。
Teardrop Earrings 希望を失った者の涙で作った。深い絶望の涙ほど価値がある。
Prayer Charm 冒険者にはかかせないお守り。冒険者な8割はこれを持っている。
Bluesky Amulet 大空の守護者と呼ばれる魔物の羽で作られた。羽は七色に輝いている。
Eye Amulet 七つ目の動物の目が入れられたお守り。七つ目の動物はまれにしか生まれないため、とても貴重。
Sorcerer's Charm 悪名高い呪術師が最期に作った聖なるお守り。どういう意図で作られたかは不明。
Amulet of Malice 死罪になった罪人の心臓が入っている。魔物と同じ気配がする。
Amulet of Darkness 恐怖や憎悪を吸いこむ水晶。世界から恐怖や憎悪が消えると、この水晶も消える。
Dragon King's Crystal 古龍の力が結晶化した秘宝。
Fur Anklet An anklet made of brilliant silver fur. It is said wearing in until it breaks brings the wearer good luck. 白銀色のタテガミで作られた足輪。切れるまで身につけていると良いことが起きる。
Giant's Ring 本来は巨人族の指に付けるもの。最近では人間の足に付けるのが流行になっている。見た目より軽い。
Chain Anklet ドレイに使用していた物を再利用した。丈夫だが良い気分はしない。
Hastan Anklet ハスタ地方の少数民族に伝わる足輪。美しい細工がほどこされている。
Void Anklet 光を吸収する黒い石を付けた足輪。光を吸収すると、石はさらに黒くなる。
Enigma Anklet 異なるデザインの鎖が3本連なった足輪。同じデザインは存在しない。
Ribbon Brooch A brooch made of frilly ribbons. Anyone who wears it instantly looks five times cuter. ひらひらリボンのかわいい胸飾り。これを付ければ女子力アップ。
Flower Brooch 花をモチーフにして作られた。シンプルだがどんな服にも合わせられる。
Noble's Brooch 貴族が好んで身に付ける胸飾り。派手で高価な物ほどお金持ちの証になる。
Morpho Brooch 加工がむずかしいチョウの羽で作られた。作成にぼう大な時間を要する。
Fragrant Brooch 誘惑の香りを出す動物のエキスを使って作られた。異性に対して高い効果がある。
Brooch of Misfortune 胸飾りをめぐる争いで消えない血が付いた。血が付く前は、身につける者に絶対の幸せが約束された。
Iron Badge 様々なデザインの物がある鉄製のバッジ。
Hero's Emblem An emblem engraved with the name of a legendary warrior. It's incredibly popular with kids. 有名な戦士の名前を刻んだバッジ。子供たちの間で大人気。
Champion's Badge オオカミのデザインのバッジ。勝利や成功をつかめると言われている。
Hunter's Emblem 凶暴な魔物を倒した戦士に送られるバッジ。倒した魔物の強さでバッジの大きさが変わる。
Popul-aura Pin Anyone who wears this pin looks unbelievably cool. It's super effective. 身に付けた者をかっこよく見せるバッジ。効果に自信有り。
Pact Emblem 身に付けた者は悪魔と契約することになる。契約の力は絶対。
Steel Bracer 5本指タイプのこて。動きやすいよう手首部分に工夫がされている。
Scale Gauntlet 海の主と呼ばれる魔物のウロコで作った。羽のように軽く簡単にはこわれない。
Ancient Gauntlet 神話時代に使用されたこて。再生する未知の金属で作られている。
Leather Belt 細い帯で作られたベルト。あらゆる服に合わせやすい。
Colorful Belt 3色のオシャレなベルト。すべての人にフィットするように作られている。
Living Belt 意志のある植物でできたベルト。バックル部分が顔になっており、人の声でしゃべる。
Cooling Scarf ひんやりする生地で作られたスカーフ。さわり心地がとても良い。
Fur Scarf 純白のオオカミの毛皮から作られた。とても貴重。
Bloodstained Scarf 魔物の血で染めたスカーフ。強い魔物の血ほど高価になる。
Critter Companion Pin 黒いネクタイピン。ネコ、カラス、カエルのデザインがほどこされている。
Demonic Pin 眼に魔力が宿るとされる魔物の目を付けた。時々、涙を流す。
Mage's Pin 魔力を結晶化させたネクタイピン。魔力によって結晶の形は異なる。

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Accessory Descriptions)

Items Descriptions

These are obtainable only in Version 1.1.0n.

Equipment English Description Japanese Description
Herb カデナの森に生えている植物を乾燥させた物。質はあまり高くない
Quality Herb カデナの森に生えている植物を乾燥させた物。質は普通。
Premium Herb カデナの森に生えている植物を乾燥させた物。質の良い葉っぱだけを選別している。
Perfect Herb カデナの森に生えている植物を乾燥させた物。たまにしか採取できない高級品。
Holy Water 様々な儀式に使われている神聖なる水。古い鉄製のビンに入っている。
Quality Holy Water 様々な儀式に使われている神聖なる水。ガラスのビンに入っている。
Premium Holy Water 様々な儀式に使われている神聖なる水。クリスタルのビンに入っている。
Perfect Holy Water 様々な儀式に使われている神聖なる水。宝石が散りばめられたビンに入っている。
Healing Powder 回復効果のある根を粉末状にした。傷口にしみる。
Curing Powder 数種類の薬品を調合した物。傷跡が残りにくい。
First-Aid Powder オーガの骨を粉末状にした物。回復に使用できる骨は全体の3割しかない。
Miracle Powder オーガの骨を粉末状にした物。回復に使用できる骨は全体の3割しかない。
Raspberry Bread ラズベリーの果肉とエキスを生地に練りこんだ。好みが分かれる味。
Monster Steak A sizzling steak made from fresh monster meat. Since the meat is inherently poisonous, special prep work is required to remove the poison. 魔物の肉を使ったステーキ。魔物の肉にある毒は特別な技術で抜かれている。
Plum Rice Ball A rice snack with a very sour plum in the center. It's a very popular snack in the Marlayus region. すっぱい果肉が入った米のかたまり。マーレウス地方ではよく食べられている。
Apple Pie 5種類のリンゴをミックスして作られたアップルパイ。ほど良い酸味で食べ飽きない。
Red Candy ハバネロで作った丸いアメ。眠気が飛ぶ。
Yellow Candy トゲトゲした形のアメ。少しなめるだけでヨダレがあふれ出る。
Blue Candy 岩塩を加工した四角形のアメ。大工に大人気。
Purple Candy 1番苦いカカオで作ったデコボコ形のアメ。栄養満点で、人気の食品。
White Candy ブロッコリーで作った三角形のアメ。この味は大人でないとわからない。
Green Candy 甘いモモで作ったハート形のアメ。ストレス解消にも効果がある。
Rainbow Candy 各地方の河が一ヶ所に集まる湖の水で作ったひし形のアメ。宝石以上の輝きを持ち、味が無い。
Burn Salve 火傷部分に付けるぬり薬。
Burn Salve + タポール雪山で取れる薬草を粉末にした物。
Frostbite Remedy 凍傷部分に付けるぬり薬。
Frostbite Remedy + 炎の迷宮で取れる薬草を粉末にした物。
Smelling Salts 内服タイプの粉薬。とても苦い。
Smelling Salts + カデナの森で取れる薬草を粉末にした物。
Antiparalytic Elixir 内服タイプの粉薬。即効性がある。
Antiparalytic Elixir + 村正城で取れる薬草を粉末にした物。
Antidote 内服タイプの飲み薬。あらゆる毒に効く。
Antidote + シーカ村の近辺で取れる薬草を粉末にした物。
Panacea 内服タイプの丸薬。臭いがきつく、飲み込みにくいがよく効く。
Panacea +1 龍血の郷で取れる薬草を粉末にした物。状態回復以外に、便秘にも効果がある。
Burn-stopper Bone "動物の骨。かめばかむほど冷たくなり、全身を氷のように冷たくする。
Frost-stopper Bone 動物の骨。かめばかむほど発熱し、全身を火のように熱くする。
Confusion-stopper Bone 動物の骨。かめばかむほどハッカの成分が出て、スッキリする。
Paralysis-stopper Bone 動物の骨。骨には放電効果がありかんでいる間はマヒにならない。
Poison-stopper Bone 動物の骨。骨には解毒効果がありかむと毒への耐性がつく。
Bizarre Bone 魔物の骨。かむと魔力がにじみ出し、状態異常に強くなる。
Candle カデナの森にある木の実の汁を固めて作ったロウソク。火をつけると甘い香りがする。
Torch カデナの森にある木の根で作った松明。不思議なことに、炎は熱くない。
Lamp (S) 手の平サイズの小さいランプ。燃料を使用して燃えるため長時間の使用が可能。
Lamp (L) 燃料の量を多くしたランプ。燃料が多くなった分、重い。
Essence of Wrath 魔物を誘き寄せるために使うエキス。エキスにはストレスの元になる成分が入っている。
Relic of Power オーガの心臓を干した物。力がみなぎる。
Relic of Speed ヨロイビナの心臓を干した物。体が軽くなる。
Relic of Wisdom ネズミの心臓を干した物。魔力がみなぎる。
Relic of Life ヤドカリの心臓を干した物。体が丈夫になる。
Relic of Luck ゴブリンの心臓を干した物。幸運になれる。
Relic of Faith アスラ種の心臓を干した物。信仰心が強くなる。
Dragonite 龍の体から生まれた美しい石。宝石として出回っている。

(Source: DragonMFD Japanese Wikia, Item Descriptions)