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Cookie Run: Puzzle World

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Title Screen

Cookie Run: Puzzle World

Developers: Devsisters, Jellypop Games
Publisher: Devsisters
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: January 16, 2020

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Cookie Run: Puzzle World is a match-three puzzle game in the Cookie Run franchise, starring GingerBrave and his wacky cookie friends on weird misadventures.

The game was originally teased as CookieRun: Puzzle in 2017 and CookiePuzzle in early 2019, then softlaunched later that year as CookieRun JellyPop, before officially launching in January of 2020 as Hello! Brave Cookies. They just can't make up their mind on this game.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Herb Plant CookieRun Jellypop.png
CookieRun JellyPop leftovers
Graphics that were used when the game was released as CookieRun JellyPop but were updated or removed for the Hello! Brave Cookies revamp. Contains potential spoilers.
Devil cookie ghost hbc.png
Unused or Early Cookie Attack Sprites And Sound Effects
Miscellaneous unused attack sprites and sound effects. Contains potential spoilers.
CRPW Early Animation Icon.gif
Early Cookie Animations
For a game in the Cookie Run franchise, there's definitely not a lot of running here... Unless...?

Early Cookie Sprite Sheets

Early Final
Early Ninja Cookie HBC.png Ninja cookie hbc.png
Early Final
Early Princess Cookie HBC.png Princess cookie hbc.png
Early Final
Early Popcorn Cookie HBC.png Popcorn cookie hbc.png
Early Final
Early Zombie Cookie HBC.png Zombie cookie hbc.png
Early Final
Early Banana Cookie HBC.png Banana cookie hbc.png
Early Final
Early Macaron Cookie HBC.png Macaron cookie hbc.png

Early Ninja Cookie Head HBC.pngEarly Zombie Cookie Head HBC.png Early Banana Cookie Head HBC.pngEarly Princess Cookie Head HBC.pngEarly Popcorn Cookie Head HBC.pngEarly Macaron Cookie Head HBC.png

Early cookie and pet graphics that are in a different art style than the final game.

Early Loading Sprites

Devil Cookie Loading CookieRun JellyPop.pngZombie Cookie Loading CookieRun JellyPop.pngYoga Cookie Loading Early HBC.png
Early loading sprites for Devil, Zombie, and Yoga cookies.

Early Episode Icons

Early Final
Banana Cookie Early Episode HBC.png Banana hbc episode.png
Early Final
Early Ninja Cookie Episode Icon HBC.png Ninja hbc episode.png
Early Final
Macaron Cookie Early Episode Icon HBC.png Macaron hbc episode.png
Early Final
Hero Cookie Early Episode Icon HBC.png Hero hbc episode.png
Early Final
Avocado Cookie Early Episode Icon HBC.png Avocado hbc episode.png

Early episode icons, also lacking the final game's distinctive artstyle. All of these have since been redrawn and properly released.


Moonlight Cookie Legendary Combo CookieRun JellyPop.png

The combo for "Legendary!", featuring Moonlight Cookie. This was later redrawn with the current artstyle.

Early Coin Texture

CookieRun JellyPop Coin.png
A coin texture found in CookieRun JellyPop. Coins weren't in the base game, but were later added in Hello! Brave Cookies.


CRPW Pinwheel.pngCRPW Pinwheel Base.png Graphics for a pinwheel are included in the "Shuffle" message that appears when no possible moves remain. It is possible that this may have been the scrapped "Bear Jelly Windmill" item.

Placeholder Images

CRPW world map placeholder.png CRPW HBC title screen placeholder.png

A weird image with a filename in Korean. Appears to showcase a screenshot of Popcorn Cookie's world map, with some sketches of some objects, alongside another Korean file, this time a screenshot of Hello! Brave Cookies' title screen.

"Train" Images

Train body crpw.png Train head crpw.png Sign crpw.png Stardew valley crpw.png

Strange placeholder images labelled Train_Body, Train_Station, Train_Head, and Train_Sign. Funilly enough, Train_Station.png seems to be a screenshot of Stardew Valley. These would later be replaced with the train gimmick introduced in Wizard Cookie's episode.

Placeholder Cookie Berries

CRPW gingerbrave berry placeholder.png CRPW snow sugar berry placeholder.png CRPW cherry blossom berry placeholder.png

In the Cookie Run: Puzzle World update, every Cookie was given Cookie Berries to be unlocked from their quest, used for upgrading. With GingerBrave being a starting cookie and Snow Sugar and Cherry Blossom Cookies being event cookies, they don't have their own quests or berries, however, they do have these placeholders for them.

Partially Unheard Music

Lemon cookie's second cutscene track in the game's files only plays for a split second after the screen is tapped before being replaced with Wind Archer Cookie's cutscene theme, also making Lemon Cookie the only cookie to reuse another cookie's track. This song is actually a reference to the track which originates from this Tweet, as well as a Facebook post.

Early Music

These music tracks were present in the files of the original release of the game when it was known as CookieRun: JellyPop. They were removed after a few updates.


Titled Bgm_Cutscene_01, this was likely meant for an early form of cutscenes in an early build. Cutscenes were not added until the game's rebranding, and each cutscene used its own independent music track for each cookie.
The file "audio.txt" describes it as "Tutorial Cutscene BGM".

My Cookies

Titled bgm_mycookies, this was likely meant for an early Cookie menu. In the final game, the Cookies menu is consolidated to the lobby and has no distinct music track.

It's likely this was used in one of the many early builds, as in a early pre-release screenshot, Pilot Cookie is seen being used as a stage gimmick, lining up with the unused sound effects, in the same screenshot, 5 Cookies are used at once, so having the Cookie menu have its own song would've made alot more sense. The audio.txt file describes it as "Inventory BGM".

World Map

Titled bgm_worldmap_themea1, this was most likely an early world map theme. The final game does not have a world map, but a map-like area is used for the Special Episodes.
A world map was later added for the Cookie Run: Puzzle World update, however it used the same lobby theme introduced in CookieRun JellyPop.

Unused Sound Effects

Pilot Cookie

Files for Pilot Cookie, titled Sfx_Pilot_Arrival and Sfx_Pilot_Move. These are most likely from the same build from this early pre-release screenshot, as Pilot Cookie is being used as a stage gimmick there.

Space Doughnut Mussions

Titled Sfx_Alien_Donut_Mission_Complete, this was probably some form of an early mission objective. There's also sprites alluding to these missions.

Leveling Up Cookies and Hatching Pets from Eggs

Sound files relating to leveling up cookies and hatching pets. As of the Cookie Run: Puzzle World update, cookies can level up, however these sound effects remain unused.

Unused/Early Text

GingerBrave Escapes the Oven

<string name="$episode.popup.tutorial.text">GingerBrave has escaped from the Oven!</string>

Ominous text exclaiming that GingerBrave has escaped from the Oven.

Unused Item References

<string name="$item.buy.121">Would you like to buy an Extra Move Drink?</string>
<string name="$item.buy.1002005">Would you like to buy a Bear Jelly Windmill?</string>

Unused text referring to items that currently are not in the game.

Episode Lineup

<string name="$episode.popup.1010051.story">Picnic Time!</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010001.story">Brave Escape</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010002.story">My Hiding Place</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010039.story">Surf\'s Up!</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010023.story">Harmless Prank?</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010045.story">Cocoa Day</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010063.story">Green House</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010044.story">Lone Wolf Dilemma</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010068.story">Fantastic Show</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010007.story">Path of the Ninja</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010104.story">Empty Your Mind!</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010060.story">The Greatest Magician</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010009.story">Knight\'s Tale</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010008.story">Royal Adventure</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010034.story">Fount of Knowledge</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010059.story">Merry Parade</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010019.story">A Hero is Born</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010116.story">Dancing Sprite</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010124.story">From the Deep</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010113.story">The Masterpiece</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010101.story">Silver Screen</string>
  <string name="$episode.popup.1010013.story">Curse of the Night</string>

Episode lineup after the Hello! Brave Cookies release. It's worth noting Whipped Cream and Hero got their episodes switched, and Cream Puff replaced Squid Ink.