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OvenBreak 2

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Title Screen

OvenBreak 2

Developer: Devsisters
Publisher: Devsisters
Platform: iOS
Released internationally: December 13, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

OvenBreak 2 is the sequel to OvenBreak, and the prequel to Cookie Run.

GingerBrave's oven escaping becomes more interesting as he meets new friends such as the sweet GingerBright, the shy Strawberry Cookie GingerBerry, the fun-loving Cloud Cookie GingerBoogie, The gentlemanly Buttercream Choco Cookie GingerBold, and the stealthy Ninja Cookie NinjaBread.

Unused Hook Sprites

In the first OvenBreak, hooking was an ability that could be preformed when jumping and then pressing the slide button, GingerBrave/Dozer could grab onto a high object and climb across it, usually to avoid a hole. Hooking is absent from OvenBreak 2, but there are sprites present for every Cookie in the game doing it, indicating that the ability was scrapped during development.


OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 7.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBrave Hook 6.png


OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 6.png OvenBreak 2 Gingerberry Hook 7.png


OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 6.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBright Hook 7.png

Ginger Claus

OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 6.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 7.png OvenBreak 2 Ginger Claus Hook 8.png


OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 6.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 7.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBoogie Hook 8.png


OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 6.png OvenBreak 2 GingerBold Hook 7.png


OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 1.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 2.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 3.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 4.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 5.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 6.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 7.png OvenBreak 2 NinjaBread Hook 8.png

Unused Graphics


OvenBreak 2 pet02smo.png

An image titled pet02smo.png features an early version of Angel's Tear. This version of the pet is blue, with red facial features and blushing white cheeks. It's worth noting that this pet has a similar color to Dozer's nightcap from the first OvenBreak, who is absent in this game.

Early Fever Jellies

OvenBreak 2 F.pngOvenBreak 2 E 1.pngOvenBreak 2 V.pngOvenBreak 2 E 2.pngOvenBreak 2 R.png

Early designs for the Fever jellies. They resemble the art style of the first OvenBreak's equivalent, the FREEDOM jellies.

Early Title Screen

OvenBreak 2 Early Title.png

An early title screen for the game with an early logo. This simply reuses an image from the original OvenBreak.