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Cookie Run

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Title Screen

Cookie Run

Developer: Devsisters
Publisher: Devsisters
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: February 14, 2014
Released in KR: April 2, 2013

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Cookie Run is the third game in the series of endless runners featuring GingerBrave and his weirdo friends escaping an oven. Except this time, the game would be distributed by online messaging companies, Kakao in the Republic of Korea, and LINE elsewhere.

This page covers both the Kakao and now defunct LINE versions.


Ninetales Cookie Hanbok.png
Regional Differences
Japanese, Thai, and American people don't celebrate Chuseok; Deprive them of hanboks.
Cookie Run Wizard Placeholder.png
Early Placeholder Graphics
The Cookies tried to pass themselves off as Smurfs.

Unused Cookie

Cookie Run ch17.png
Cookie Run ch17 Spritesheet.png

A full fledged Cookie was created, but was never released for unknown reasons. The Cookie is internally named ch17, but is commonly nicknamed as Banana Peel Cookie within the fandom, likely to distinguish them from the officially released Banana Cookie. This cookie was unfortunately never released for reasons unknown.

The Cookie's graphics and animations can be forced to load if the spritesheet and associated .plists are used to replace an existing Cookie's one. Oddly enough, the Cookie appears to be very small when in use. The Cookie does not appear to have any known ability.

ch17 would also appear in the credits of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, until said credits were revamped on December 31st, 2019 and the icon was no longer put to use, once again forcing ch17 to obscurity again.

A tweet on June 16th, 2020 A Tweet, Devsisters had officially acknowledged this Cookie in response to someone asking about if Dozer and the released Banana Cookie would be added to Cookie Run: OvenBreak. Devsisters, in response, said "You mean this Banana Cookie?", which was the first time it was officially referred to with a name.

Unused Pets

There is a total of 2 unused pets that exist in the game's data.


This pet was intended to be the combi pet for ch17, but it, along with ch17, were dropped. There are no graphics for this pet aside from an image for it's treasure.


Cookie Run Unused Pet.png
Cookie Run pet25.png

A pet that appears to be a sentient pizza dough with a disembodied white hand beneath it tossing it. This pet is internally labelled pet25, and it has a low resolution sprite sheet of it as a recolor of Brain Gum. The pet would later be removed from the Pet spritesheet in 2016, but the recolored Brain Gum spritesheet remains.

Unused Treasures

ch17 Treasure

Cookie Run ch17 Treasure.png

A Treasure for ch17. It simply appears to be an image of ch17 with the text "sample" under them.

pet22 Treasure

Cookie Run pet22 Treasure.png

A Treasure for ch17's pet, pet22. This image is similar to the ch17 Treasure, but with an unused pet resembling a bottle of milk with a banana on it. This is theorized to be the appearance of pet22.

Unused Grade

Cookie Run SS Grade.png

An unused grade identifier for an "SS Grade". It appears to be a reused version of the S Grade banner with black text saying "SS".

Unused Lobby

Cookie Run Unused Lobby.png

A lobby for what seems to be an early version of Special Episode 2, which was later turned into the Tower of Frozen Waves. It appears to be a plain filled with yellow flowers.

Unused Music

A song that is a remix of the Tower of Frozen Waves theme that isn't used anywhere in game. In the files, it is named "[2016_0318] SnowFairy_Stage_BGM_Again_1.fsb", possibly indicating that this song may have been intended to play while Sea Fairy Cookie is running, similar to Rockstar Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie.