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At Least There Is Čeda Čedović

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Title Screen

At Least There Is Čeda Čedović

Developer: ProBurek Productions
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 5, 2020

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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At Least There Is Čeda Čedović is a game inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, featuring a lot of Serbian memes and obscure humor.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Speedrunner Mode

A gamemode specifically for speedruns, which would include a timer and records. Many leftovers are in the game, but the code itself for it does not exist. These leftovers include: Icon in the save file select, found in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/UI in the spritesheet of save select under the name of save_ui.


Unlock screen, which until the project file was released wasn't available anywhere, as it was unused anywhere, found in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/UI under the name of unlock_speedrun.


And loading screen text, that can be found in the path Assets/Scenes/LoadScreen.unity:

  • Pick up the pace!
  • No stopping!
  • Use Airdash often!
  • Hurry the hell up!
  • High APM No RNG Hands can stop you now!
  • There is no Credits Warp
  • Don't get cocky
  • If only this game had some kind of Sanic block
  • Where are the sequence breaks?
  • Hurry up!
  • Count on me, I'm gonna win the race!

Unused Rooms

Black Room

A room nearly identical to Emily Money's room, but without any doors and with a hint block in the middle. It was used during testing after completing every level. There's hint block text for this room in the game's folder, which says:

Point of advice: We have run out of levels. Please enjoy the Black Room of Fuck.

The room itself still exists in the game, on the path Assets/Scenes/MissingLevel but the Point of advice block doesn't have any text attached to it, displaying only the placeholder text.

Template Room

A test room, found on the path Assets/Scenes/Template, with various random objects placed in it. Uses 1-1 tileset, but doesn't have a background, using only checkered texture instead. There is an NPC in this room, but just like Point of advice block, displays only the placeholder text.

Unused Images

All of these images can be found in Assets/Resources/sprites.

Demo is Oger

Intended for a demo of the game, but no demo was ever released.

Demo is Oger.png


Image that was supposed to appear after completing the game.



Added in the game's folder as a joke. It's an edit of an ending image from Neighbors in Hell 2: Hardcore.


Unused NPC Dialogue

Schinger, Drummischt and Guitarischt

Dialogue related to three removed NPCs - Schinger, Drummischt, and Guitarischt, located on the path Assets/Text/NPC_dialog.txt. The dialogue indicates you would have talked to Schinger, had to find Drummischt and Guitarischt, then return to Schinger for your reward.

Schinger: You still need to go find my friends!
Čeda: Did I fucking ask you anything!?
Čeda: You there! Your fucking lead singer says he wants you two in band. If you don't go now, I'll punch you both in the dick. Yes, with one punch.
Drummischt: Yes, I schee. I'll be schure to go to him.
Čeda: Fuck, the whole sch thing is annoying.
Guitarischt: okay, sure. I guess we shouldn't have left him all alone there.
Čeda: Wait, why aren't you- ah, fuck it.
Schinger: Wow, thank you friend, the boysch are all here.
Čeda: Yeah I don't fucking care, give me waffle.
Schinger: Yes, ofcorsche, here you go, friend!

Demo Man

Demoman from Team Fortress 2, was supposed to appear at the end of demo for the game. Doesn't have the sprite, but has dialogue, which can be found in Assets/Text/demo_dialog.txt:

Čeda: Hey wait a minute, this isn't next level!
Demo Man: That it isn't, lad. I'm here to tell you that it's the end of the demo.
Čeda: This is bullshit, when is full game gonna be made!
Demo Man: Laddie, do I look like I have 2020 vision, I'm a bloody cyclops.
Čeda: I'm so mad.
Demo Man: But don't worry, the full game will be free too.
Čeda: I was going to pirate it anyway.
Demo Man: I'm a pirate sometimes too, ya know.
Čeda: So what the fuck do I do now?
Demo Man: You can just pause and exit to the map or exit the game.
Čeda: I don't have no other fucking choice I guess.


Čeda without any facial features or colors. Would appear at the end of the scrapped demo when entering Icy Tower level, replaced Demo Man due to lack of sprites for him. Both developers did not remember him nor the area he appeared in before the release of the development builds. Dialogue can be found in Assets/Text/NPC_EndDemo.txt

Čeda?: You can't pass this point.
Čeda: Hey, what the fuck is going on here. I'm the only real Čeda!
Čeda?: I only look like you because you're the only living thing in this void.
Čeda: What fucking void are you talking about, bre?
The sign at the entrance said something about a tower.
Čeda?: Well... it is not here, at least not yet.
Čeda: And now you're fucking teasing me as well?
You are lucky I do not have machine gun with me.
Or the only thing left here would be a red puddle.
Čeda?: Well that's too fucking bad for you, there is no tower here.
The other half of the world is not yet finished.
You are free to leave.
Čeda: WHAT?!
I come all this way to become king of Counter Strike and this is what you give me?
A blank fucking void with no exit?
Čeda?: For now, this is all there is.
Thanks for playing.
Čeda: This is bullshit. Next time I come here you better not be here. Or I will kill you --with or without machine gun.

Minigames Dialogue

Andre, Djole and Miroslav would have the player play a minigame before they could obtain key trophies, which were the original idea for Pieces of the Blue Apple. Andre would have the player go to different worlds and complete tasks, some of which would involve finding Andre's food, there were 6 missions, costing 3 Golden Sausages each. Djole would give the player questions to answer, costing 18 Golden Sausages. Miroslav would sent Čeda to the arena, fighting off various Miroslavs, with a cost to enter being 25 Golden Sausages.


First Time

Andre: Hello my friend, why do you come to my home.
Čeda: Listen here you ball of piss! I wish to earn that trophy/key of yours, how do I get it?
Andre: Ah well, I will need you to do a mission for me, one for each world. A small challenge if you will.
Čeda: Sounds good to me. What do you got?
Andre: Ah, but first, I need three golden sausages per mission.
Čeda: Ofcorse you do..

Regular Dialogue

Andre: So, are you ready for your mission?

-Yes, Here are sausages (Needs 3 Golden Sausages)
-Don't you think you've had enough sausages?


Andre: Very well, here is your mission:

World 1: In the second level of the Boring World, find all secret warp zones, simple, no?


Andre: Looks like you have failed your mission.
Well nobody got through in life by just giving up, chop-chop, get back to it!

Completed the mission

Andre: Hoho, you did well! That's one task off the list!
Now that you've completed that task, you get to try the next one!

Already completed the mission

Andre: Oh, so you did! It is very good! Doing your job in advance is very admirable, have some extra lives!
Now that you've completed that task, you get to try the next one!

Final mission completed

Andre: Well friend, you did all that I asked for, and you only wasted god knows how many sausages.
As your reward, I will give you this key trophy, it very good! I don't use it much, you can have it!


First Time

Čeda: Oi, Djole, I need that key trophy thing you keep, it looks like something good will happen if I get all of them!
Djole: They are used to unlock a special place in hell, just for you.
I use it as a fork when I am eating soup.
Čeda: Oh I get it, the joke is, not only do you use such a powerful artifact as something stupid as a fork
But also you say you use for eating soup, and you don't use forks to eat soup.
How very Random xd.
Djole: I can give you some, but only if you answer me these riddles three..
Čeda: Okay...
Djole: Actually, it's closer to a dozen riddles. But if you answer them, you can get the piece of key.
All I ask is if you give me three golden sausages per try.
Čeda: This is ridiculous amount of money just to answer some questions and win a prize.
This is just like Television Quiz!

Regular Dialogue

Djole: Are you ready for your test?

-Go ahead. (Needs 18 sausages)
-Fuck you, this is not school!


Djole: Okay, let's go!

Q1: (nothing yet)


Djole: Okay, I'll go back to eating soup.


Djole: Conconstipations! You've Winner! I'm very happy, and will give you my key piece. Good Luck!


Djole: Oops, sorry, you ran out of tries. Join us next time!


First Time

Miroslav: Hey Čeda, remember when every other person was spoofing slow-motion scenes from The Matrix?
Čeda: You are tool, you know this?
Miroslav: Oh so you want a fight, huh?
Čeda: Yes, actually, I can't wait to punch you in your face!
Miroslav: Well I have some good news! For only 18 sausages, you can fight in my arena, where you can fight against my army of Miroslavs.
Čeda: Very well!

Regular Dialogue

Miroslav: So you wanna fight, huh?

-Let's go already! (Needs 25 Golden Sausages)
-Fuck off.


Miroslav: Very well, may Mir Man have mercy on your soul, as you are about to fight Miro De Niro's army!


Miroslav: okay..


Miroslav: Well, looks like my army was too good for you! Get outta here! Come back when you're better at fightin'!
Čeda: Fuck you, you fuck!


Miroslav: Wow, you wiped out my army.
Čeda: Yes, now I will punch you in the cunt!
Miroslav: Wait wait wait! Don't hit me, mane! I have a Key trophy thing for you! Take it and don't punch me!

Old Death Jingle

An older variant of the death jingle, located in Assets/Audio/Sounds.

Unused Sprites

Djole Minigame

Present in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/NPCs. These sprites are located in "npc_djole" image, and were meant to be used in the scrapped Djole mini-game. The second sprite was reused for the Get 2 It level's ending.


Eternal Spooky Pepper Shaker

Present in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/Items. This sprite is located in "eternal_items" image, which implies Eternal version of SPS, similarly to Burek and Axe, would have existed as well. Other Eternal powerups that do not appear in-game were made as well, but they are not in the files, as they were made with thought they won't be used.


The Schwifty Boys

Present in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/NPCs. Sprites for Schinger, Drummischt and Guitarischt, were found in the project file under the name npc_the_schwifty_boys, that previously could not be obtained due to being completely unused. The sprite itself was shared by the developers of the game before.



Present in Assets/Resources in "ceda_overlay_big" sprite sheet. Technically is used in the game, but only for Halva effect to work.


Andre's Room

Present in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/Background under the name "andre_bg1". Unused variant of Andre's room. The new one was made as the old one "looked too depressing", according to LeatherIceCream, one of the developers of the game.


Unused Difficulty Sttings

Present in Assets/Graphics/Sprites/UI under the name "Difficulties". An unused variant of the difficulty select. "Simple" mode would have infinite lives, "Regular" and the rest had limited lives, "Expert" had the player lose any power up they had and turn small upon taking hit, and the last one is self explanatory.