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Team Fortress 2

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Title Screen

Team Fortress 2

Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: October 10, 2007 (Windows),June 10, 2010 (Mac OS X), February 14, 2013 (Linux)
Released in US: October 10, 2007 (Xbox 360),November 11, 2007 (PlayStation 3)
Released in EU: October 18, 2007 (Xbox 360),November 23, 2007 (PlayStation 3)
Released in AU: October 25, 2007 (Xbox 360),November 22, 2007 (PlayStation 3)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Team Fortress 2 (shortened to TF2 by many) is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter created by Valve; the ones who created Half-Life. It was initially released on the Orange Box in 2007 for Windows, Xbox 360 and then the PlayStation 3 in 2009. It was also Ported to Mac OSX in 2010, with the Linux community seeing a port in 2014. The game features nine different classes to play, all with their different features, weapons and cosmetics. Oh, so many cosmetics...

To do:
To-Do List
  • Shelf gib prop images
  • Some of the competitive badges got removed, and replaced with newer ones to indicate tiers better. Also the Starboard Crusader got an update to add badges to the hat, as well as 2 skins to add said badges. Document these models.


TF2 InfoSpeech.png
Unused Sounds
They just couldn't get them to shut up!
TF2 Nailgun.png
Unused Weapons
Heavy has...old weapon?!
TF2 ID Badge.png
Unused Items
Hat Fortress 2: The Unused Cosmetic Item Edition
TF2 Repair Node Textured.png
Unused Models
Tons of neat stuff to see!
TF2 Female Head.png
Unused Textures
Even more neat stuff to see!
TF2 Book.png
Unused Text
Someone please shut them up!!!

Half-Life 2 leftovers

A lot of the resources from Half-Life 2 were kept in for this game. The hl2 sub-folder folder weights in at around 2.6 GB. In it, you can find everything from voice lines, models of NPC's, enemies... Really, pretty much everything short of the actual map files.

The only reason this folder even exists in the first place is because a tiny fraction of the content is used in-game, such as the sound for respawning items, the respawn closet, and the sounds for hitting the geometry of the map, and we're not kidding when we say that's pretty much it.

Unused Training Mode

Spy was going to have a training sequence in Dustbowl but was cut. It is functional except for the missing text. To access it, go to Training and enter as Spy, then press ~ (to open the console by default, you may have changed it) and type "map tr_dustbowl" and enter. If you try either Demoman or Engineer, the hint box will show only a title and the countdown clock will freeze at 9 seconds.

(Source: Spyrin (reddit))

Regional Differences

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Provide pictures/audio of differing content and provide comparisons.

The German release of the game contains several changes to avoid getting a "keine Jugendfreigabe" ("adults only"). Valve changed the mercenaries to robots and made the blood to sparks; silly gibs are always enabled as well. There are also "bloodless" versions of the Axtinguisher and Ubersaw weapons, but, oddly enough, not of any other weapons.

(Source: Schnittberichte)

The French release of the game has the Spy's voice lines in English rather than French.

(Source: [1])

Unused Map


Team Fortress 2-background01.png

Initially used as the background for the main menu in the beta and console versions, this map was also intended to pre-cache assets into the game, namely class models and map-universal props. The map itself is based on the final capture point of cp_dustbowl. The main menu was reworked during the beta period in the September 21, 2007 patch, leaving this unused outside of the console versions. This map can be accessed using the console command "map background01".

Debug Cheats

Along with the usual debug console commands that are in every Source engine game, there are a few that are specific to TF2. As with all cheats, they require sv_cheats to be enabled.


Usage: addcond (effect number) (time effect lasts, in seconds - leave out for infinite) (which player should receive the effect, leave out for giving effect to yourself)

This hidden command allows you to apply status effects to yourself, including a few effects that are unused or typically unattainable by players. You can also use removecond (effect number) to remove an effect.

  • 0 or lower: Slowed movement speed, used when spinning the minigun or scoped with the Sniper Rifle. Forces player into reference pose.
  • 1: Sniper Rifle zoom. Crashes the game if you don't have a weapon with a scope equipped.
  • 2: Disguising - smoke effect
  • 3: Disguising - putting on disguise
  • 4: Cloaking effect
  • 5: Ubercharge! Will be automatically removed if you start getting healed by a Medic, dispenser or Payload cart.
  • 6: "Dust" effect from stepping out of a teleporter.
  • 7: Taunting - adding this condition does nothing, but removing it stops a taunt instantly.
  • 8: Ubercharge expiration effect, if player is also ubercharged.
  • 9: "Flickering" effect if cloaked - removed instantly when added.
  • 10: Teleporting - does nothing if added.
  • 11: Crit boost! As seen with the Kritzkrieg and Frontier Justice. Will be automatically removed if you start getting healed by a Medic, dispenser or Payload cart.
  • 12: Supposed to be a temporary damage buff, but doesn't seem to do anything.
  • 13: Dead Ringer effect. Works with any watch. Will also automatically apply condition 4.
  • 14: Bonk! Atomic Punch effect.
  • 15: Stun effect. Does nothing when added via console, but removing it while stunned works on removing the stun.
  • 16: Buff Banner effect.
  • 17: Chargin' Targe effect - the player will start walking forward with a limited turn rate, screaming like a Demoman. Only Demomen get the increased speed.
  • 18: The Eyelander's sinister eye glow effect. Does nothing if added, but removing it will remove your eye glow.
  • 19: Crit-a-Cola/Buffalo Steak Sandvich effect
  • 20: Adds glowing rings under the player's feet, as seen in the Amputator taunt. The rings are removed after a taunt ends, but the effect is not.
  • 21: Continuous healing. Does nothing when added, but removing will remove such an effect.
  • 22: Triggers the sound effects and speech related to being set alight. Removing this condition removes the afterburn effect.
  • 23: Supposed to be overhealing, but does not work when added or removed.
  • 24: Coated in Jarate.
  • 25: Bleeding. Does nothing when added, but removing will stop any bleeding.
  • 26: Battalion's Backup effect.
  • 27: Coated in Mad Milk.
  • 28: Quick Fix's visual effects and knockback immunity. Will be automatically removed if you start getting healed by a Medic, dispenser or Payload cart.
  • 29: Concheror effect.
  • 30: Marked for Death!
  • 31: All attacks are mini-crits (no crit glow on weapon), can't be healed in any way.
  • 32: Speed boost from being whipped across the hindquarters with the Disciplinary Action.
  • 33: Crit boost from picking up a Halloween Pumpkin.
  • 34: MvM Crit Boost canteen.
  • 35: Misc. generic crit boost effect.
  • 36: Soda Popper "hype mode" multi-jumps.
  • 37: Arena Mode "first blood" crit boost bonus.
  • 38: Victory crit boost given to winning team.
  • 39: CTF Intel capture crit boost.
  • 40: Crit boost used by crit-on-kill weapons like the KGB
  • 41: Can't switch away from Melee weapon. Used by the Buffalo Steak Sandvich.
  • 42: MvM Bomb Carrier buff - 35% less damage (50% less from Sentry Guns), team-colored buff ring effect.
  • 43: Reprogrammed - unused and currently broken. When it worked, adding it switched you to RED. Removing it switched you to BLU, made sparks come out of your head, and stunned/slowed you for five seconds. Likely intended for MvM.
  • 44: Phlogistinator's "MMMPH mode" crit boost
  • 45: Phlogistinator's "MMMPH mode" activation defence buff
  • 46: Hitman's Heatmaker "Focus mode" effect
  • 47: Makes the Enforcer lose its 20% bonus, as if you fired to remove a disguise.
  • 48: Marked for death! (GRU)
  • 49: Unused Dispenser disguise! Crouching makes you look like an enemy dispenser, which enemy Sentries will ignore, and slows your movement speed a little. Trying to switch weapon will freeze you briefly.
  • 50: Sparks spew out of your head. Used in MvM for sapped robots.
  • 51: "Hidden" Ubercharge - effect only displays briefly when shot. Used in MvM for robots that haven't entered the arena yet.
  • 52: MvM Canteen Ubercharge.
  • 53: Head turned into a bomb! Will only function properly if Merasmus is in the map. May crash on maps other than Ghost Fort.
  • 54: Can't move, funky disco music plays, all taunts are the Thriller taunt. Used in Ghost Fort's Wheel of Fate.
  • 55: Automatically adds condition 20 and 21 and causes the player and every nearby teammate to begin gaining health as if being healed by the Amputator. The player gets the credit for any healing that occurs. Conditions 20 and 21 are automatically removed when the player ends any taunt, but condition 55 remains active (though it does nothing after this point).
  • 56: Misc. Crit Boost
  • 57: Misc Ubercharge
  • 58: Vaccinator Uber: Bullet resistance
  • 59: Vaccinator Uber: Blast resistance
  • 60: Vaccinator Uber: Fire resistance
  • 61: Vaccinator Passive: Bullet resistance
  • 62: Vaccinator Passive: Blast resistance
  • 63: Vaccinator Passive: Fire resistance
  • 64: Instant cloak, can attack while uncloaking without having to wait for the animation to finish
  • 65: Unknown: Listed as "Medigun debuff".
  • 66: Enemy bots will ignore you, a vignette shows on the screen, and you gain the Spy's cloak effect.
  • 67: Bullet immunity
  • 68: Blast immunity
  • 69: Fire immunity
  • 70: Player cannot be killed (Buddha Mode) - automatically removed upon dropping to 1HP.
  • 71: MvM Bot gate-capture stun (automatically stuns bots and adds a radio effect above their heads, but has no effect on human players).
  • 72: "Minify" magic spell effect: Speed boost, firing speed boost, reload speed boost, and infinite double jumps
  • 73: Quick-Fix-esque healing effect
  • 74: Triple size, 10x health, forced into third person.
  • 75: 1/3rd size, big head, forced into third person.
  • 76: Death turns the player into a ghost, but they can still use voice commands.
  • 77: Turned into a ghost. RIP. Removing returns you to the land of the living.
  • 78: Unknown.
  • 79: Allows dodging similar to condition 14, but only dodges 75% of the time.
  • 80: Player is given a parachute which will be removed upon touching the floor.
  • 81: Gives the player the same fire rate bonus from the Air Strike.
  • 82: Gives the player Bumper Kart movement (from Scream Fortress 2014).
  • 83: Increased the players Field of View with their world model playing the Bumper Car boosting animation. If the player has condition 82, the player is forced to move forwards at a boosted speed until the condition is removed or they hit a wall or other player.
  • 84: Gives the player a larger head and lowered gravity.
  • 85: Melee only mode, adds conditions 32 and 75.
  • 86: Allows the Player to swim in air, gaining vision effects as if underwater or covered in Jarate.
  • 87: Locks the player in place and stops them from turning.
  • 88: Player gains a cage surrounding them, adding condition 87. However, this seems to crash the game.


Usage: removecond (effect number)

Like the name suggests, this hidden command removes the condition you input.


Usage: currency_give (amount)

Gives you money in MvM mode. Excessive amounts (over $30000 or so) may cause a server crash, so be careful!


As in other Source engine games, this lets you spawn entities. Here's some TF2-specific ones...

  • ent_create merasmus: Spawns Merasmus!
  • ent_create eyeball_boss: Spawns a BLU Monoculous!
  • ent_create eyeball_boss teamnum 2: Spawns a RED Monoculous!
  • ent_create eyeball_boss teamnum 5: Spawns the original Monoculous!
  • ent_create headless_hatman: Spawns the Horseless Headless Horsemann!
  • ent_create tf_zombie: Spawns Skeletons. Before Halloween 2013, it spawned a random class with a Voodoo-Cursed Soul and an invisible melee weapon.
  • ent_create tf_spell_pickup: Spawns a spellbook, as seen in Helltower
  • ent_create tank_boss: Spawns an MvM Tank! On Payload maps, it acts as an automated bomb cart, moving and capping points on its own. On other maps, it makes a beeline for the nearest door.
  • ent_create ghost: Spawns a ghost, which typically immediately falls through the floor or vanishes.
(Source: Team Fortress Wiki)

Civilian Class

The Civilian is an unused class that was in the VIP Escort gamemode in Team Fortress. In VIP Escort, the Civilian had to be escorted from one point on a map to another while under attack. Fitting the name, the Civilian was completely harmless to the opposing team. The class exists in TF2's game code as an unarmed, reference posed Scout with 50 HP, but made inaccessible in the December 20, 2007 patch. The Civilian was more than likely dropped in favor of the Payload bomb-cart and game mode.

A model of the Team Fortress Classic Civilian was created to act as a bobblehead in Meet the Sniper, with a couple of design alterations to make him not resemble Hitler so much.

Taunts and Animations

There are a few taunts and animations that are currently unused. Who knows if they'll ever see the light of day?


  • Engineer would take out his guitar and play a long tune on it. (replaced by Engineer's Frontier Justice taunt kill)
  • Engineer would wiggle around uncomfortably, then vomit. (labeled as "taunt10")
  • Animations exist for a revolver for Engineer in his c_arms model.


  • An unused taunt animation that was removed long ago had the Soldier stomp his feet, cross his arms then show something off.


  • Sniper's c_arms model has four unused animations with the prefix "rifrevolver", which display an unused rifle-styled revolver. The model for this weapon is not included in the game's files, though are presumed to be used for a community weapon named the "High Noon".


  • Scout has a taunt labeled as "taunt_come_and_get_me" which displays him wagging his lower body in a "come and get me" kind of manner, hence the name. Quite suggestive as well.


  • A taunt exists for Pyro named "taunt_sit" which shows him jumping into the air before sitting down. He then jumps right back up.


  • Spy's "c_arms" model contains four unused animations with the prefix "c_dart_gun". These animations show spy using a dart gun type weapon, with the animations being similar to his Revolver animations. It is possible that these were used for the unused Tranquilizer Gun weapon.


  • All robot classes have unique animations for dying from headshots or being backstabbed. Since the Engineer robot was later introduced, the animations are the same with human Engineer's. This applies to some other robots as well.

All Classes

  • There is a taunt for all classes (except Soldier and the Heavy) named "taunt_loot". It shows the different classes gaining something from a chest or a box. It is quite unfinished, because the Engineer's taunt animation is sped up, and of course, it isn't yet for all classes. Assuming that it will be. However, with the Gun Mettle update, these animations have been removed, but are still found in the Source Filmmaker underAnimation Sequences for those select characters.
  • Animations for death by fire are present for all classes excluding Pyro.

  • All classes have animations for throwing something, and are in their c_arms models, and are presumably used for the unused Water Balloon weapon. As well, the spell animations and the Scout's and Sniper's throwing animations are different.

Item Qualities

Within the game files, there are 4 item qualities that currently remain unused, one of which shares the same quality color as the Vintage quality.

  • "Completed" - No associated color
  • "Customized" - #476291
  • "rarity2" - #8D834B
  • "rarity3" - #70550F

Unused Marketing Poses

The following poses were used in marketing images, but never actually used ingame. The animations have been removed from the TF2 player model animation .MDL's, but can still be found in the Source Filmmaker animation .MDL's.

Unreachable Entities


TeamFortress2 Misplaced Objects mvmghosttown.png

Right behind the bathrooms, there are two misplaced objects. One is a medkit, another is an ammobox.


The same leftovers are in Coal Town map.

TF2-Unused stuff on mvm coaltown.png


Mannhattan's map-specific sounds are located in a directory called mvm_warehouse (under ambient or ambient_mp3) in "tf2_sound_misc_dir.vpk". It appears this may have been one of the planned names for the map.

A christmas hat?

The Achievement hat known as "The Full Head of Steam" in game, is known in the game's files as 'xms_steamwhistle_[Class].mdl' as a model, and 'xms_allclass_steamwhistle.vtf' as a texture. What's odd is the 'xms' at the beginning which is usually reserved for Christmas themed hats (Such as the B.M.O.C. being labeled 'xms_santahat' in the game's files). The Full Head of Steam is an achievement item awarded to players for completing several minor achievements on the map 'cp_foundry' and thus, is in no way Christmas related with its appearance, and the way it is obtained.

Unused areas in cp_powerhouse

Powerhouse, considering its lengthy development cycle, may have had more areas they intended for the players to access at one point. This includes an area at the final control point of both teams, which leads to an unfinished pathway, potentially for another path to the control point or for another control point entirely. With this also comes a waterfall which cannot be properly seen without using noclip.

Unused areas in cp_mercenarypark

Two unused areas exist in this map. The first one, located just outside the first control point, is a simple two-tiered room. Considering its design, it may have been considered as a spawn point at one point of development. The second area, however, is more intriguing. Located below the second control point, this area has more detail put into it, with cages and containers in it.