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Team Fortress 2/Unused Assets

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This is a sub-page of Team Fortress 2.

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Team Fortress 2 contains a fair amount of unused assets, be they models or textures.



Various unused textures can be found in the game files.


119th Update Badges Hidden Text

In the texture files for the Grizzled Veteran (gold), Soldier of Fortune (silver) and Mercenary (bronze) badges from the 119th Update, when viewing the alpha channel the text "EMPLOYEE CLASS" can be seen in the same location as the existing medals' name text.

When viewing the model in HLMV, under certain lighting conditions the text can be faintly seen under the existing name text. It is much easier to see on the Grizzled Veteran and Soldier of Fortune skins. It is almost impossible to see on the Mercenary skin due to the darker alpha channel of the texture.

It is unknown whether the text is placeholder text that was originally used when the textures were designed, or if it was the original text that was to be on the badge. Either way, it was left in the alpha channel. The text is not present in the alpha channel of the texture for the Primeval Warrior (platinum) badge, which was added a few patches later.

Unused Duck Journal Texture

After the End of the Line update, a Duck Journal was added that would track Duck XP and Duckstreaks from special Ducks that would drop when players were killed up until January 5th, 2015. There is a texture for the Duck Journal in the files not implemented in the model. It appears to be paintable, and has hidden text reading "LETS EAT!!!", which is a reference to Chica the Chicken, a character from the game Five Nights at Freddy's. Apart from potential copyright concerns, it's unknown why it wasn't included.

The texture was removed from the game files a few days after its addition, on the December 12, 2014 patch. However, the bump map and phong exponent textures still remain in the game files.

Unused Fresh Brewed Victory Textures

There are some unused/alternate textures for the Fresh Brewed Victory taunt, including a coffee bean texture (with a Windows mouse cursor on it...) and two tin can textures.

Note on Pocket Pauling Texture

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While not technically unused, there is a low-resolution note on the Pocket Pauling clipboard that's impossible to read in-game, which reads: "Scout is the best of the Teufort nine and he definitely deserves a pay rise and all the chicks in the world." Make of that what you will...

Most Wanted Notepad Names

The model used in the Sniper's Most Wanted taunt show off a list of names, and although it's hard to read the list while in-game, the names are much clearer on the texture. The majority of the names are either taken from TF2 Community Contributors in the Facepunch Community or are references to Valve-owned Properties.

Name Explanation
S. Nipe A reference to Sn1pe, the co-contributor of the Most Wanted taunt.
S. Quare References user Square, who is known for contributing many items including the Scorch Shot, the Tools of the Trade, the Heavy Lifter and more.
A. Pesquera References user Druida, who co-contributed the Back Scatter.
P. OGO References user POGO, who contributed the Bigg Mann on Campus, Bozo's Bouffant, and assisted in creating the Robotic Boogaloo update.
S. Greg References user Serious Greg, known for contributing numerous items including the Eye-Catcher, the Skullcap, and the Facepeeler.
N. Demente References user NeoDement, contributor of items such as the Wiki Cap, the Cute Suit, Level Three Chin and numerous items featured in the Robotic Boogaloo update.
N. OizBlaz This is a reference to user Noizeblaze, who contributed the Juggernaut Jacket, Borscht Belt, and the Winter Wonderland Wrap.
N. D. Wise This is referencing the user Napy Da Wise, known for contributing items such as the Deep Cover Operator, Fashionable Maniac, and the Merc's Muffler.
Z. Smith References user Sexy Robot, who's known for contributing the Panic Attack, Flying Guillotine, Pocket Momma; and was also one of the modellers working on the End of the Line update.
V. Hideous This is a reference to user Hideous, who contributed items such as the Western Wear, Graybanns, and Well-Rounded Rifleman.
D. Conagher This is the name of The Engineer, Dell Conagher.
W. Overbeck This is the name of William "Bill" Overbeck from Left 4 Dead.
G. Freemann This is the TF2-ified variation for the name of Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.
A. Vance This is the name of Alyx Vance from the Half-Life series.
G. Newell This is referencing Gabe Newell, Valve's co-founder.
D Tickler It's exactly what you think it is...
Mundy, The Sniper's real name, which was first revealed as Mister Mundy in the Meet the Director comic. This name is written on the sides of the pages, making it even harder to see than normal.


Special Crate

A backpack icon for an unused "special" crate variant can be found in the game files.

Backpack Icon Model Textures

Several textures for the models that were used to create backpack icons for certain items were accidentally released in the game files early on.

Based on these textures being for models that were used to create backpack icons for items, it is theorized that the relevant models for these textures are in the Source Developer Repository, and that these textures were initially meant to only be available through the repository until they were accidentally included in the game files. Backing this theory up, recent Source Developer Repository leaks have shown that assets related to crafting items and other crate keys are in the repository.

Bundle Textures

Present in materials\models\player\items\crafting are several textures for a model used in the backpack icons of several item bundles from the Mann-Conomy Update. The model is not available to the public, but the textures made their way into the game for unknown reasons. Most likely, the model would have just used all of these textures as skins, to make the process of backpack icon creation for bundles as easy as possible.

The backpack icons for the bundles give an idea of what the model would have looked like.

Mann Co. Crate, Chain and Key Textures

Also present in materials\models\player\items\crafting are the textures for models for the Mann Co. Supply Crate model, the chain model for the crate, and the Mann Co. Supply Crate Key.

And once again, the backpack icons shed some light on what the model looked like.

Paint Can

Finally, present in materials\models\player\items\crafting as well, is the texture for the model used in creating the backpack icons for the Paint Cans. This texture appears to be the default texture for the model, as the default backpack icon for the paint can features paint that is a similar-looking brown to that of the texture. Textures for the other paint can colors are not present in the files.

The brown paint can appears to be the "default" version in the item schema. Whether the paint can model itself uses multiple skins for each colored version, or the $color2 VMT parameter to change the color of the brown paint portions of the texture is not yet known as the model is not publicly available.

Within Steam, when viewing painted items in a player's inventory or on the Steam Community Market, occasionally a display bug can occur where a recolored version of just the paint portion of the model appears over top of the item in question. This seems to be due to how Steam handles the item icons for the paint cans, using the "default" brown can as the base image and applying a color-swapped paint overlay on top to represent the actual color.

Characters/Game Modes

RED MvM Robot Textures

The "Mann Vs. Machine" game mode drops the RED team into a tower-defense scenario against an insanely-large horde of BLU robots (though, confusingly, the bots are canonically on the "gray" team, and BLU is supposed to be just as much a victim of their onslaught as RED). All of the robots that are modeled after the player classes have complete standard and Ubercharged textures for being on the RED team (the RED team skin being the default), as well as RED skins for all their giblets, even though they are always on BLU. The textures are "used" when a RED player's model is replaced by a robot model due to a rare bug, but there is no official way to make RED robots appear. Both the normal robot models, and the "boss" variants for certain classes (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman and Heavy) all have these unused RED skins.

Female Head Texture

Discovered around May 22nd, 2009 (a day after the Sniper vs Spy update was released), this is a very odd texture that sparked up the "Is the Pyro female?" debate on a few forums. This texture was found in Team Fortress 2's GCF files for a short period of time before being removed. The VTF file itself was incredibly high resolution, coming in at 2048x2048. It was located in materials\models\players\shared_parts\head\female before it was removed.

(Source: "Pyro MIGHT actually be female after all" - Facepunch)

Minimap Icons

Found in the materials\sprites\minimap_icons folder are 7 minimap icons, potentially remnants of the scrapped commander system.

Old Random Class Icon

An unused icon for the Random Class option that depicts a thick stick figure character. Interestingly, this icon is actually used, alongside a matching "inactive" version, in the June 2007 build.

Cash Pile

A placeholder texture for a model which no longer exists found in the "models/items" folder. Maybe it was used while developing Mann vs. Machine.

Unused Game Mode Textures

Alongside the other Casual game mode options, graphics for the Special Delivery and Arena game modes exist. However, the only official Special Delivery map, Doomsday, is placed in the Misc. category, leaving that graphic unused. An equivalent graphic exists for Arena. Unlike Special Delivery, the Arena game mode has nearly a dozen maps to choose from, some being converted from other gametypes such as Capture Point or King Of The Hill. In the end, it also goes unused.

Unused Normal Map for Spy

Within the files of Team Fortress 2, there is an unused normal map texture, materials\models\player\spy\spy_refractnormal.vtf. This normal map does not resemble the base Spy textures, which led to some confusion as to what it was based on. A while before the Postal 3 source code leak that contained the June 25th, 2007 TF2 build occurred, a smaller leak of a few early player textures happened in private Discord servers which resulted in a very early Spy texture leaking. While its legitimacy is unconfirmed, it is still interesting as the class emblem on its shoulder is highly similar to the Team Fortress Classic symbol for the Scout. The UV layout however, is identical to the layout seen in spy_refractnormal.vtf which could indicate its legitimacy.


"Rifle" texture

A blank texture for a "rifle" can be found at materials\models\weapons\w_scattergun.

Fire Retardant Suit Backpack Icon

The backpack icon for the Fire Retardant Suit has existed in the game's files, but has gone unused, for years. This weapon was apparently tested during the 2009 Closed Beta and somehow or another, its backpack icon ended up being shipped.

Unused Thermal Thruster Texture

There is an unused Thermal Thruster texture which turns it pink and decorates it with yellow and light blue markings and smiley faces. The texture doesn't fully match up with the current model of the Thermal Thruster, with only the thrusters being correctly textured, meaning it may have been made for an earlier version of the model. It's possible that it was intended to be seen when the player was in Pyrovision mode, but since there's no BLU counterpart, it was likely scrapped quite early in development.

Unused Chargin' Targe Textures

The Chargin' Targe, a shield weapon for the Demoman, once used RED and BLU team textures. However, this was changed to a neutral yellow texture for easier identification in the 119th Update, leaving the original skins unused (although the original BLU texture is still used for the backpack icon). On top of this, there is another unused BLU texture named c_targe_blue.vtf that is effectively the same texture but with a lighter palette.

Temporary Dispenser Screen

There is a placeholder screen for the Dispenser in the files. It's a simple blue texture with many lines of numbers on it, along with a repeated message saying it's temporary, just so you know for sure. And yes, the weird brown bits are part of the texture.

Kill Icons

There are many unused kill icons, several of which actually were used in the game at one point...and some for weapons that have never been in the game at all.

Kill Icon Description
TF2 KI Explosion.png TF2 KI ExplosionW.png Likely implemented early on in development for explosive weapons, this icon has been in the files since the game's release.
TF2 KI Ambassador HS1.png TF2 KI Ambassador HS1W.png Scoring a headshot with the Ambassador, version 1. This was used in-game from the Sniper vs. Spy Update to the Engineer Update, but was changed to the Sniper Rifle headshot icon for unknown reasons.
TF2 KI Ambassador HS2.png TF2 KI Ambassador HS2W.png Scoring a headshot with the Ambassador, version 2. This was included in the game's files, but never used in-game, and is only assumed to be related to the Ambassador. When this was initially added to d_images.vtf and dneg_images.vtf, it was completely black. This was later fixed, but the icon still was never used. See the Oddities section below this box for images of this.
TF2-D blutsauger.png TF2-Dneg blutsauger.png Scoring a kill with the Blutsauger, but the icon is styled after the unused Blutsauger Dart projectile model. This kill icon was in the game files until the June 19, 2008 Patch (Pyro Update), where it was overwritten by the newly-added Axtinguisher's kill icon.
TF2 KI Holiday Punch.png TF2 KI Holiday PunchW.png A kill icon for killing a laughing player with the Holiday Punch.
TF2 KI Wrap Assassin Bauble.png TF2 KI Wrap Assassin BaubleW.png An alternate kill icon for killing a player with the Wrap Assassin's alt-fire bauble.
TF2 KI Half Zatoichi.png TF2 KI Half ZatoichiW.png An alternate kill icon for the Half-Zatoichi, assumedly designed for when a Half-Zatoichi wielder instantly kills another Half-Zatoichi wielder.
TF2 KI Third Degree.png TF2 KI Third DegreeW.png A kill icon for killing a player via the Third Degree's damage transfer effect.
TF2 KI Lvl1Sentry Laser.png TF2 KI Lvl1Sentry LaserW.png This icon appears similar to the standard Level 1 Sentry kill icon with one clear difference: the Sentry appears to have some kind of laser attached to the top. The icon was introduced to the game's files in the May 27, 2010 Patch alongside several other community-submitted killicon additions that did get used. Seeing as a sentry that is remote-controlled by the Wrangler weapon uses laser sighting, it can be assumed that this icon would have been for it when it was released in the Engineer Update, but scrapped in lieu of a picture of the Wrangler itself.
TF2 KI Deflect Baseball.png TF2 KI Deflect BaseballW.png Scoring a kill with a deflected baseball.
TF2 KI Deflect Arrow HS.png TF2 KI Deflect Arrow HSW.png Scoring a headshot with a deflected arrow.
TF2 KI Deflect FireArrow.png TF2 KI Deflect FireArrowW.png Scoring a kill with a deflected flaming arrow.
Scoring a headshot with a deflected flaming arrow. Two versions exist, one found in d_images.vtf/dneg_images.vtf and one in d_images_v2.vtf/dneg_images_v2.vtf. There is a slight difference in width between these icons, and the fire color may also be slightly different.
Kill icon added with the Engineer Update for scoring a kill with a flaming arrow headshot. Two versions exist, one found in d_images.vtf/dneg_images.vtf and one in d_images_v2.vtf/dneg_images_v2.vtf. There is a slight difference in the fire color between them.
TF2 Baleful Beacon Killicon.png TF2 Baleful Beacon KilliconW.png Baleful Beacon kill-icon. Exists in the VPK files, but the weapon does not yet exist in-game.
TF2 Flyswatter Killicon.png TF2 Flyswatter KilliconW.png Stratonic Swatter kill-icon. Exists in the VPK files, but the weapon does not yet exist in-game.
TF2 Shred Alert Killicon.png TF2 Shred Alert KilliconW.png Shred Alert kill-icon. Exists in the VPK files. Indicates that the Shred Alert taunt was meant to damage enemies.
TF2 Killicon Balloon1.png TF2 KillIcon Balloon1W.png Water Balloon/Paint Bomb kill icon. Weapon does not exist in-game.
TF2 Killicon Balloon2.png TF2 KillIcon Balloon2W.png Water Balloon/Paint Bomb kill icon. Weapon does not exist in-game.

In early versions of the d_images.vtf and dneg_images.vtf files from around the time when the 2nd version of the Ambassador headshot kill-icon was first added, the icon was completely black compared to the rest of the kill icons on these textures.

Stat Clock Leftovers

There are quite a few leftover textures from the development of the Stat Clock item (used as a visual Strange-quality kill counter on Decorated Weapons), which can be found in the materials\models\weapons\stattrak folder.

A lot of these are directly from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, including all 10 digits (0-9) for both StatTrak firearms (a visible dot-matrix counter) and melee weapons (scratches into the blade of the weapon), normalmaps and all. These were likely used as placeholders for the final Stat Clock's appearance, to ensure the counter worked properly.

What's more interesting, however, is the stuff that isn't in the CS:GO files. Namely a 14-segmented display variant of the StatTrak digits that is green (including the "ERROR USER UNKNOWN" message that appears when you hold someone else's StatTrak weapon in CS:GO), and a stattrak_module_head.vtf texture. This latter texture is the same as the standard StatTrak module's texture, but with "HeadTrak™" as the label instead of "StatTrak™". What its purpose would have been in Counter-Strike is unknown.


Badlands Textures

Within the materials\models\props_badlands folder are numerous unused textures for things that were going to be part of the map cp_badlands. Most textures are actually visible, while others are just AO bakes.

Laser Textures

The following textures are all part of a giant laser of death (or maybe peace and prosperity?) that was potentially going to be part of the map.

Unused Model Textures

These textures are for the unavailable-to-the-general-public models that were meant to appear in the map.

Firing Range Textures
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Other firing range textures

Within the same folder are numerous textures prefixed with firingrange, indicating that at one point in time, a firing range area was intended to be part of Badlands. Only the dividing guard and cibles textures remain intact as the other firing range-related textures are greyed out.

The figures in cibles.vtf aren't based off of their final game renders, but from concept art. Note some different things, such as Sniper having a shotgun and Medic using the unused Syringe weapon.

(Source: teamfortress.com)
Spawn Room Textures

There are a few spawnroom-prefixed textures for models such as a bench, a light, a wall-mounted TV and lockers. The models are not present in the VPKs.

Spawn Room Turret

There are unused textures for a more stylistically fitting turret in materials\models\buildables\spawn_room, but no matching model available. The gun model did make an appearance in the game files years later, being re-used as part of an unused Mercenary Park guard tower prop.

(Source: Leaked render of the Spawn Room Turret model - TF2CCWiki on Twitter)

Rocket Silo Texture

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The rocket silo model is by default unused in the game, but its texture exists despite the lack of a VMT. Adding a custom rocket_silo001.vmt into the materials\models\props_spytech directory alongside this allows the model to appear as it should;

	"$basetexture" "models/props_spytech/rocket_silo001"
	"$selfillum" "1" 

NOTE: The self-illumination is because there's an alpha channel over the entire texture but the white-looking dots are intended for lamps!

Sack Texture

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Get screenshots of these models with their materials fixed.

Similar to the rocket silo, "the sack" has the same problem except this one's MDL file mentions the textures to be in materials\models\pr7663~1. Taking the sack.vmt file from the materials\models\props_gameplay folder and dropping it into the newly created materials\models\pr7663~1 allows the sack's textures to load properly.

Prop Shelf Gib Texture

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Once again, but all the shelf's props (when broken) use the same missing VMT file but once again, this time in models\props_farm\gibs. Copying the shelf_props01.vmt and pasting it into the "gibs" directory (if you don't see one, make one!) allows the shelf's gibs to appear perfectly... And curiously, the oilcan has an unused BLU variant!

Menu Backgrounds

Several menu backgrounds that were formerly used in older updates still remain in the game files despite going entirely unused nowadays.

Meat Your Match

These backgrounds were used when you chose Pyro or Heavy during the disaster known as Meet Your Match.

Update-Specific Backgrounds

The following backgrounds were only used during their respective updates.

Unused Warpaints

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There are several unused Warpaint textures in the game files.

Unused Concealed Killer Warpaints

Some unused skins meant to appear at the Concealed Killer case.

Unused Warbird Collection Warpaints

Some unused skins meant to appear in the Warbird Collection.



Unused Blutsauger Dart

When the Blutsauger was first added in the Gold Rush update, Valve was originally going to use this model for the projectile. In-game they use the stock Syringe Gun's darts.

Higher Poly Ambassador Model

The following files for a higher poly count Ambassador weapon model were found in the game files, in an oddly-named parts folder within the actual c_ambassador.mdl's model folder until the June 8th, 2009 Patch when they were removed from the game:


Maps/Game Modes

Degroot Keep Scroll and Ticket Booth

Included as part of the Australian Christmas update. Their intended uses are unknown, though they're in the DeGroot Keep materials folder.

Mercenary Park "Island" Models

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In models/props_island, there are unused models related to the map "Mercenary Park". These models include:

  • island_silo.mdl, a large white colored silo with an orange stripe.
  • island_speedboat.mdl, a speedboat that rocks back and forth and has a large chunk taken out of its side. Has "Sax Machine" written on the back.
  • sign_yetiisland_s01.mdl, _l01.mdl, _n01.mdl, and _d01.mdl, giant sign letters "S, L, N, and D". Given the props' prefixes, it's most likely from an early version of the Yeti Park sign above BLU team's first spawn that was meant to read "YETI ISLAND".
  • yeti_cell01.mdl, a large somewhat untextured cell with an open cage door at its front.


These unused flag models are in the same folder as the briefcase used for the flag in the final game. They're based off the flags in Team Fortress Classic.

Those faces, by the way, are those of Robin Walker and John Cook, the creators of The Team Fortress series.

Neutral Briefcase

This version of the Intel briefcase is fully functional, but is not used in any official levels. It was provided solely for designers of custom levels to use. It looks and behaves a lot like the team-colored Intel briefcases, except that it's grey and both teams can pick it up. The Objective HUD supports One-Flag CTF using this item.

Payload Carts

Within the game's files, there are 3 untextured models of unused Payload carts. Two of the models highly resemble a train, albeit scaled down a bit. The third model is based on a concept art image of a Payload cart.

Passtime Duffel Bags

These duffel bags appear in a single cornered off room on the RED Team side of the Passtime Warehouse map. With the lighting disabled, the only duffel bag shown on the map is, in fact, the opened up Grey duffel bag. BLU does not have the equivalent "secret room", meaning the RED duffel bags & Camo duffel bags go unused.



The models models\bots\skeleton_sniper\skeleton_sniper.mdl and skeleton_sniper_boss\skeleton_sniper_boss.mdl both only use 4 skins on their models; Red, Blue, Green and Orange. The Red, Blue and Green skins are all used in normal gameplay. Red and Blue being team-based for the Halloween spell player-spawned Skeletons, and the Green being for neutral Skeletons. The Orange skin however is not used. The textures materials\models\bots\skeleton\hwn_skeleton.vtf, and hwn_skeleton_purple.vtf also exist in the game's files, but go entirely unused by the model and game.

Decapitation Model

Released along with the Eyelander, there is a scrapped model that would have been placed at the player's neck when decapitated by the Eyelander instead of simply having their head shrink so small you can't see it anymore. Only the Soldier's model was included in the VPK, but it is assumed all classes would have had their own model, in a similar fashion to several multi-class hats.

Taunt Prop Models

In the files for the new models for the taunts added in the Love and War update, three models exist that are left unused. These include:

  • A 3D version of the taunt bundle icon with no textures. There is also an unused backpack icon for the bundle.
  • An alternate mug model for the fresh brewed victory taunt, colored red with writing on it that says "V for victory".
  • A serving dish with a skull on it. Underneath the main model there is a towel with missing textures, meaning the model may be unfinished. A version of this model is now used in the Headcase taunt for the Pyro.

General Test Models

Test Fence

There's one fence model which is unlike any others in models\props_gameplay that uses the Half-Life 2 Lambda symbol for the "wiring".

Halloween Jiggle Test

In models\props_halloween, there's a file named hwn_jiggle_test.mdl which, fittingly enough, serves as a jigglebone test. It's a thin square.

Test Tank Track

In models\bots\boss_bot, a file named test_track_r.mdl contains a tank track.

Misc. Models


A lightly rebranded Arriflex (or an ARR! here) 435ES movie camera with a highly detailed model. Also exists in Half-Life 2, apparently.

When asked about its planned purpose, Robin Walker said "I can’t quite remember. Might have been something for SFM. Or perhaps we built it when we were tinkering with a prototype of a spectator class who made movies of the match in realtime."

Alternate Deathcam UI

Alternate version of the deathcam function. Would have depicted the F5'd deathcam picture landing on top of a pile of other pictures, all of which appear to have been taken from beta versions of the game.

"Urban" Models

In models\props_urban, there are some untextured temporary models such as some buildings for the background of the map, a crane, and a tower-like building. It's unknown what these may have been used for and where they would've been.

Trainyard Track Ramp Model

The following files for a dev textured ramped train track model were found in the game files until they were removed entirely in the April 29th, 2008 Patch (Gold Rush Update):



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Unused Pyromancer's Mask Horns

The Pyromancer's Mask has an unused bodygroup, which gives it different horns. These horns are straight and are colored grey.

All-Class Nanobalaclava

At one point, the Nanobalaclava (a Deus Ex promo item) was going to be all-class. In-game it's used only by Spy.