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Proto:Source Filmmaker

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Source Filmmaker.

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Well before the release of Source Filmmaker in 2012, a version of the tool leaked with the 2010 beta for Team Fortress 2. The tool also leaked again when SFM went into Closed beta after Meet the Pyro was released. It includes various lines and tid-bits that are not available to find in the currently released open beta version of Source Filmmaker.

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Leaked Expiration Date Props
Files that were leaked back in 2012, some of which were remade for Expiration Date!

Unused Models

All the unused content below was found in the Source Filmmaker Leaked beta, and remains unreleased to the Open Beta of SFM, unless stated otherwise.

Strange Polaroid Textures

There are two polaroid models in the SFM leaked beta, with a combined total of 25 "skins". The square polaroids are under the model "Polaroid", and the last row of seven are under the "Polaroid_High" model (those last seven are used in Meet the Spy). Skins 1, 2, and 3 get used and are stuck on the Snipers' mirror, with The Demoman skin most likely for self-reference for the development of Meet The Sniper (it references Sniper shooting the Demoman by accident). The rest of the square polaroid skins are likely testing various things, such as blood spatter placement and super-imposing the RED spy's head onto real life images (for some reason...).


Alert Signs!

As you may have guessed, these are all of the panels seen at the start of Meet The Spy, with the Panels Intruder Alert, Red Spy, In Base being absent (they're a single separate panel, which uses skins to display the different warnings). A complete, but modified version of the prop, can be seen in the Intel rooms on the map Doublecross.

There are also some fairly clever references on the panels, such as the panel: Leaked Video, a reference to the fact that Meet The Spy was unintentionally leaked by Valve (which replaces the Lost memory panel from the leaked version), the fact that BLU is unusually stylised as BLUE, A reference to the then-hinted at Jarate, a reference to the ongoing Joke of the Pyro's identity (the panels Red Pyro, Is a Man, Is A Woman are right below one another) and references to both Special Delivery (which wasn't released until June 2012's Pyromania Update) with the panels Team Update, New Mission being next to each other, and Mann Vs Machine (released in August 2012), with the Is A Robot Panel.

Cigarette Machine

The Cigarette Machine, found in the backgrounds of both Meet The Spy (in the Intelligence room) and Expiration Date (next to the Fridge). In the Leaked Beta files, there are 2 versions of the same file: Scaled and Not scaled, with the size of the prop being the only difference between the two; One to match the heights of the classes in Team Fortress 2, and one for reference, presumably.

Gabe Newell's Metal Lathe

A metal Lathe which is fully modelled...and bears the Birth Date of Gabe Newell, along with his surname! This was most likely an inside joke between the developers at Valve, and was most likely meant to be a background prop for a future Meet The Team Video, given that it was so extensively modelled (heck, there are even on-off buttons!). So far though, it's only ever been seen in the Engineer Update teaser as a foreground object, which partially obscures the scrolling camera.

Old Fashioned Sentry Gun Model

There is an early game model of an old fashioned Gatling Gun on wheels. It can be seen in the first page of the Engineer Update. It was partially implemented in-game by adding Brass Beast weapon for Heavy, which has the same barrel model.

Working Keypad

Well, sort of. Once used in SFM, you get an option of 12 skins to use, each corresponding to a separate button being lit up on the keypad. What's even weirder is that the passcode to access the BLU Intelligence Room in the Meet The Spy short, is 1-1-1-1, making the process of lighting the other buttons up useless. As a bonus piece of trivia, it's subtly revealed in Expiration Date that both teams use the same passcode on each team's respective door keypads, as the 1 button is noticeably worn out in the two shorts. The keypad is also seen on the Team Fortress 2 Item The Scrumpy Strongbox, bearing the same keypad and worn out "1" button.

Pyroland Flower Spy

Appears to be a giant flower with a Spy's face. Despite the model's overall theme and style, it was not used in the Meet the Pyro video.

Comic Book Cover

The comic book cover you never get to see in the Meet the Medic video. When placed in SFM, it's under a skin for the "Scout's Mom" secret file, seen in Meet The Spy.

Robot Scout Blueprint

In the Engineer update teaser, there is a blueprint where a robot hand can be seen. The full texture was discovered in the leaked files, and it appears to be the Robot Scout.

Unused Sounds

Name File Description
Seven announcer clips that are either meant to be heard in Meet The Spy, or go unused. The first four clips are heard in the short, but the order they are placed in is not the same order they are heard in, in said short. The last three go unused. If you listen closely to Meet The Spy at the part where the soldier opens the intelligence room (0:19), you can hear a faint "Access Granted" said by the Administrator, something you're not likely to hear first time around as it is drowned out by the Scout and Alarm bells. This can be heard better by listening to the "Mtt_spy_v70_mixa.wav" file below".
A mostly silent piece of audio, with a truck sound in the middle of it all. Out of the 4 pieces of truck-related audio in the SFM Beta, this is the most similar one to the one heard at the start of Meet The Sniper.
Yet another piece of vehicle-related audio. This clip has two separate clips of (what are presumed to be) buses going past. Both clips don't sound the same either.
This is a compilation of sound effects heard at the end of the Meet The Heavy short, without the music from the original clip.
A score of the times in which the Medic says "ah" in Meet The Medic.
The bomb whistle heard at the start of Meet The Medic.
The line the Medic says in Meet The Medic while trying to stuff the Heavy with a Baboon's heart.
With the exception of a few sound effects, this appears to be the entire Soundtrack to Meet The Demoman. In it, note that there are quite a few sound effects you never hear in the short, notably the beep at the start, the several beeps as explosions go off, the sentry's SFX are slowed down and you also get to hear what the Demoman says where the censor would cut him off (hint: he does swear, but not for as long as you'd imagine).
The entire sound mix for Meet The Spy (including the censor) all in one file. Note that this is the mix for the version released by Valve officially, not the one that they leaked unintentionally (the difference being that the Announcer states "Intruder Alert" twice in the leaked version, whereas in the official one, it's only said once).
"Woah, who the fuck are you!?" This sound technically is used in Meet The Medic by the Scout, but only a small section of it is used and therefore the sentence is never finished.