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Team Fortress Classic

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Title Screen

Team Fortress Classic

Developer: Valve
Publishers: Sierra Entertainment, then Valve
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: April 7, 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Team Fortress Classic is a Valve-developed mod that was originally released with a Half Life patch. Back in the day, when men were men, women were nervous, and Medics were faster than Scouts, it ruled the FPS scene with Unreal Tournament, Quake III Arena, and Counter-Strike. It's only played by a handful of people today, since most players moved on to the cartoonier Team Fortress 2. Subsequently, this game got added to TF2's storyline proper.

Unused Graphics

Unused Flag

Valve that aint a rat!

An unused flag model can be found in the game's files under the model name "bigrat.mdl". The actual model is from Quake Team Fortress, the first TF game ever made.

Gas Mask

Pure late 90s quality model, folks.

A gas mask model can be found in the game's files. It is likely that it was supposed to be used for the Rock2 map, as the Quake Team Fortress version of Rock2 uses a custom gas mask model for the item that protects you from gas when a team scores.

Early Nailgun

A HUD texture for an early Nailgun can be found. The actual model shown is the HL1 MP5 model, which can be seen in an early screenshot.

Early Flamethrower

An early Flamethrower HUD image can also be found with the rest of the HUD images, and it can be seen in a pre-release screenshot as well. It seems to be an unaltered Gluon Gun.

Unused Items

Quake Powerups

All of the powerups from Quake can be found in the game's file, placed in the map editor and work in-game, but only the Biosuit appears in official levels.

Unused Armor

A model for Yellow armor follows the same pattern that most of the Quake powerups do; model found in the files, can be placed in maps and works, but never used in any official map.

Unused Textures

Note that all of these can be found in TFC.WAD and TFC2.WAD unless otherwise stated.

Buttons with Numbers on Them

The game contains both lit and unlit versions of an elevator button used in Half-Life, but with 1, 2 or 3 on them. The lit versions are colored red, instead of the orange/yellow color the source texture uses.


The CABLE set contains textures of signs leading to the flag room, and oddly, a tram. Perhaps there was going to be a level that had a tram in it at one point?

Extra Command Point Signs

TFC.WAD contains graphics for signs that say "Command Point 6", "Command Point 7", and "Command Point 8". None of these are used.

Green and Yellow Team Logos

Team logos of the Green and Yellow teams can be found. However, since these teams were not used in the base game, they go unused.

Help Sign


A sign with "help" on it. Based on how it's located right after the command point signs and made in the same style they are, it's likely that it's connected with them.

Keycard Indicator Texture


A texture with a keycard (the type found in rock2) can be found in TFC.WAD. This was meant to be used in the level eleventh.bsp, which was cut from the game and released separately.

OFF Series

The OFF set of textures appear to be textures for modern office buildings.

Open and Close Signs

Signs with "Open" and "Closed" on them can be found. There are also lit versions of them, with "Open" being green and "Closed" being red.

Soda Machines

These were meant to be used in the level signal.bsp, which was cut from the game and released separately.

S Signs

The "S" signs consist of signs that were not used in the final game. The metal signs were meant for the cut map signal.bsp, while the white ones were intended for eleventh.bsp.

Team Fortress 2 Ad

Tfc AD TF2.png

Located in tfc2.wad is an ad for the then-upcoming Team Fortress 2.

Unused Map

Tfc MAP.png

A map for a cut level can be found. It was meant to be used in the level eleventh.bsp, but after the level was cut, it went unused.

Revisional Differences

Changed Class Images

When the modern GUI for TFC was launched, the graphics used to indicate the player classes were from the old models. But, once the new models were added, the old images were replaced with images of the new models.

Old Tfc 640 demomanred old.png Tfc 640 engineerred old.png Tfc 640 hwguyred old.png Tfc 640 medicred old.png Tfc 640 pyrored old.png Tfc 640 scoutred old.png Tfc 640 sniperred old.png Tfc 640 soldierred old.png Tfc 640 spyred old.png
Current Tfc 640 demomanred.png Tfc 640 engineerred.png Tfc 640 hwguyred.png Tfc 640 medicred.png Tfc 640 pyrored.png Tfc 640 scoutred.png Tfc 640 sniperred.png Tfc 640 soldierred.png Tfc 640 spyred.png
Old Tfc 640 demomanblue old.png Tfc 640 engineerblue old.png Tfc 640 hwguyblue old.png Tfc 640 medicblue old.png Tfc 640 pyroblue old.png Tfc 640 scoutblue old.png Tfc 640 sniperblue old.png Tfc 640 soldierblue old.png Tfc 640 spyblue old.png
Current Tfc 640 demomanblue.png Tfc 640 engineerblue.png Tfc 640 hwguyblue.png Tfc 640 medicblue.png Tfc 640 pyroblue.png Tfc 640 scoutblue.png Tfc 640 sniperblue.png Tfc 640 soldierblue.png Tfc 640 spyblue.png


Originally, the Wrench was a simple silver wrench. When the new player models were added, the Wrench was changed into a more industrial-looking wrench.

Old Wrench Steam version
Tfc wrench old.png Tfc wrench.png

Steam Version Differences

Like other GoldSRC games, TFC underwent a few changes between the WON and Steam versions of the game.

The Steam version updated the menu to use the style seen in Half-Life changed the background graphic to an image of the HWGuy behind a bullethole-filled background, and removed the animated logo. The console also uses the same style used by the Steam version of Half-Life.

In addition, a Teleporter was added to the Steam version of the game.

Pre-Steam version Steam version
Tfc won menu.png Tfc steam menu.png
Pre-Steam version Steam version
Tfc won console.png Tfc steam console.png

Regional Differences

The German version was edited to remove blood particles and change the blood splatter to tamer stuff. It also made every single class use the robot model from Half-Life, making it difficult to distinguish between classes.

(Source: Schnittberichte)