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Team Fortress 2/Debug Commands

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This is a sub-page of Team Fortress 2.

To do:
  • Update descriptions of some of the TFConds to clarify certain things.
  • There's other console commands/convars that could be listed here.

Along with the usual debug console commands that are in every Source engine game, there are a few that are specific to Team Fortress 2. As with all cheats, they require sv_cheats to be enabled via console.

Console Commands


Syntax: addcond <effect number> <time the effect should last, in seconds - leave out for infinite> <target, leave empty for self-targetting>

This hidden command allows you to apply status effects to yourself, including a few effects that are unused or typically unattainable by players. You can also use removecond (effect number) to remove an effect.

Effect # Internal Name Functionality
0 TF_COND_AIMING Slowed movement speed, used when spinning the minigun or scoped with the Sniper Rifle. Forces player into reference pose.
1 TF_COND_ZOOMED Sniper Rifle zoom. Crashes the game if you don't have a weapon with a scope equipped or a melee weapon active.
2 TF_COND_DISGUISING Disguising - smoke effect.
3 TF_COND_DISGUISED Disguising - putting on disguise.
4 TF_COND_STEALTHED Cloaking effect.
5 TF_COND_INVULNERABLE Ubercharge! Will be automatically removed if you start getting healed by a Medic, dispenser or Payload cart.
6 TF_COND_TELEPORTED "Dust" effect from stepping out of a teleporter.
7 TF_COND_TAUNTING Taunting - adding this condition does nothing, but removing it stops a taunt instantly.
8 TF_COND_INVULNERABLE_WEARINGOFF Ubercharge expiration effect, if player is also ubercharged.
9 TF_COND_STEALTHED_BLINK "Flickering" effect if cloaked - removed instantly when added.
10 TF_COND_SELECTED_TO_TELEPORT Teleporting - does nothing if added.
11 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED Crit boost! As seen with the Kritzkrieg and Frontier Justice. Will be automatically removed if you start getting healed by a Medic, dispenser or Payload cart.
12 TF_COND_TMPDAMAGEBONUS Supposed to be a temporary damage buff but it does nothing. It was discovered within the 2017 source code leak that the only time the AddTmpDamageBonus function was called in the entire engine was commented out, making this condition entirely deprecated. A dev comment states Disabled because we have no attributes that use it, but just 3 lines down from that comment there is a hint to the existence of a cut attribute addperc_ondmgdone_tmpbuff.
13 TF_COND_FEIGN_DEATH Dead Ringer effect. Works with any watch. Will also automatically apply condition 4.
14 TF_COND_PHASE Bonk! Atomic Punch effect.
15 TF_COND_STUNNED Stun effect. Does nothing when added via console, but removing it while stunned works on removing the stun.
16 TF_COND_OFFENSEBUFF Buff Banner effect.
17 TF_COND_SHIELD_CHARGE Chargin' Targe effect - the player will start walking forward with a limited turn rate, screaming like a Demoman. Only Demomen get the increased speed.
18 TF_COND_DEMO_BUFF The Eyelander's sinister eye glow effect. Does nothing if added, but removing it will remove your eye glow.
19 TF_COND_ENERGY_BUFF Crit-a-Cola/Buffalo Steak Sandvich effect.
20 TF_COND_RADIUSHEAL Adds glowing rings under the player's feet, as seen in the Amputator taunt. The rings are removed after a taunt ends, but the effect is not.
21 TF_COND_HEALTH_BUFF Continuous healing. Does nothing when added, but removing will remove such an effect.
22 TF_COND_BURNING Triggers the sound effects and speech related to being set alight. Removing this condition removes the afterburn effect.
23 TF_COND_HEALTH_OVERHEALED This condition is added to a player who is hit and subsequently healed by a bolt from a Crusader's Crossbow from their team's Medic. Its purpose is related to how the C_TFPlayer::UpdateOverhealEffect function works. If the player has this condition, the function checks whether they are overhealed or not, and applies the proper effects if they are not/cancels them if they are. It's basically a tracking condition.
24 TF_COND_URINE Coated in Jarate.
25 TF_COND_BLEEDING Bleeding. Does nothing when added, but removing will stop any bleeding.
26 TF_COND_DEFENSEBUFF Battalion's Backup effect.
27 TF_COND_MAD_MILK Coated in Mad Milk.
28 TF_COND_MEGAHEAL Quick Fix's visual effects and knockback immunity. Will be automatically removed if you start getting healed by a Medic, dispenser or Payload cart.
31 TF_COND_NOHEALINGDAMAGEBUFF All attacks are mini-crits (no crit glow on weapon), can't be healed in any way.
32 TF_COND_SPEED_BOOST Speed boost from being whipped across the hindquarters with the Disciplinary Action.
33 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_PUMPKIN Crit boost from picking up a Halloween Pumpkin.
35 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_DEMO_CHARGE Misc. generic crit boost effect.
36 TF_COND_SODAPOPPER_HYPE Soda Popper "hype mode" multi-jumps.
37 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_FIRST_BLOOD Arena Mode "first blood" crit boost bonus.
38 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_BONUS_TIME Victory crit boost given to winning team.
39 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_CTF_CAPTURE CTF Intel capture crit boost.
40 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_ON_KILL Crit boost used by crit-on-kill weapons like the Killing Gloves of Boxing.
41 TF_COND_CANNOT_SWITCH_FROM_MELEE Can't switch away from Melee weapon. Used by the Buffalo Steak Sandvich.
42 TF_COND_DEFENSEBUFF_NO_CRIT_BLOCK MvM Bomb Carrier buff - 35% less damage (50% less from Sentry Guns), team-colored buff ring effect.
43 TF_COND_REPROGRAMMED Reprogrammed - unused and currently broken. When it worked, adding it switched you to RED. Removing it switched you to BLU, made sparks come out of your head, and stunned/slowed you for five seconds. Likely intended for MvM.
44 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_RAGE_BUFF Phlogistinator's "MMMPH mode" crit boost.
45 TF_COND_DEFENSEBUFF_HIGH Phlogistinator's "MMMPH mode" activation defence buff.
46 TF_COND_SNIPERCHARGE_RAGE_BUFF Hitman's Heatmaker "Focus mode" effect.
47 TF_COND_DISGUISE_WEARINGOFF Makes the Enforcer lose its 20% bonus, as if you fired to remove a disguise.
48 TF_COND_MARKEDFORDEATH_SILENT Marked for death! Used for the Gloves of Running Urgently.
49 TF_COND_DISGUISED_AS_DISPENSER Unused Dispenser disguise! Crouching makes you look like an enemy dispenser, which enemy Sentries will ignore, and slows your movement speed a little. Trying to switch weapons will freeze you briefly.
50 TF_COND_SAPPED Sparks spew out of your head. Used in MvM for sapped robots.
51 TF_COND_INVULNERABLE_HIDE_UNLESS_DAMAGED "Hidden" Ubercharge - effect only displays briefly when shot. Used in MvM for robots that haven't entered the arena yet.
53 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_BOMB_HEAD Head turned into a bomb! Will only function properly if Merasmus is in the map. May crash on maps other than Ghost Fort.
54 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_THRILLER Can't move, funky disco music plays, all taunts are the Thriller taunt. Used in Ghost Fort's Wheel of Fate.
55 TF_COND_RADIUSHEAL_ON_DAMAGE Automatically adds condition 20 and 21 and causes the player and every nearby teammate to begin gaining health as if being healed by the Amputator. The player gets the credit for any healing that occurs. Conditions 20 and 21 are automatically removed when the player ends any taunt, but condition 55 remains active (though it does nothing after this point).
58 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_UBER_BULLET_RESIST Vaccinator Uber: Bullet resistance.
59 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_UBER_BLAST_RESIST Vaccinator Uber: Blast resistance.
60 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_UBER_FIRE_RESIST Vaccinator Uber: Fire resistance.
61 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_SMALL_BULLET_RESIST Vaccinator Passive: Bullet resistance.
62 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_SMALL_BLAST_RESIST Vaccinator Passive: Blast resistance.
63 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_SMALL_FIRE_RESIST Vaccinator Passive: Fire resistance.
64 TF_COND_STEALTHED_USER_BUFF Instant cloak, can attack while uncloaking without having to wait for the animation to finish.
65 TF_COND_MEDIGUN_DEBUFF Appears to be entirely unused. Doing a text crawl for the internal name in the source code returns no results except for tf_shareddefs.cpp and tf_shareddefs.h where it is defined within enum ETFCond with all the other condition flags.
66 TF_COND_STEALTHED_USER_BUFF_FADING Enemy bots will ignore you, a vignette shows on the screen, and you gain the Spy's cloak effect.
67 TF_COND_BULLET_IMMUNE Bullet immunity.
68 TF_COND_BLAST_IMMUNE Blast immunity.
69 TF_COND_FIRE_IMMUNE Fire immunity.
70 TF_COND_PREVENT_DEATH Player cannot be killed (Buddha Mode) - automatically removed upon dropping to 1HP.
71 TF_COND_MVM_BOT_STUN_RADIOWAVE MvM Bot gate-capture stun (automatically stuns bots and adds a radio effect above their heads, but has no effect on human players).
72 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_SPEED_BOOST "Minify" magic spell effect: Speed boost, firing speed boost, reload speed boost, and infinite double jumps.
73 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_QUICK_HEAL Quick-Fix-esque healing effect.
74 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_GIANT Triple size, 10x health, forced into third person.
75 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_TINY 1/3rd size, big head, forced into third person.
76 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_IN_HELL Death turns the player into a ghost, but they can still use voice commands.
77 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_GHOST_MODE Turned into a ghost. RIP. Removing returns you to the land of the living.
78 TF_COND_MINICRITBOOSTED_ON_KILL Appears to be entirely unused. Doing a text crawl for the internal name in the source code returns no results except for tf_shareddefs.cpp and tf_shareddefs.h where it is defined within enum ETFCond with all the other condition flags.
79 TF_COND_OBSCURED_SMOKE Allows dodging similar to condition 14, but only dodges 75% of the time.
80 TF_COND_PARACHUTE_ACTIVE Parachute effect, removed when touching the ground.
81 TF_COND_BLASTJUMPING According to the 2017 source code leak, this appears to just be a tracking condition that is applied when a player either sticky jumps or rocket jumps and is removed when they land. Internally, sticky jumping and rocket jumping appear to be referred to as "blast jumping". This condition is also used by other things like logic for attributes to help determine if a player is currently "blast" jumping.
82 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART Gives the player Bumper Kart movement (from Scream Fortress 2014).
83 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART_DASH Increased the player's Field of View with their world model playing the Bumper Car boosting animation. If the player has condition 82, the player is forced to move forwards at a boosted speed until the condition is removed or they hit a wall or other player.
84 TF_COND_BALLOON_HEAD Gives the player a larger head and lowered gravity.
85 TF_COND_MELEE_ONLY Melee only mode, adds conditions 32 and 75.
86 TF_COND_SWIMMING_CURSE Allows the Player to swim in air, gaining vision effects as if underwater or covered in Jarate.
87 TF_COND_FREEZE_INPUT Locks the player in place and stops them from turning.
88 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART_CAGE Player gains a cage surrounding them, adding condition 87. However, this seems to crash the game.
89 TF_COND_DONOTUSE_0 Internally, this says to not use this, but this is apparently also the condition that is checked to determine whether or not a player is holding a Rune.
90 TF_COND_RUNE_STRENGTH Double damage and no damage falloff.
91 TF_COND_RUNE_HASTE Double fire rate, reload speed, clip and ammo size, and 30% faster movement speed.
92 TF_COND_RUNE_REGEN Regen ammo, health, and metal.
93 TF_COND_RUNE_RESIST Takes 1/2 damage and critical immunity.
94 TF_COND_RUNE_VAMPIRE Takes 3/4 damage, gain health on damage, and 40% increase in max health.
95 TF_COND_RUNE_REFLECT Attacker takes damage and knockback on hitting the player and 50% increase in max health.
96 TF_COND_RUNE_PRECISION Less bullet spread, no damage falloff, 250% faster projectiles, and double damage, faster charge, and faster re-zoom for Sniper Rifles.
97 TF_COND_RUNE_AGILITY Increased movement speed, grappling hook speed, jump height, and instant weapon switch.
98 TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK Used when a player fires their grappling hook, no effect applying or removing.
99 TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK_SAFEFALL Used when a player is pulled by their grappling hook, no effect applying or removing.
100 TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK_LATCHED Used when a player latches onto a wall, no effect applying or removing.
101 TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK_BLEEDING Used when a player is hit by attacker's grappling hook.
102 TF_COND_AFTERBURN_IMMUNE Deadringer afterburn immunity.
103 TF_COND_RUNE_KNOCKOUT Melee and grappling hook only, increased max health, knockback immunity, x4 more damage against buildings, and knockbacks a powerup off a victim on hit.
104 TF_COND_RUNE_IMBALANCE Prevents gaining a crit-boost or Uber powerups.
105 TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_RUNE_TEMP Crit-boost effect.
106 TF_COND_PASSTIME_INTERCEPTION Used when a player intercepts the Jack/Ball.
107 TF_COND_SWIMMING_NO_EFFECTS Swimming in the air without animations or overlay.
108 TF_COND_PURGATORY Refills max health, short Uber, escaped the underworld message on removal.
109 TF_COND_RUNE_KING Increased max health and applies condition 113.
110 TF_COND_RUNE_PLAGUE Radius health kit stealing, increased max health, players you touch also get condition 112.
111 TF_COND_RUNE_SUPERNOVA Charge meter passively increasing, when charged activated causes radius Bonk stun.
112 TF_COND_PLAGUE Plague sound effect and message, blocks King powerup health regen.
113 TF_COND_KING_BUFFED Increased fire rate, reload speed, and health regen to players in a radius.
114 TF_COND_TEAM_GLOWS Outline and health meter of teammates (and disguised spies).
115 TF_COND_KNOCKED_INTO_AIR Used when a player is airblasted.
116 TF_COND_COMPETITIVE_WINNER Based on code in the 2017 source code leak, these conditions appear to be tracking conditions used by the engine in logic pertaining to the end-of-match Competitive screen.
118 TF_COND_HEALING_DEBUFF Healing debuff from Medics and dispensers.
119 TF_COND_PASSTIME_PENALTY_DEBUFF Marked-for-death effect.
120 TF_COND_GRAPPLED_TO_PLAYER Prevents taunting and some Grappling Hook actions.
121 TF_COND_GRAPPLED_BY_PLAYER Based on code in the 2017 source code leak, this condition appears to be another tracking condition, but this time used for logic related to grappling hook targetting.
122 TF_COND_PARACHUTE_DEPLOYED Parachute deployed, prevents reopening it.
123 TF_COND_GAS Gas Passer effect.
124 TF_COND_BURNING_PYRO Dragon's Fury afterburn on Pyros.
125 TF_COND_ROCKETPACK Thermal Thruster launched effects, prevents reusing.
126 TF_COND_LOST_FOOTING Less ground friction.
127 TF_COND_AIR_CURRENT Reduced air control and friction.
128 TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_HELL_HEAL Used when a player gets teleported to hell.


Syntax: removecond <effect number>

Like the name suggests, this hidden command removes the condition you input.


Syntax: currency_give <amount>

Gives you money in MvM mode. Excessive amounts (over $30000 or so) may cause a server crash, so be careful!


Syntax: ent_create <entity name> <param 1 name> <param 1> <param 2 name> <param 2>...<param N name> <param N>

As in other Source engine games, this lets you spawn entities.


  • ent_create merasmus - Spawns Merasmus!
  • ent_create eyeball_boss - Spawns a BLU Monoculous!
  • ent_create eyeball_boss teamnum 2 - Spawns a RED Monoculous!
  • ent_create eyeball_boss teamnum 5 - Spawns the original Monoculous!
  • ent_create headless_hatman - Spawns the Horseless Headless Horsemann!
  • ent_create tf_zombie - Spawns Skeletons! Before Halloween 2013, it spawned a random class with a Voodoo-Cursed Soul and an invisible melee weapon.
  • ent_create tf_spell_pickup - Spawns a spellbook, as seen in Helltower!
  • ent_create tank_boss - Spawns an MvM Tank! On Payload maps, it acts as an automated bomb cart, moving and capping points on its own. On other maps, it makes a beeline for the nearest door.
  • ent_create ghost - Spawns a ghost, which typically immediately falls through the floor or vanishes!

condump_on/off (Powerplay!)

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Does condump_off <any random text here> disable PowerPlay on your whole team in a similar fashion to the condump_on command?


  • condump_on - Enables PowerPlay on yourself.
  • condump_on <any random text here> - Enables PowerPlay on your entire team.
  • condump_off - Disables PowerPlay on yourself.

These sneaky, covertly-named commands do not require sv_cheats to be enabled, but do require to be logged in under one of a whitelisted set of Steam account IDs, belonging to members of the TF2 dev team. If anything is typed after the command (i.e. condump_on 1), it will activate for the activator's entire team, not just the activator.

When activated, those affected are set alight and granted every Medic ubercharge effect simultaneously - invulnerability, 100% crits, all three Vaccinator resistance types, and the Quick Fix's knockback immunity. Due to bugs caused by the myriad updates over the years, the effects will eventually go away if the player is not continually healed by a Medic.

This, along with the unique "Valve Rocket Launcher", are among a couple of tools used by members of the TF2 dev team to hilariously, blatantly cheat when getting beaten down in public and charity games. The "Powerplay" name comes from the TF2 team's internal clan, named after a failed netcode initiative during the dialup modem era.

(Source: Team Fortress Wiki)

Unused Commands

Grenade Keybind Commands

Present in the game, but not used, are four control commands that were intended to be used for setting up a keybind for throwing grenades before the idea of grenades was scrapped entirely. Two commands are for the primary grenade slot, and the other two are for the special grenade slot.

  • +grenade1 / -grenade1 - Throw primary grenade button down/up
  • +grenade2 / -grenade2 - Throw special grenade button down/up.

It appears that initially you were able to freely throw grenades at any time, but this was later changed to require you to holster your active weapon first in order to wield the grenade you were going to throw.