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Team Fortress 2/Unused Sounds

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This is a sub-page of Team Fortress 2.

To do:
Add the following on here (this is TF2CutContent's todo)
  • Several admin lines, including those for killstreaks, PLR, and SD.
  • Normal variants for Soldier and Demo's WAR! domination lines.
  • Unused Necromasher and Pumpkin Bomb lines.
  • Spell casting line for Pyro.
  • Engineer's removed battle cry.
  • Pyro's removed "incoming".
  • Scout's voice responses for getting a Sandman stun have been unused ever since the stun was changed to a slow.
  • Unused noisemaker sounds
  • Trading voice lines


  • Add in dates of addition/removal of files where necessary.
  • Add in filenames and full directories for any entries missing that information.

There's a whole lot of unused voice acting in the game's data - the story goes that there's a lot of improvisation and general silliness when recording dialog for TF2 (or any Valve game really), so it's not a shock that a lot of it isn't used.


Unused Voice Lines

Civilian Death Sounds

In the files, 5 scrapped death sounds for the Civilian can be found.


Unknown Mercenary Voicelines

There were some unused player voicelines around in the files used in the first 2007 build of the game which were later removed. It's unknown whether these voicelines were just placeholders or not. According to their metadata, they were recorded on the 21st of August, 2006, with the exception of medic1.wav and medic2.wav, which are still in the game's files and were recorded on September 20, 2006. The files were removed from the game in the August 19th, 2008 Patch.


The Mercenary has died. Good night, sweet prince.


On Fire

The Mercenary is on fire and should stop, drop and....what's the third one again?


In Pain

The Mercenary got a big owie, but that's fine because such is life and there's no need for medical assistance.


Fall Damage

The Mercenary has taken fall damage. Maybe jumping off tall things isn't a good idea?


Breaking Flesh

The Mercenary has sustained a crippling injury.


Calling For Medic

The Mercenary is in need of medical attention.

These two sound files were not removed in the August 19th, 2008 Patch.


Miss Pauling

Halfway Into A Contract

Thanks to how the game sends out messages from Miss Pauling during Contract campaigns, the Gun Mettle campaign had some voicelines that made it unlikely the player would ever hear while completing a contract. The only way to do so was to intentionally leave the server (or not do any more progress on the contract and wait for the server to change) and then join another server, which then triggered the messages. Valve realised this rather convoluted process a few months later, when they added contract-style "Merasmissions" on the Scream Fortress 2015 update, which didn't add the equivalent lines for Merasmus. Future Contract campaigns, like Tough Break and Jungle Inferno never use these lines either, and Scream Fortress 2016 - 2019 didn't add any new voice lines outside of taunts, so the Merasmissions folder for Merasmus remain unaltered.

"You're halfway done."
"Half-way to contract complete."
"Good Work! Half the contract's fulfilled!"
"Halfway there."
"Nice work. You're halfway there."



Note: All lines below lack lip-syncing.

"Are you even tryin'?"
"Yo, did ya even see me hittin' ya?"



Just like Medic, Soldier also has unique trading voice lines.

Ten hut! Company! Trade!
This is a good deal.
I'm not going to just give it to ya! You'd like that, wouldn't you? COMRADE!
I will trade this thing to you for another thing that you have.
We are trading now!

Taunting another player's weapon

Soldier and Medic have unique lines for taunting other players' weapons.

This is a war, not a bra factory! Get a MANN's weapon, son!
That thing is not a weapon! That thing is why the enemy WINS!
You do not skip around in this man's battlefield with a weapon like that.
Look at you, maggot! Even your weapon needs a haircut!
Do you call that a weapon, son? Somewhere your father is weeping because of you!

Critical Rocket Launcher Kill

Seems as if Soldier could've had something to say regarding the infamous crit rocket - or Crocket.


Truncated Fresh Brewed Victory Responses

An oversight in the audio department cuts a part off of one of the lines for the "Fresh Brewed Victory" taunt. The reason the line gets cuts off is because the sound for the Soldier drinking coffee kicks in at around two seconds into the taunt, meaning this is cut short by mistake. Despite Valve claiming it had been fixed in the 24th January, 2015 Patch, the fixes were undone due to Valve's decision to convert the sound files from WAV into MP3.

"A Big Mug of my foot up your ass."
What the soldier is meant to say during the taunt.
"A Big Mug of my foot up your a-"
What he actually says during the taunt in-game.
"I Love the smell of a Kicked Ass in the Morning!"
What the Soldier is meant to say during the Taunt.
"I Love the smell of a Kicked Ass in the Morni-"
What he actually says during the taunt in-game.

WAR! Update - Dominating A Demoman

In 2009, the WAR! Update was put in the game, which was themed around the Soldier and Demoman being more bitter rivals than usual (but not really, they're actually good friends who are only saying these things because the Admin wouldn't like it any other way). There are several voice lines for both of them that reference this event, showing their true feelings.

Oddly, there are even variants for the Robot Soldier and Demo in the MvM mode which are also obviously unused.

"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "Call me later, we can talk about our day."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "Boy, I have something I want to tell you about the Engineer. Call me later pal."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "I cherish these moments we spend together."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "I'm still your friend."
"DOMINATED! I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" (sotto voce) "Bye. See you soon."

Tin Soldier - General Responses

The Tin Soldier set, a Halloween cosmetic set for Soldier that has him wearing a bunch of boxes and pipes to make himself look like a robot, has several robot-related quips that he will say in place of normal lines. It seems there would have been even more responses at some point that have gone unused, however.

"It is a full moon! I have turned into a robot again! Awoo-ooh!"

Tin Soldier - Encountering The Ghost

Soldier would have even had something to say when getting spooked by the ghost seen on several Halloween maps.

"Beep beep. I am scared."
"Beep boop. I am terrified."
"Oh no! That robot is a ghost!"


(MVM) WAR! Update - Dominating A Soldier

Same situation as Soldier's WAR! lines, just...different lines. Yes, there are also MvM variants, a result of Valve simply passing all the related voice lines for each class through a robot filter.

"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But you're a good man and I love you."
"EVERYBODY! I DON'T LIKE THIS MAN. HE IS A SOULLESS MONSTER!" (sotto voce) "I do like you, it's just for show."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But you're still me best mate, heh."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But I treasure your friendship."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "You are okay though, right lad?"
"MY GREATEST ENEMY IS DEAD!" (sotto voce) "We should be friends forever, eh?"

WAR! Update - Dominating A Soldier

Same situation as Soldier's WAR! lines, just...different lines.

"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But you're a good man and I love you."
"EVERYBODY! I DON'T LIKE THIS MAN. HE IS A SOULLESS MONSTER!" (sotto voce) "I do like you, it's just for show." Demoman_dominationsoldierupdate02.mp3
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But you're still me best mate, heh."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "But I treasure your friendship."
"DOMINATED!" (sotto voce) "You are okay though, right lad?"
"MY GREATEST ENEMY IS DEAD!" (sotto voce) "We should be friends forever, eh?"


Upon Killing An Enemy's Medic While Being Healed

"Where is your doctor, coward?"


This voice response used to play after the Heavy exited a Teleporter. It is unknown which patch removed this, but it was around the time the Jungle Inferno update was under development.

"до свидания!" ("Da svidaniya!" Translation: "Goodbye!")

Alternate Takes

These are earlier versions of various lines used in the game, all labeled as "yell(number)". The sound quality is lower than the final versions. None of these lines have lip-syncing data.

"Cry some more!"
"Cry some more!"
"You are so small! Is funny to me!"
"Time to hide cowards!"
"I am coming for YOU!"
"Keep crying, baby!"
"Who sent all these babies to fight?"
"All of you are babies!"
"It's good time to run, cowards!"
"I am bulletproof!"

This particular line ended up being used in Valve's "Meet The Medic" Short Film. Note how this version and the version in-game sound slightly different.

[Mimicking Minigun revving noise then laughing] "Vzzzzzt! Rahrahrahrah! Vrrrrr! Wahahahaaaaaa!"
[Mocking] "Ooohhhh, run, run, I'm coming for you!"

Unknown Condition

The file name implies this would have been used in a taunt or a melee battle cry. But it seems no one wanted to even play with the idea of touching his gun.

"Who. Touched. My. Gun."



To do:

The files for this trading concept were first added in the June 18, 2014 Patch and can be easily found in that patch's diffs.

There's a few more files for this concept for the Medic than just the three shown below.

  • sound\vo\medic_hat_taunts01 through 04.
  • sound\vo\medic_weapon_taunts01 through 03.
  • sound\vo\medic_trade_taunts02 isn't listed in the three files below, but it does exist in the game files.

Soldier also has some similar lines that will need to be documented for him;

  • sound\vo\soldier_trade_taunts01 through 06
  • sound\vo\soldier_hat_taunts15 through 19 (01 through 14 are not in the game files)
  • sound\vo\soldier_weapon_taunts01 through 05

There are also other sounds that were added in the same patch with "trade" in their names. Check whether or not these are unused;

  • heavy_trade_01, 03, 04, 06, 09, 12, 13, 14, 15
  • demo_trade_02, 04, 12, 15, 17, 18, 20
  • medic_trade_02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 10, 11
  • pyro_trade_01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 09, 12, 15, 17
  • soldier_trade_03, 08, 12, 19, 24, 28
  • spy_trade_01, 03, 05, 08, 09, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 22

The Medic has lines relating to wanting someone to trade with him.

"Ve should trade!"
"Ooooh, I see you're looking!"
"You vant zis? THEN TRADE ME FOR IT!"
"Let us trade! Schnell!"

Unknown Condition

The filename seems to imply this, too, would have been used in a taunt or battlecry of some kind.

"Hello, Fräuleins!" (Cheery, taunting voice. Translation: "Hello, Ladies!")

Voice Commands

One voice command line for the "Go Go Go!" command went unused up until the October 5, 2021 Patch (Scream Fortress 2021) when the Mannbulance! taunt was added, which resulted in the line finally being used for the taunt.

"Los los!"



Note: This line is missing its lip-syncing.

"That there was a mercy kill, stay down, lad."

Revenge Kill

Possibly directed at a specific class.

"There was you, very full of yourself. Then, very briefly surprised. Then, dead."


Dominating a Demoman

"'Kaboom' to you sir"

Kazotsky Kick Taunt

"Hon, Hon!"

Interestingly, if you open up the console while the Spy is using the Kazotsky Kick, the console will print out an error message, which relates to the game not finding this sound.

Initiating High Five Taunt

Funny enough, Spy is (or at least could have been) the most vocal about wanting a high five from someone. As it is, he'll only say "Slap my hand!" when activating it in-game.

"Slap it now!"
"Who will join me?"
"Trust me."
"This is not a trick."
"I'm waiting."
"Who is with me?"
"Up high!"
"Leave me hanging and you will regret it."
"Slap my hand."
"Slap it now!"
"Come on, I don't have all day."
"Who will join me?"

Successful High Five Taunt

"Mission accomplished!"

Unknown Condition

"I feel très bon!" (Translation: "I feel very good!")


Match Start

"Mission begins in twenty seconds."
"The mission has commenced."
"The round has started."
"The round has commenced."
"The mission has started."

Upon Capturing The Enemies Intelligence

These files were used as a placeholder for the administrators voice lines for Mannpower Mode while it was in Beta.

"Success! We have secured the enemies Intelligence."

Note that the file plays at 1.5x speed throughout.

"Success! We have captured the enemies Intelligence."

Note that the file plays at 1.5x speed throughout.

Match Ending

"Mission ends in twenty seconds!"

Match Win

"We have succeeded."



Control Point Mode Responses

Some voices lines that likely refer to the game's Control Points (known by many as 5CP, and not to be confused with Attack/Defend) game mode and specific points being attacked. In-game, the same lines are used in pretty much all maps with control points.

"Alert! The center control point is being captured!"
"Alert! The center control point is being contested!"
"Prepare to defend our control points."
"Success! We have captured the enemy's final control point."
"Success! We have captured the enemy's last control point."
"Success! We have secured the enemy's final control point."
"Success! We have secured the enemy's last control point."
"We have captured the center control point!"
"We have lost the center control point!"

Intelligence Responses

"Prepare to capture the enemy's intelligence."
"You must defend our intelligence."
"You must defend our intelligence."
"Success! We have captured the enemy intelligence."

Failure Responses

"Do not fail me again."
"Do not fail this time."
"You must not fail me again."
"You must not fail this time."
"You failed."

Alert Responses

"Stop the courier."

Mann Vs. Machine

Dead Spybots

There are a total of 13 voice files for the Announcer announcing Spy bots being destroyed. Originally, all of them were used during MvM's launch, but for some reason these 9 are not used anymore. It was speculated that they went unused when the Mecha Update for TF2 has been released as there is a new advanced mission named Broken Parts that uses 100 Spy bots in the main wave.

"You have killed the Spy!"
"You have killed the Spy-bot!"
"Spy-bot destroyed."
"Six Spy-bots remain."
"Five Spy-bots remain"
"Four Spy-bots remain."
"Three Spy-bots remain."
"Two Spy-bots remain!"
"Only one Spy-bot remains."
Enemy Teleporter Activated

There are also 5 voice files for the Announcer alerting players about the presence of an active teleporter that go unused.

"Robot teleporter activated!"
"The robots have installed the teleporter!"
"Enemy teleporter activated, destroy it!"
"Robot teleporter activated, destroy it!"
"Robot teleporter activated! (This is said in a different tone)"
Multiple Engineer-bots Teleporting In

There are 6 unused voice files related to multiple Engineer-bots teleporting in the map, dying without a teleporter and dying with an active teleporter left in the battlefield. But all of these are never used and instead the Announcer only announces if another Engineer-bot appears in the battlefield.

"Multiple Engineer-bots have teleported in!"
"Multiple Engineer-bots have appeared. Destroy them, before they build teleporters!"
Multiple Engineer-bots Dead

There are also unused voice files related to multiple dead Engineer-bots, but in two categories; with a Teleporter left active;

"Engineer-bots destroyed, good!"
"Engineer-bots destroyed, good work."

And without a Teleporter left active;

"The Engineer-bots are dead, but there's still an active teleporter!"
"Engineer-bots destroyed, now take down their teleporters!"

Arena Mode

Match Starting
"Start fighting, now!"
Control Point Open
"Get to the control point."
"Get to the control points."
"Seize the control point."
"Seize the control points."
Kill Streak
"Yes, yes, YES!"
"Well done!"
"You're a maniac!"
"You're a crazed killer!"
"Good job. Let's see some more."
"Oh, I love this."
"Crazed killer!"
Last Man Standing

There are 8 unused Last Man Standing voice files. The first 4 are for when you are the last man standing;

"Your friends are all dead. Good luck."
"You are the last one alive."
"It's all up to you now."
"Your team is dead. Good luck."

The other 4 are for when the enemy wins by capture.

"You were always a disappointment."
"You're an embarassment."
"You disgust me."

Special Delivery

Suitcase Carrier Is Not Moving

There are some unused voicelines for when the suitcase carrier isn't moving;

"Get the Australium to the rocket!"
"Get the suitcase to the rocket!"
"Get the device to the rocket!"
"You have the Australium! Get to the rocket!"
"You have the Australium! Get to the lift!"
Suitcase Is About To Explode

There are also some unused voicelines for when the suitcase is about to self destruct;

"The Australium is about to self-destruct!"
"The suitcase is about to self-destruct!"
"The device is about to self-destruct."

Robot Destruction Start

To do:
There are 29 total sounds that'll go here.

All of these soundclips go unused, as they appear to be superseded by the main intro for Robot Destruction.

For context, this is the final intro:

"You must destroy the enemies robots and collect their Reactor Cores to win. Retrieve stolen power cores by invading the enemy vault."

...and here are the unused clips. Some of these appear to be snippets voices of what would become the final intro.

"Protect your robots!."
"Protect your reactor!."
"Destroy the enemies robots!."
"You must destroy the enemies robots!"
"Quickly! Steal the enemies reactor!"
"Hurry! Steal the enemy's reactor!"
"Now, steal their reactor core!"
"The launch is imminent."
"We must launch that shuttle!"
"We must launch that missile!"
"We must launch that transport ship!"
"We must stop that launch!"
"We need to stop their ship from launching!"
"We need to stop their missile from launching!"
"You must protect the reactor to win."
"Your reactor is charging, protect it!"
"The enemy's reactor is charging. Take it!"
"The enemy's reactor is charging. Take it before it's too late!"
"We are running out of time!"

Unused Sound Effects


Air Strike

The Air Strike has an unique unused sound for when a critical rocket is fired.


Cow Mangler 5000

There are many unused sounds for the Cow Mangler 5000, the bulk of them being alternate explosion sounds.


Righteous Bison

Similarly to the Cow Mangler 5000, the Righteous Bison also has an unused idle sound. It also has another unused sound for firing.




Added with the Engineer update, this is likely a remnant of a scrapped Engineer building. Nothing remains of it but sound effect data.


Mann Vs. Machine

Expiring Money

The credits that can be picked up in this gamemode have a rather goofy corresponding sound for disappearing, yet it is not played in-game.


"Mothership Loop"

Not much can be deduced from this eerie hum other than the name of the file itself. This was used on the first day of MvM.


Engineer-bot's Teleporter Activated

An unused sound is present in the game's files related to an Engineer-bot's teleporter being activated. But this is never used in-game.


Coaching - Student Death

A mournful trumpet sound clip for when the student you are coaching dies. Unused for some reason.


Noise Makers

The noises that the unused noisemakers Spooky and Prayer Bowl were going to make are left in the game files, however, the sound for Yell isn't.

Unused Music

Lo and behold, there is unused music in the game as well.

A rendition--perhaps the original version--of Intruder Alert in MIDI format. This file was added in the May 9, 2011 patch. It is located inside a folder named "midi".

This inclusion of this file is very odd, as neither the Source Engine, nor Team Fortress 2, support the playback of MIDI files.

The actual MIDI file can be found here.

A 1-minute loop of elevator music that presumably would play in Mann vs. Machine when players were at an Upgrade Station.
A 30-second loop of some bonus round music for... something.

Unused Jungle Inferno Contracker Music

Added in the October 2017 "Jungle Inferno" update were music tracks specifically set to be heard while in the contracker menu while you selected the contract you wanted to work on, or just to check progress on a given contract. These Music tracks are taken from the soundtrack, then had some of their instruments stripped and removed to be more mellow while browsing the contracker. The prefix "cyoa" stands for "Choose Your Own Adventure", which clearly points to these playing while looking at contracts. There are also "TV" variants of all the songs, which have been further edited with a low-pass filter, as if they came from a Television.