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Yakuza: Like a Dragon

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Title Screen

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Also known as: Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue (JP)
Developers: Ryu ga Gotoku Studios, Sega CS1
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows
Released internationally: November 10, 2020

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

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A brand new entry in the Yakuza series, this time following new lead Ichiban Kasuga through the traditional yakuza arts of karaoke, kart racing and managing a senbei business.

Unused Character Models

Shun Akiyama

Akiyama's model from Yakuza 6 reappears here. While the character himself goes unused in Like a Dragon, his suit reappears as a DLC outfit for Joon-Gi Han. Going off other data in the game referencing Ryu Ga Gotoku Online, it's possible his model is a left over from one of RGGO's trailers.

Unused Map Models

To do:
Grab screenshots of these.


The map for 2019's Kamurocho appears to have been lifted from the earlier side game, Judgment; with Genda Law Office and Yagami's detective agency both being present in full. While you cannot enter these rooms in normal gameplay; they are fully furnished as they would've been in Judgment itself.

Certain areas from Judgment, such as Bar Tender and the Debolah Hotel, have their level geometry dummied out, yet still have interactable assets placed in those voids.


A road surrounding a untextured version of Senkoji Temple, from Yakuza 6. This is found within the larger package for 2019 Kamurocho.


Senkoji Temple.png

The prior mentioned untextured version of Senkoji Temple from Yakuza 6. This version of the temple, however, is not 1:1 with the model found in Yakuza 6, and has some differences in the layout of the buildings surrounding it. The temple is also empty on the inside. Included in this chunk are two copies of the graveyard from Onomichi, and two stacks of shipping containers.


A stage used for this trailer for the mobile-only gacha game, Ryu Ga Gotoku Online. Inaccessible entirely in game.


A stage for the karaoke song Hell Stew. All of the karaoke videos in this game are pre-rendered, and as such, go unused. Stages also exist for Bakamitai, The Future I Dreamed Of, Like a Butterfly and Machine-Gun Kiss.

Unused Animations

All of these were taken from the PC version of the game, from the "motion.par" file.


Ichiban using a lockpick on a door. While this was a feature in Judgment, in the final game, Ichiban cannot pick locks.



Ichiban using a skateboard. This wouldn't appear until Lost Judgment, but it's present here.


Yakuza 5 Karaoke Cheers

Same as Kiwami 2; unused in the final game.

Mn_KA_P_cheer_bonodori -- Shinada's bon odori dance.
Mn_KA_P_cheer_fever -- Akiyama's hip shaking dance.
Mn_KA_P_cheer_ouendan -- Kiryu's ouendan (cheersquad).
Mn_KA_P_cheer_seiken -- Saejima's punching dance.

Essence of Remotivation

A leftover from the RPG trailer. In the final game, this is its own heat action, and is not used from the motion.par package.


Removed Playable Characters

There is a total of 3 removed characters still present in the game's database. Given that 'Ayaka' was the name used for Saeko in the April Fool's video (still referenced in her textures and for Eri Kamataki), it's possible these are the three characters that appeared in aforementioned video.

The only information left in the files about these characters are their internal names:

- sakaida
- hoshino
- ayaka 

Database Leftovers

Unused Outfits

Classic Fantasy

Found in rpg_costume.bin; there appears to be quite a lot of entries for planned outfits that have no equivalent in game.

ID Name Rough translation
74 yuusya Hero
75 mahou Wizard
76 senshi Warrior
77 kenpou Chinese martial artist
78 kenshi Swordsman
79 siroma White mage
80 thief Thief

These unused outfit slots line up fairly nicely with the 'roles' the characters play in their base jobs; it seems the possible only remnant of this is Ichiban's knight outfit.

Unused Colour Variations

Every character and job seems to have an unused colour variant of their outfit, usually marked as "red", "blue" & "yellow". In the final game, there are variations of outfits, but only for jobs, and none of those line up to those three colours exactly.

Unused Skills


ID Internal name Skill name Skill description Target
197 adachi_skill_05 ★ Crab Claw Deal heavy damage to a single foe. Enemy
198 adachi_skill_06 ★ Osotogari Slam Deal extreme damage to a single foe. Enemy


ID Internal name Skill name Skill description Target
247 kasuga_job02_skill_07 ★ Elbow Bat *Skill up for deletion* Damage an enemy with a chance to stun. Enemy
252 kasuga_job02_skill_12 ★ Lethal Assault Deal extreme damage to a single foe. None


ID Internal name Skill name Skill description Target
272 adachi_job01_skill_08 Nelson Hold Make the enemy unable to act for 1-3 turns. *name and effect to be changed* Enemy


ID Internal name Skill name Skill description Target
459 job_dealer_skill_10 Cheating Shuffle *Delete?* Enemy


All of these moves are labelled as 'ayaka', and were probably intended as either the job for the guest character (who is Eri Kamataki in the final game, and uses the office worker Clerk job) or for the Matriarch DLC job. All of them use the same animation of a fist pump, and do nothing in the final game if added back to the learn table for a character's job.

ID Internal name Skill name Skill description Target
289 ayaka_01 Sensational Slap Remove an ally's status ailments except for poison. Ally (except self)
290 ayaka_02 Angry Slap *Delete Damage a single enemy. Press rapidly to boost damage. Enemy
291 ayaka_03 Matriarch's Care The boss lady is patient enough to restore an ally's HP. Ally (except self)
292 ayaka_04 Matriarch's Mending The boss lady is patient enough to greatly restore an ally's HP. Ally (except self)
293 ayaka_05 Matriarch's Blessing Restore all allies' HP as a result of the boss lady's encouragement. Ally (except self)
294 ayaka_06 Matriarch's Impartation Greatly restore all allies' HP as a result of the boss lady's encouragement. Ally (except self)
330 ayako_job01_skill_12 ★Matriarch's Communion Transfer some of your MP to an ally. Enemy
331 ayako_job01_skill_13 ★Patronize Pay the enemy off and end the battle. Enemy

Removed Equipment Stats

Leftovers in the game's database (specifically arms.bin) indicate that weapons and equipment could deal and resist poison damage type. (Not to be confused with the poison status effect.)

The naming of the columns atk_poison and def_poison hints to poison being intended as the 7th attack type, along blow, slash, shoot, fire, elec and ice.

Unused UI

Early Icons

A set of icons for the game's UI.

YLAD UnusedUI.png

The characters here appear to be Ichiban, albeit his older render, the mage character from the April Fool's trailer, and Yuki & Gary Buster Holmes as they appeared in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Unused Enemy Portraits

Female Characters

There are no female enemies in the game.

Dummy Characters

Faulty Character Renders

Kiwami Action Characters

Main Story Characters

Characters with fights

The following characters can be fought at some point in the game but not in the outfit the portrait uses.

Characters without fights

The following characters cannot be fought at any point in the game.

Unused Item Icons

The PS4 demo and initial Asian release version of the game (Japanese, Korean and Chinese) contain render icons for many props and NPC weapons. These icons are normally used for the inventory, but aren't used here; a good portion of these icons are even props specific to cutscenes.