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Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

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Title Screen

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Also known as: Ryū Ga Gotoku 7 Gaiden: Na wo Keshita Otoko (JP)
Developer: Ryu ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows
Released internationally: November 9, 2023

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.

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Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name bridges the gaps between Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, from the perspective of Kazuma Kiryu Taichi Suzuki Joryu.

Lost Judgment Leftovers

Given the insanely short turnover time for the game (allegedly as little as six months!), it shouldn't be surprising to learn that the game appears to have been built directly on top of their previous title, Lost Judgment.


While a handful of these were reused for the Coliseum, with the original codenames intact, some are not reused in any capacity, including player movesets:

  • E_HIG_BTL_SUD - Toru Higashi (enemy moveset)
  • E_KWN_BTL_SUD - Jin Kuwana
  • E_SAD_BTL_WPB - Kyoya Sadamoto
  • E_TSO_BTL_WPM - Tesso
  • P_KAI_BTL_KAC - Masaharu Kaito (Bruiser)
  • P_KAI_BTL_TEP - Masaharu Kaito (Tank)
  • P_YAG_BTL_EIS - Takayuki Yagami (Snake)
  • P_YAG_BTL_MAI - Takayuki Yagami (Crane)
  • P_YAG_BTL_SEN - Takayuki Yagami (Tiger)

Unused / Leftover Heat Action

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name comment preview
h3106_1bokuto_slash Komaki Single Stroke (Wooden Sword; Essence of Dislocation is used instead)
jh23710_buki_d Essence of Sweeping (Essence of Batting is used instead)
h25210_headlock_punch Essence of Iron Fist (K2 Leftover)
yd13161_kiryu_g Unedited YLAD Essence of the Dragon God/Kiryu Poundmate
ah2290_azk_tabacco Unused Firecracker Hact
ah2351_azk_all_gadget_shoes Trailer Leftover (0:02)
ah2352_azk_all_gadget_tabacco Trailer Leftover (0:29)
ab2080_ssd_btlst Unused Alternate Final Boss Dynamic Intro
ah2290_ssd_last Unused Version of Final Boss QTE (Kiryu jumps down post QTE) *very buggy and softlocks the game, no qte button