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Yakuza 2

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Title Screen

Yakuza 2

Also known as: Ryu ga Gotoku 2 (JP)
Developer: New Entertainment
Publisher: Sega
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: December 7, 2006
Released in US: September 9, 2008
Released in EU: September 19, 2008
Released in AU: September 25, 2008

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

Yakuza 2 is the second game in the Yakuza series and is the first game to have a Japanese dub internationally.

To do:


  • CVM Tool to convert the CVM files to ISO for extraction.
    • cvm_tool.exe -p qi2o@9a! split OGRE5_1.CVM OGRE5_1.iso OGRE5_1.hdr
      (You can use WinRAR or 7zip to extract these iso files)
  • DATMan to extract the game's DAT/BIN/ARC files.


  • Document what is in MEDIA_DEBUG
  • Document TALK_DEBUG when the tool arises

Leftover Cinematics

Left in the files are 4 test cinematics. They all have developer overlays and are quite low quality it comparison to the rest of the game's prerendered cutscenes, and are missing sound (except for one).

The first one shows the kissing scene from chapter 14 of the game, with the early Kiryu and Reina instead of Sayama.

The others are just test version of some of the cutscenes in the finale, nothing nearly as special as the Reina one from before.

This one is almost identical to the final, except the baby is missing and Suyeon has a different face.