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Lost Judgment

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Title Screen

Lost Judgment

Also known as: Lost Judgment: Sabakarezaru Kioku (JP)
Developer: Ryu ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Windows
Released internationally: September 24, 2021 (PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X), September 14, 2022 (Windows)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

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Lost Judgment is the sequel to Judgment, in which Yagami and his crew leave Kamurocho for the new setting of Ijincho, where he may very well find his judgment once more.

Unused Characters

No Models

These can be found in character_model.bin in puid.coyote.

Ryuji Goda

Appears as both c_em_ryuji_high and c_em_ryuji_naked_high. This is a leftover for the second chapter of Ryu Ga Gotoku Online, showcasing Ryuji as the next protagonist for it.

Jin Goda

Appears as c_em_gouda_high and c_em_gouda_rope_high. Again, a leftover from the trailer linked above.

Unused Game Stages

These can be accessed in game by editing a save file; the value "m_stage" will load you in a particular stage, with the ID being taken from stage.bin in db.coyote.


The game claims that this is "the Residential Area Near Mikoshiba's House", but you never visit this location in game. The collision is broken, allowing the player to run through the floor, and has Japanese text at each cardinal direction of the map.


A classroom, assumedly used for the pre-rendered image of Mitsuru Kusumoto being bullied by Kawai and Mamiya. There is no collision, and lighting appears to be broken.

Unused Models

Geomijul Printing Press

While Yagami does indeed visit the Geomijul headquarters in Koreatown, the oddly futuristic printing press used to forge bank notes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon is present in the map file, despite it not being seen nor even mentioned by anybody there.

Senkoji Temple

Just as in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, there is the untextured model of Senkoji Temple from Yakuza 6 in Kamurocho, in the same location.

Unused Textures


In the asset.par package for the game, there's this odd texture depicting the side character Giant Impact, and is potentially used as a reflection or debug texture.

What's also interesting is the screenshot of Judgment behind him appears to have the debug UI present.

LostJudgment UnusedAssetReflectionThing.png

Judge Eyes 2

Potentially the original Japanese name of the game before Lost Judgment was settled on for its worldwide release, or a generic working title for the game.

LostJudgment Title logo judge a.png

Friendship Portraits

All of the portraits from the first game's friendship tracker are still present -- including the unused ones from the previous game.


While there is an NPC by the name of Fujimaru -- the chinpara that Mei Toribe wants to get a picture of to change his ways -- it's unclear if this UI item asset was intended for him or not.

LostJudgment Ui item t fujimaru.png


All of the icons for the DLC items from the first game are still present, such as the Haruka Sawamura figurine and the outfits for the first game's datable women (only Tsukino Saotome returned, and even then she uses a new model)


While not technically unused, the yearbook is never seen in full, which showcases minor villain Yui Mamiya having a particularly creepy expression compared to the more formal expressions of her classmates.

LostJudgment R at albm pg a tt dh.png